Baby girl sitting with her mother and wearing the Ivory Newborn Quinn Layette Gown and Ivory Quinn Quilted Cotton Bonnet.

Quinn Layette


Two twin baby girls wearing the Eloise baby layette gown-one in "Powder Blue" and the other in a "Blush" floral pattern. They are also wearing the matching Eloise Quilted Bonnet.

Eloise Layette Gown


Baby girl in pink cotton wrap top and quilt pants with bonnet and booties in basket

Quinn Wrap Top & Pants Set

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Two white, embroidered  baby blankets with decorative lace edges and textured details, elegantly displayed on a neutral beige surface, featuring letter embroidery personalization.

Initial Blanket


A newborn baby in a Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet from Baby Beau & Belle lies on a fluffy white fur blanket, looking curiously with wide eyes.

Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet


A baby wearing a Hailey Romper, white headband, and white socks is sitting on a pink quilted blanket. The baby has light-colored hair and blue eyes and is looking slightly to the side with a calm expression. The background is a plain white surface.

Hailey Romper

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A newborn wearing the Evelyn Knot Gown and matching Ava Pima Knot Cap lies on a soft white background, looking upwards with a slight smile.

Evelyn Knot Gown

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Newborn girl wearing Ella layette
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Ella Layette


Coming Home Outfits

When your baby is born, think of all the precious moments you’ll want to photograph: holding your newborn for the first time, their tiny fingers and toes, those chubby cheeks, and maybe any silly faces they make. Bringing home your darling little one is another delightful memory to capture, as it’s your newborn’s first journey out into this big world. It’s also probably the first time they might meet other family members and friends! We have to savor every second of these moments that only happen once. 

liam coming home outfit

As your due date gets closer, you might find yourself filling a Pinterest board with adorable baby outfit ideas—we know our own inspo boards are overflowing. Have you picked which outfit will be your newborn’s first? Just imagine—your baby in their first outfit coming home from the hospital or birthing center, all snuggly and ready for their new life. Even if you have a home birth, your cuddle bug’s first outfit can still make a splash!

At Baby Beau & Belle, we’re obsessed with making the cutest baby garments for these treasured moments. Many of them only happen once, and they all seem to fly by! What better way to celebrate than with a memorable baby coming home outfit? And since we know you’ve got your hands full nesting and preparing for birth, we’ve put together this handy guide to finding an outfit that will make everyone smile with delight!

What Outfit Should a Newborn Come Home In?

Your newborn’s coming home outfit should be cozy, comfortable, and special. When thinking about comfort, you might wonder, “Can you bring a baby home in just a onesie?” While it’s easy to slip your newborn into a plain onesie, it doesn’t speak to the importance of the occasion. You want your cutie-pie looking their best in all the photos you and other family members are sure to snap that day! And if it’s a bit chilly, a onesie won’t be enough to keep your baby snug and warm.  

With all the excitement around birth and your baby coming home from the hospital, choosing a first outfit can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many options, and the moment only happens once. When choosing newborn outfits for a boy or girl, here are some things we always look at before we buy: 
  • Fabric - Baby skin is as soft as a flower petal—and just as delicate! Did you know an infant’s skin continues to develop from the moment of birth into their first year of life? It must be treated with extra care during this time, from the lotion and wipes you choose to the fabrics you dress and cover your baby with. You’ll want to look for clothing that states it has not been chemically treated, and stick with soft fabric like delicate raw silks, cottons, and linens. 
  • Safety - Ribbons, buttons, and other finishing touches can make a newborn outfit even more charming. But be careful when buying outfits like this. These details should be sewn onto the clothing with the infant in mind—meaning they should be able to withstand the grabby hands of a little one. When shopping for newborn outfits with these details, it can be helpful to look for clothing that is hand sewn, as the control that comes with hand sewing is best for delicate projects like this. 
  • Size - Sizing is tricky, especially before your baby is born. While doctors can closely estimate a baby's size before birth, there is still a little room for error. Knotted gowns, like our Evelyn Knot Gown, are a stylish solution to this problem! One-size-fits-all garments like this will still look lovely and fit almost any newborn. 
  • Seller Reputation - Who are you buying your newborn’s clothing from? Are you seeing rave reviews, or are you finding more unhappy customers than satisfied ones? 9 out of 10 buyers are reading online reviews before making a purchase nowadays to ensure they are buying from the best of the best. A little research like this will give you peace of mind and the best outfit options.

