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Choosing the perfect baptism gift might seem overwhelming. As a family friend, grandparent, or godparent, you have to consider: what do you give for a baptism gift? However, picking unique and heartfelt baptism presents isn’t as challenging or expensive as it may appear. 

Today, various options are available. For instance, personalized items like engraved keepsakes or handmade blankets can add a layer of sentiment. Plus, you also want to consider the recipient’s beliefs and faith for a more thoughtful and meaningful gift choice. Read on as we discuss the basics of baby baptism gifts, godparent gifts, the best baptism gifts for a baby boy or baby girl, and more.

What Do You Give a Child for Baptism?

Irrespective of your connection with the baby, you should consider cool baptism gifts for boys and one-of-a-kind options for girls. To choose unique baptism gifts, think of personalized presents like jewelry, baptism blankets, and custom children’s books. You can even select a Noah’s Ark mobile. These tailored gifts for baptism girls and boys are wonderful for a baby. 

For a more distinct choice, consider a star map of the baby’s birth date or a personalized ornament. Always strive to present a unique gift through customization options, such as names, dates, and bible verses. 

For a traditional or religious gift, think of a bible with the child’s name, a silver rattle, a personalized baby blanket, or a rosary. These cherished, customized baptism gifts will resonate with the family and offer you an effortless way to provide something special. 

Overall, whether it’s unique baptism gifts for a boy or girl, they should fall into the following categories: 

  • Religious gifts: Items with spiritual significance, often related to the child’s faith and baptism ceremony, like a personalized bible or cross necklace. 
  • Traditional gifts: Classic jewelry accessories that have been commonly given for generations, such as silver cups, bracelets, or rings. 
  • Personalized gifts: Unique items tailored to the child, often featuring their name, initials, or baptism date, like a custom gown, baby blanket, or engraved photo frame. 
  • Non-traditional baptism gifts: Creative and innovative presents that might not follow conventional expectations, like educational subscriptions and books. 
  • Financial gifts: Contributions that focus on the child’s future financial well-being, such as savings bonds or college fund contributions. 
  • Charity gifts: Donations made in the child’s name to charitable organizations. They reflect the spirit of generosity and kindness associated with the occasion. 

Typically, these presents symbolize your dedication to the child’s spiritual wellness and development. 

What Do Godparents Give for Catholic Baptism?

Like other orthodox religions, in the Roman Catholic tradition, godparents confirm their faith during baptism. They usually give gifts that hold spiritual significance and reflect their role in the child’s faith journey. 

Godparents would typically give religious items like bibles and rosaries that are sentimental and decorative. Others prefer small mementos like cross pendants, bracelets, watches, or key chains. 

Generally, the gifts from godparents aim to convey their support, guidance, and blessings for the child’s spiritual growth within the Catholic faith. 

What Do Godparents Give for Catholic Baptism

How Much Should Godparents Give for Baptism Ceremony?

Some people may prefer to offer financial gifts, as earlier mentioned. Typically, this is an investment in the child’s future financial stability. The amount varies based on your finances and relationship with the child’s family. 

Even though there isn’t a set or fixed amount, godparents are expected to offer a substantial contribution ranging between $100-$150. 

While the monetary value is essential, you should prioritize your own financial situation and the meaningfulness of the gift. After all, the gesture of love, support, and spiritual commitment is what matters most in baptism ceremonies. 

Do Baptism Gifts Have to Be Religious?

Absolutely not! Religious gifts are common during christening due to the spiritual nature of the event. However, godparent gift etiquette, for a boy or girl, doesn’t require a baby's baptism gifts to be religious. 

Non-religious gifts like educational subscriptions, personalized keepsakes, jewelry, or financial contributions are also thoughtful choices. 

Do Baptism Gifts Have to Be Religious

What Makes a Good Baptism Gift?

A good baptism gift is thoughtful, meaningful, and reflects the occasion’s significance. Here are three qualities that make for a great baptism gift: 

  • Personalization: Adding a personal touch, like the child’s name, initials, or baptism date, can make the gift more special and memorable. 
  • Quality: Opt for high-quality items that stand the test of time to show care and remind the child of their baptism day for years to come. 
  • Thoughtfulness: Consider the family’s preferences, values, and the child’s needs when selecting a gift. Unique and creative gifts can make a lasting impression. 

Gifts that hold spiritual significance or items representing the child’s faith can be particularly meaningful. But sometimes, the most precious gift is the gesture itself. That means offering your time, guidance, or prayers for the child’s well-being. 

What Is an Appropriate Baptism Gift?

An appropriate gift should reflect your sincere wishes for the child’s future and spiritual journey. For example, unique baptism gifts for girls can include: 

  • Jewelry and keepsakes 
  • Christening outfits 
  • Personalized baby blankets 
  • A gift box that includes accessories like a bib, personalized blanket, and rattle.

On the other hand, unique gifts for baptism boys typically include accessories, personalized clothing, boy blankets, and traditional outfits. For example, a silver rattle, newsboy hat, or other jewelry would be a meaningful gift. 

As you can see, there are several unique and thoughtful gift options for both boys and girls. 

Baby Beau and Belle, Baptism Gift Ideas for All

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