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Being asked to be a Godparent is a big deal! Here’s a selection of our favorite Godparents Gift Ideas to show that you care.

Gift Card

Gift Card

From $50.00

Two white personalized cross blankets embroidered with the name "Evangeline Rose" and a cross design, featuring intricate scalloped edges and an upscale heirloom quality.

Personalized Cross Blanket


A Baby Beau & Belle Baby Boy Blessing Gift Set, including a personalized white quilted cotton blanket embroidered with the name "James Oliver" and the date "January 23, 2023", displayed in an open gift box with a ribbon.

Baby Boy Blessing Gift Set


Girls Cross Bib

Girls Cross Bib


boys cross socks

Cross Socks


Boys Cross Bib

Boys Cross Bib


A white embroidered Baby Girl Blessing Gift Set with lace trim, personalized with the name "Isabella Stewart" and the date "November 28, 2021," displayed in an open box with a cream ribbon by Baby Beau & Belle.

Baby Girl Blessing Gift Set


Close-up of a baby's feet wearing soft pink shoes and white Cotton Blend Lace Cross Socks. The background is a soft textured blanket.

Lace Cross Socks


Two white, embroidered  baby blankets with decorative lace edges and textured details, elegantly displayed on a neutral beige surface, featuring letter embroidery personalization.

Initial Blanket


A baby with blue eyes sits on a cream-colored chair, wearing a white lace headband and a white lace dress with a quilted, handmade Poppy Bib. The ensemble offers the perfect baptism outfit, enhanced by its vintage touch. The background is softly blurred.
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Poppy Bib


Close-up of a person partially draped in a Poppy Personalized Blanket with intricate lace trim and floral patterns. The name "Poppy" is delicately embroidered in gold on the blanket, making it a perfect personalized gift. The person is wearing a sheer, light pink outfit.
• bestseller •

Poppy Personalized Blanket

From $50.00

The cotton detailed Adeline bib on baby girl with red hair.

Adeline Bib


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Godparent Gifts

Baptism Gift From Godparents

Baptism Gift from Godparents

If you are looking for the perfect baptism gift from godparents, Baby Beau and Belle has a wide variety to choose from to make sure it's a meaningful day!

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Godparent Gifts

They say it takes a village to raise a child. As a godparent, you’ve been selected to be a part of that village with an important role to play. And as a parent, you’ve worked hard to ask someone who is loving, trustworthy, and inspiring to be a positive role model in your child’s life. 
But what exactly are the expectations surrounding this relationship? What should godparents bring to the table? How should godchildren and their parents show their appreciation? Is there a perfect gift? In this blog, we have answers to the following questions and more:
  • What role does a godparent play in their godchild’s life?
  • What is a traditional godparent christening gift?
  • Do you buy presents for godparents?

What Is a Godparent?

Traditionally, godparents are close family members or friends who help guide a child’s religious upbringing and education. While we aren't describing a fairy godmother, it can feel just as magical as being a real godparent. Typically, this means being present for moments of religious significance like baptisms, christenings, first communions, and confirmations. Godparents also serve as role models for how to connect with the worship community.

What Is a Godparent

You don’t always need to have a religious affiliation to be a godparent, however. As families more frequently choose to raise their children outside of the church, godparents can still play an important role in their upbringing. For example, you can offer advice as their godchildren decide their favorite extracurricular activities and choose which path to take after high school. In other words, you’re not only an extra set of hands that help raise a child, but you’ll also offer your unique perspective on life’s many journeys.     

What Is a Godparent Responsible For?

As a godparent, you’ll be responsible for helping guide your godchildren through life. In religious families, the your duties will often involve the following:

  • Participating in special ceremonies
  • Committing to be a source of spiritual guidance
  • Teaching the importance of religious practices

Different church communities will have different expectations for how involved you’ll be as a godparent. For example, some churches will prefer that you are part of the same congregation as your godchildren. Others will be open to godparents from other churches as long as you’re a part of the same faith.


In a secular sense, godparents act as trusted role models. You can get involved in your godchildren’s upbringing in the following ways:

  • Babysitting
  • Teaching life skills
  • Introducing hobbies and interests
  • Supporting participation in extracurricular activities
  • Offering guidance during major life decisions


Being a godparent and being a guardian is often assumed to be the same thing, but these are actually different roles with unique responsibilities. Guardians can legally fulfill the role of raising a child. Godparents don’t automatically gain this legal distinction, although you may go through a separate process to become guardians for your godchildren. When you become a godparent, discuss with the family the roles you’ll be playing. This way, everyone will be on the same page! 