  • Weather - Do you have a little winter baby on the way? Or is your due date in the middle of the hottest month out of the year? You’ll want your newborn dressed for the occasion—but also prepared for the weather. If it could be hot or cold on your due date, consider having a few accessories on hand—like blankets and hats—to handle whatever may come. 
With weather on the mind, narrowing your searches to “baby boy coming home outfit spring” or “newborn coming home outfit summer” can also get you closer to finding the perfect ensemble. 
Need some more seasonal baby dressing tips? We have a few from our own experiences! In fact, did you know that Baby Beau & Belle is a family-run business? Family means the world to us, and it’s always one of our top priorities. This makes our work even closer to our hearts. Helping expectant parents find that perfect, comfortable outfit fitting for the importance of the occasion—it’s a joyful feeling! Keep reading to see some of our favorite seasonal recommendations and outfits!

What Should a Baby Wear Going Home From the Hospital in Each Season?

Depending on where you are in the world, the weather may be pretty consistent or a little difficult to predict. Layers are always a safe choice, as they allow you to dress your baby up or down depending on how warm or cold it may get. 

What Should a Baby Wear Home From the Hospital in the Summer?

None of us like being sticky and sweaty during the summer, and neither will your baby! When outside temperatures are hot, you’ll want to find a newborn outfit that is made from breathable fabric, like cotton. We primarily use Pima cotton in our Baby Beau & Belle clothing, which is incredibly soft and one of the most luxurious cottons you can find. It’s also known for its strength among cotton strains, meaning our cozy garments will stand the test of time. 

To beat the heat in spring or summer, consider getting a newborn gown. The gown opening allows air circulation while still keeping your baby’s little legs protected from harsh sun rays. An adorable option for a baby boy coming home outfit in the summer is our Harrison Newborn Gown. It’s made from soft Pima cotton with a plush white quilt bodice and an ivory Venice lace accent. Your little one will stay cool and comfortable in this gown, all while looking quite handsome! 

baby boy coming home gown

If you’re searching for a baby girl coming home from the hospital outfit for summer, take a look at our Petite Fleur Knot Gown. This gown has a rich hued floral cotton trim, and it’s a lovely option in the warmer weather when flowers are blooming. And of course, accessories are a must! We recommend the matching Petite Fleur Headband and Petite Fleur Bonnet. The bonnet comes with cotton ties to keep the bonnet in place, and the headband stays on with smooth, hand-stretched nylon. Both are silky soft to the touch, so hopefully your little one won’t rip them off before picture time! But if they do, don’t worry about it—we’ve all been there. Sometimes the accessories might only stay on a few minutes, but it’s so worth it for the precious memories and photos. 

newborn girl knot gown
What Should a Baby Wear Home From the Hospital in the Winter?

Winter time is all about accessories and layers! We’re talking booties, bonnets, hats, blankets, and anything else that will help keep your baby cozy. The best winter baby coming home outfit will warm your baby and your heart!

If you’re looking for a newborn coming home outfit for a girl in the winter, we love the Tessa Quilt Romper. The long sleeves and pant-legs will keep those cute, chunky rolls toasty warm. And the gorgeous details—like the ivory Venice lace and the pink champagne silk trim—truly elevate this outfit, making it picture perfect for all your coming home photos. 

tessa quilt romper

Babies are more vulnerable to losing heat through their heads than adults, meaning hats and bonnets are even more important in the winter months. The Tessa Quilt Romper comes with a matching quilt bonnet and booties, so you can have a complete outfit and a snug little newborn. Between the light ivory cotton, the lace, and the pink champagne dupioni silk trim of this outfit, your baby is sure to turn heads and win everyone’s hearts. 

newborn bonnet and booties

​​And for the finishing touch, you can also get the matching blanket! You’ll find your baby is happy to snuggle into this soft, quilted cotton, especially when the weather outside is not so delightful.  

newborn blanket

Looking for the perfect newborn gift? Our many blanket options can also be personalized. We will elegantly embroider your baby’s name or initials directly onto the blanket, making it a one-of-a-kind heirloom the family can treasure for generations. Take a look at this personalization example on our Adeline Blanket. Even if you have to cover up your baby’s first outfit because of the weather, the right blanket choice will still complement the beauty of your little sweet pea.  

newborn personalized blanket

How Many of a Baby’s Outfits Should I Bring With Me to the Hospital?

