A baby with blue eyes sits on a cream-colored chair, wearing a white lace headband and a white lace dress with a quilted, handmade Poppy Bib. The ensemble offers the perfect baptism outfit, enhanced by its vintage touch. The background is softly blurred.
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Poppy Bib


Girls Cross Bib

Girls Cross Bib


A baby wearing a white crochet bonnet and an Adeline Bib smiles while being supported by an adult. The baby, dressed in a Christening Dress, has dark eyes and appears cheerful, with one hand visible holding onto the adult.

Adeline Bib


A close-up of a joyful baby with big eyes and an Emma Bib, being held by an adult in a pink shirt.

Emma Bib


A baby with large eyes and a round face wearing a Joli Bib, sitting and looking slightly upward with a curious expression.

Joli Bib


Natalie bib on baby with pacifier

Natalie Bib


A baby wearing the Ingrid Bib, featuring intricate lace detailing around the edges and paired with a matching outfit. The quilted cotton of the bib adds a vintage touch. With a calm expression, the baby is gently supported by an adult's hand from behind.

Ingrid Bib


A joyful baby dressed in white, wearing a lace bonnet and handmade Eliza Bib, lies on a textured surface. The baby has a big smile and dark, wavy hair. The outfit is ornate with intricate lace details and floral edge lace, giving a vintage touch and delicate charm.

Eliza Bib


A baby with blue eyes and light brown hair wearing the Aria Bubble Romper and an Aria Bib. She sits on a gray sofa, looking surprised and adorable.

Aria Bib


A cheerful baby girl smiles brightly against a soft, neutral background. Her eyes sparkle with joy and curiosity, wearing an Olivia Bib and headband, perfect for a baptism or as a baby.

Olivia Bib


A baby with a Petite Fleur Bib reaches out to touch white flowers, showing curiosity and focus, in a brightly lit room.

Petite Fleur Bib


Two Isla Bandana Bibs with checkered patterns, one peach and one light blue, lie on a upholstered beige sofa.

Isla Bandana Bib


Lucy Bib

Lucy Bib


Chloe bib flat lay

Chloe Bib


Hailey bib on baby

Hailey Bib


A baby with dark hair and large eyes wears the Charlotte Bib with lace trim and floral embroidery. The baby is being held by an adult, only partially visible in the background. The baby’s expression is curious and slightly amused.

Charlotte Bib

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Baby Girl Bibs

At Baby Beau & Belle, we believe her bib should not only be functional, it should be as beautifully detailed as her outfit. Each of our bibs are lined with a luxurious pima cotton, known for its comfort and quality. The front of the bib features the same materials found on her outfit, such as textured cottons, laces and fine silks. Finished with stunning floral and scallop laces, silk ribbons, floral appliques, hand-made flower accents and added pearl beading - no detail is overlooked. Each bib ties in back with an elegant silk ribbon or on the shoulder with a shell button closure. Having a girls bib on hand to protect her outfit is the first step in preserving a special outfit she can share for future generations.