An assortment of colorful Bibs Pacifiers designed in Denmark, arranged in a grid on a white background, each featuring a unique combination of pastel shades.

Bibs Pacifier


Two twin baby girls wearing the Eloise Romper Dress. One in Powder Blue and the other in Blush.

Eloise Romper Dress

From $95.00

Henry Trench Coat

Henry Trench Coat

From $74.00

Baby girl in pink cotton wrap top and quilt pants with bonnet and booties in basket

Quinn Wrap Top & Pants Set

From $69.00

A pair of Blush Suede Tie Mary Janes with delicate bow ties, partially adorned by a subtle touch of greenery in the top right corner.
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Blush Suede Tie Mary Janes


Ingrid Romper Dress

Ingrid Romper Dress

From $84.00

A newborn baby is lying in an upscale wicker basket, wearing a Petite Fleur Bonnet outfit with a matching hat, gently moving its tiny hands.

Petite Fleur Bonnet


Petite Fleur Quilted Booties, arranged in a circle on a pale background, evoke an upscale boutique ambiance.

Petite Fleur Quilted Booties


A baby wearing a Hailey Romper, white headband, and white socks is sitting on a pink quilted blanket. The baby has light-colored hair and blue eyes and is looking slightly to the side with a calm expression. The background is a plain white surface.

Hailey Romper

From $98.00

A baby wearing a Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Pants sleeps peacefully in an upscale white crib with soft, padded sides.

Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Pants


A newborn baby with a pacifier, wearing a Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers, lies comfortably in a vintage-inspired wicker basket, holding a plush teddy bear.

Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers


A baby wearing a light, vintage-inspired dress and a blue Petite Fleur Headband, holding a tan pacifier, lies against a white background, framed by an heirloom blue and white braided rope.

Petite Fleur Headband

$18.00 Sold Out

Baby girl sitting with her mother and wearing the Ivory Newborn Quinn Layette Gown and Ivory Quinn Quilted Cotton Bonnet.

Quinn Layette


A baby with a Petite Fleur Bib reaches out to touch white flowers, showing curiosity and focus, in a brightly lit room.

Petite Fleur Bib


An elegant upscale Petite Fleur Personalized Blanket with a floral fabric ribbon, placed next to a pink flower on a soft beige background.

Petite Fleur Personalized Blanket

From $45.00

Lucy Quilt Booties

Lucy Quilt Booties


Henry Linen Shirt Set

Henry Linen Shirt Set


Lucy Headband

Lucy Headband


Natural Ivory Ribbed Pima Beanie

Natural Ivory Ribbed Pima Beanie


Two twin baby girls dressed in the Thea Wrap Dresses, one in blue and the other in pink, and matching Thea Lace Headbands, sitting on a white couch with pillows, looking curiously towards the camera.

Thea Wrap Dress

From $95.00

A baby with bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks smiles at the camera, wearing the pink Thea Bow Headband.

Thea Bow Headband


Flat lay photo of all three colors of the Silas Bandana Bib. The bibs are made from linen in three different colors: indigo, sand, and clay.

Henry Bandana Bib


Flat lay photo of all three colors of the Silas Linen Booties, including the colors blue, tan, and red.

Henry Linen Booties