You really only need to bring one baby outfit to the hospital—the coming home outfit. Thankfully, hospitals and birth centers know you have enough on your plate with pregnancy and giving birth, so many provide the basics you will need for your baby’s stay. Some of these items might include:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Standard onesies
  • Swaddling blankets
  • Shampoo and soap 
  • A knit hat 
  • Pacifiers

This can vary from place to place, so it’s always a great idea to call ahead and see what’s provided. The standardized hospital baby clothing makes it easy for nurses and doctors to examine your baby, administer shots, and tend to other newborn medical needs. With that in mind, the best moment for your baby to don their first outfit is when you get the all clear to leave the hospital. And dressing your little one in that first outfit will make this new addition to your family feel real and exciting!

If this is your first child, you might find dressing your baby in their first outfit to be a bit…challenging. Newborns are delicate, but also quite wiggly! Sometimes changings feel like a battle. Fortunately, we’ve learned a few tricks that can turn those angry screams at changing time into coos of happiness. 

How Do You Dress a Newborn Baby Girl or Boy?

To dress a newborn, you’ll need a little patience and a little practice. Here are some of our favorite tips at changing time:

  • Warm up what you can. Ever had someone put their cold hands on your bare skin? No thank you! Your newborn won’t like it either. If your hands are cold, try rubbing them together to warm them up a bit. Newborn skin is sensitive, and babies will be quick to cry if they are cold.
  • Find a safe, stable changing surface. A changing table is the best place to change your baby’s clothing. They usually come with raised guard rails to keep babies from rolling off the edge, which can be helpful with extra squirmy babies.
  • Baby heads are wobbly! Be sure to support your baby’s head as you lift and move them into positions to dress or undress them.
  • Use your hands as a shield to protect your newborn’s face from garment necklines. Place your hand through the neck hole to keep the neckline from uncomfortably rubbing or scratching your baby’s face as you take the garment up or down over your baby’s head.
  • Pull, don’t push. Instead of pushing your baby’s arm or leg into the sleeves or pant legs of their garment, reach your hand through the outside opening, carefully grab your little one’s hand or foot, and gently pull your baby’s hand or foot into the sleeve or leg hole.
  • Distraction is key! Do everything in your power to keep your newborn’s attention off the changing process. You can make silly noises, sing songs, or tell them a story. Even talking through each step of dressing can be a great distraction, like, “Okay, socks are on these little toesies, now the pants, let’s get one leg through—good job, what a good baby!—now the other leg..." 
  • Be patient. Newborns are used to the warmth of a womb, and the rush of air against their skin during the changing process can be upsetting. They may scream and cry the whole time until they get used to it or can better regulate their own body temperature. Don’t fret, and do your best to stay calm (easier said than done, we know). Of course, if you have concerns that your baby is crying more than they should, don’t hesitate to talk to their pediatrician.

Trust us, we get it—handling a newborn is so scary the first few times. But with these helpful tips, you’ll quickly become an expert, from putting your baby in their first outfit through the daily diaper changes and surprise blowouts that will soon follow. 

Are There Unisex Newborn Outfits to Bring My Baby Home In?

If you’re looking for a gender neutral newborn outfit, you’ll find plenty of stunning options to choose from! In fact, did you know that before the mid-1800s, many used to put all their children in white dresses until around age six? This was before the glorious age of washing machines and disposable diapers, so dresses made potty training and changing time much easier. 

Pastel baby colors like blue and pink didn’t show up until the mid-1800s. Around this time, people started assigning these colors to gender—although pink was assigned to boys at one point. An article written in 1918 wrote about this: “The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.” 

