The top detail of the Oliver Booties in ivory worn by a baby boy. The Oliver booties are made with a linen top, soft pima cotton bottom, and features a Venice lace and button detail (with elastic strap across the foot).

Oliver Booties


Flat lay photo showing the top detail of three pairs of Theodore Booties, including blue, green, and a white/tan color. The booties are made from a 100% French Terry Cotton with a Grosgrain Trim (with button detail) and soft elastic strap.

Theodore Booties


Flat lay photo of the Asher Booties made in a 100% White french terry cotton with a soft elastic strap and featuring a white grosgrain ribbon with a button detail on the top.

Asher Booties


A pair of upscale light blue Austin Booties, displayed on a textured straw background, perfect for coming home. The shoes feature a strap with a button.

Austin Booties

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Flat lay photo of all three colors of the Silas Linen Booties, including the colors blue, tan, and red.

Silas Linen Booties


A pair of Ian Booties worn on feet resting on a beige textured fabric surface.

Ian Booties


Baby Boys Booties

Our baby boy Booties are made by hand to match perfectly to his outfit. Using the same ribbons and trims found on our jumpsuits and 3-piece suits, he will be looking his best from head to toe. Each pair is hand-crafted and thoughtfully lined with a luxurious pima cotton, known for its comfort and long lasting quality. Featuring the same details found on his outfit, such as silk ribbons, shell buttons and laces. Designed with a soft elastic strap that crosses the top of the baby bootie, creating a comfortable and secure fit for the littlest toes. The ideal way to complete his outfit or a unique keepsake gift to give at a baby shower that any new mom will treasure.