Photo of a baby wearing the Dove Grey Suede Shoes crafted with a super soft, dove grey suede with detailed edging.
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Dove Grey Suede Shoes


Baby boy wearing the Boys White Knee Socks made from cotton/nylon and spandex.

Boys White Knee Socks


Close-up of a baby's feet wearing Boys Simple Socks, with the hands gently resting on an heirloom, soft textured blanket.

Boys Simple Socks


Baby boy wearing the Sky Blue Suede Shoes made from 100% Suede with detailed edging.

Sky Blue Suede Shoes

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boys cross socks

Cross Socks


Baby wearing the white Ribbed Knee Socks made from a cotton blend and featuring a ribbed pattern

Ribbed Knee Socks


Close-up of a person’s leg with a white high-top sneaker partially unlaced, showcasing the sneaker’s details and texture against a soft floral background. The foot is adorned with Ribbed Socks

Ribbed Socks


Baby Boy Shoes & Socks

Made in soft leather to our exact standards, these well made baby shoes will protect your baby’s delicate feet in designer style. Custom made for us by talented artisans in Spain in an array of gorgeous complementary colors, such as blue, ivory, patent white and soft beige. The wingtip design adds a classic look to his special outfit.
Popular sizes and colors sell out quickly, so don’t hesitate if you find the perfect pair. Or if you prefer, we also sell cotton booties for newborns and infants in sizes 0-3 months to 18-24 months!