A baby with bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks smiles at the camera, wearing the pink Thea Bow Headband.

Thea Bow Headband


Baby girl wearing christening booties, part of our Victoria Lace Christening Collection.
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Victoria Lace Christening Booties


Photo of a baby hand touching a Harrison Personalized Blanket made with a plush quilted white cotton and trimmed with light blue linen. The accent corner features ivory Venice lace. On the corner of the blanket is the name "Harrison" embroidered in light blue thread
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Harrison Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

Close-up of a baby's feet wearing Boys Simple Socks, with the hands gently resting on a pair of baby white quilt pants.

Boys Simple Socks


Photo of a baby wearing the Dove Grey Suede Shoes crafted with a super soft, dove grey suede with detailed edging.
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Dove Grey Suede Shoes


Baby boy wearing the Boys White Knee Socks made from cotton/nylon and spandex.

Boys White Knee Socks


An assortment of colorful Bibs Pacifiers designed in Denmark, arranged in a grid on a white background, each featuring a unique combination of pastel shades.

Bibs Pacifier


Five Silly Bunny Buddy | Pacifier Holder toys in blue, grey, white, pink, and gray, each holding a small pacifier and arranged symmetrically on a light beige background, exuding an upscale vintage charm.

Silly Bunny Buddy | Pacifier Holder


A baby with blue eyes sits on a cream-colored chair, wearing a white lace headband and a white lace dress with a quilted, handmade Poppy Bib. The ensemble offers the perfect baptism outfit, enhanced by its vintage touch. The background is softly blurred.
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Poppy Bib


A close-up portrait of a baby girl wearing an Emma Bonnet and a cream dress for her christening, looking towards the right with a thoughtful expression.

Emma Bonnet


A close-up of a child's feet wearing Ivory Tie Mary Janes with white ribbons and scalloped edges, under a white lace dress. The background shows a soft, textured surface.
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Ivory Tie Mary Janes


A pair of Blush Suede Tie Mary Janes with delicate bow ties, partially adorned by a subtle touch of greenery in the top right corner.
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Blush Suede Tie Mary Janes


A baby with a Petite Fleur Bib reaches out to touch white flowers, showing curiosity and focus, in a brightly lit room.

Petite Fleur Bib


Boutique Baby Accessories

Complete your little one’s look with an irresistibly adorable accessory! Crafted with the same exquisite attention to detail as our garments, our accessories are designed to elevate an outfit to swoon-worthy perfection.