We don’t think it matters what color your baby wears—choose whatever colors bring a smile to your face! Whether you're wanting blue, pink, white, or something in between, our selection includes a wide variety of all these options. Check out the Asher 3-Piece Suit, for example, which comes in blue, green, and pink.

grayson baby boy suit

What About Newborn Coming Home Outfits for the Holidays? 

A new baby for the holidays—we can’t think of a better present! If your baby ends up being born on or around a holiday, a festive coming home outfit is an excellent way to celebrate. You can even announce the arrival of your baby with an adorable photo on a holiday greeting card. 

Choosing an outfit that’s a little more festive or fancy for the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort. We all might remember a time we were forced to wear an uncomfortable or stiff outfit during a holiday gathering. At Baby Beau & Belle, we cherish the style and design aspect of our work, but we also know that comfort comes first. The last thing we want is a baby screaming from an itchy outfit! So we’ve designed our entire holiday collection with this in mind. No screaming babies here!

Our Noelle Romper is the best of both worlds: pure cotton comfort with a touch of festivity. The red and green flower and leaf pattern are just the thing to get you in the holiday spirit. For a complete look, snag the matching headband, bonnet, booties, and blanket. And one last bonus detail we must mention—we’ve included hidden snaps at the legs to make diaper changes just a little bit easier. Those minutes start to add up at the changing table, and we need every spare moment we can get during the holidays!

newborn christmas outfits

Holiday-themed coming home outfits are also a delightful present to give to new and expectant parents. How about a gorgeous gift box of matching holiday goodies? The Nicholas Gift Set—complete with a romper, cap, bunny chime rattle, and blanket—will show off those sweet, rosy cheeks in all your holiday photos. Plus, the tiny snowman print is just so charming!

If it doesn’t feel like the holiday season without a little lace, you’ll adore our Rose Layette and Bonnet. The light ivory rose lace, trim, silk ribbon, and pearl buttons make this the perfect vintage baby girl coming home outfit for the holidays. We also offer a matching Rose Lace Headband for your baby to wear if it gets a bit too warm for the bonnet. Imagine all the adorable photos you’ll have for your little one’s first holiday with these outfits!


newborn girl layette


Bring Your Baby Home with Baby Beau & Belle

We have been crafting heirloom-quality designs for more than 30 years for all the special occasions in the first few years of your baby’s life. Christenings, baptisms, birthdays, coming home, first holidays—there are so many beautiful moments to enjoy and remember! For these moments, we offer a timeless blend of modern and vintage clothing and accessories, giving your baby a unique look that will be unforgettable for years to come.  

And when we say “unique,” we mean it. Our designs are fashioned in-house and then made in the U.S. with exquisite craftsmanship, meaning you won’t find these looks anywhere else. We create our garments to stand the test of time, so they can be treasured for years to come or even passed down to a younger sibling or the next generation. 

When you buy from us, we promise a luxury experience from start to finish, including:

  1. High Quality and Attention to Detail - Fast fashion and special occasion outfits don’t mix. Although the price point may be a bit lower, these outfits won’t last over time. They also will most likely be made from cheaper, uncomfortable materials that are chemically treated—the perfect recipe for an upset baby, in our experience. We have high quality standards at Baby Beau & Belle, from the materials we source to the way our clothing is sewn and made.
  2. Kind and Caring Customer Service - Our customer service is top notch, with personalized assistance for any questions you may have. You can message us on our website, email us, or call us. We also offer a transparent return and exchange policy, as we want you to be completely satisfied with the perfect style and fit.
  3. Careful Packaging and Fast Delivery - We meticulously inspect every item before it is shipped to our customers 2-3 days after we receive the order. This includes pressing all garments and packing them with protective, waterproof layers. And after the special occasion, you can use our keepsake garment bags to preserve your baby’s outfit for the future.
  4. The Online Boutique Experience - We know new or soon-to-be parents have enough to worry about, so we bring the boutique experience to you! You can browse our many outfits, gifts, and accessories all from the comfort of your own home.

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion, meant to be celebrated. Why not celebrate with Baby Beau & Belle? Start browsing our boutique collection today!