What Is Godparent Etiquette?

Godparents are expected to participate in their godchildren’s major life milestones. If you can, you should attend:

  • Baptisms and Christenings
  • First Communions
  • Confirmations
  • Graduations

What Is Godparent Etiquette

As a spiritual influence, godparents should also attend holiday gatherings with religious significance to participate in traditions. If you can’t travel to be at every gathering, it’s still important to send a card to share wisdom, encouragement, and a gift when appropriate.

Particular faith communities will have additional requirements for who can be a godparent. For example, Catholic churches have the following criteria:

  • Be a practicing member of the Catholic faith
  • Firmly believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Be prepared and committed to providing spiritual guidance
  • Be an active participant in the godchild’s baptism and future religious ceremonies

Sometimes, there are exceptions to these rules. Always discuss your role as a godparent with your godchild’s church community to ensure you’re setting the best example possible. Understanding expectations is key, and doing so will help you, your godchild, their family, and their church all grow stronger bonds.

Do Godparents Bring Gifts?

As a godparent, it’s customary to bring thoughtful gifts for your godchildren on special events or holidays. By bringing a gift for your godchild, you can accomplish the following:

  • Mark the occasion. Special events can come and go quickly, especially when everyone’s lives are only getting busier. Putting thought and time into picking out and presenting a gift is one way to be more present during a celebration. When you think of the best gift for your godchild, you’ll spend more time thinking of them, their interests, and the unique challenges and opportunities of their current phase of life. For example, including a card with your gift allows you to reflect on the occasion and share wisdom and well wishes with your godchild.

  • Develop your relationship. Both practical and sentimental gifts are fun to open and can be appreciated long into the future. When your godchild uses or looks back on the gift you gave them, they’ll think of you and your care for them. Just like sharing experiences with your godchild, gifts help you feel more connected with one another. 
  • Make a lasting impact on your godchild’s growth. Certain gifts will help prepare your godchild for future events and challenges. Religious symbols and texts can develop your godchild’s faith, which will be helpful during life’s many obstacles and chances for celebration. Financial gifts will bring your godchild closer to achieving significant milestones, such as purchasing their first car or attending college or a trade school. Sentimental gifts will create lasting memories that you, your godchild, and their parents can cherish for a lifetime. 

What Does a Godparent Give as a Gift?

Godparents can give gifts that are sentimental, financial, practical, or a combination of each! Let’s take a closer look at exciting options for each category:

  • Sentimental Gift Ideas: These gifts are all about cherishing memories and evoking emotions when your godchild and their family look back on them. A sentimental gift is a treasured keepsake. Some ideas for sentimental gifts are:
  • Practical Gift Ideas: These gifts will be useful for your godchild. Practical gift ideas include:
    • Religious texts like prayer books
    • Educational toys
    • Religious Jewelry
  • Financial Gift Ideas:
    • Piggy banks
    • Cash
    • Savings (car, college, etc.)
Cream Luster Pearl Bracelet with 14k Gold Cross


The type of gift you choose will depend on your godchild’s age, the occasion, the values of your godchild and their family, and the sweet message you want to send. For example, you probably wouldn’t get your godchild an advanced religious text for their baptism because they can’t read yet! Instead, you could gift a suit or gown that will make for unforgettable photos for years to come. When your godchild is older and celebrates their first communion or confirmation, prayer books, and religious jewelry can help signify the importance of the milestone.

What Is a Traditional Christening Gift from a Godparent?

Traditional christening gifts from godparents are:

  • Photo Frames
  • Personalized Bible
  • Christening Gown or Suit
  • Religious Jewelry

Christening gifts from godparents often focus on having religious significance or preserving memories. For example, gifting a children’s bible can help your godchild engage with their faith from a young age. Or, you may opt for photo frames to create a keepsake of the event.

Christening gowns and suits make for great gifts because they are practical and symbolic and help preserve precious memories. First, christening gowns and suits come in light colors, which fit the themes of innocence and purity that are significant pieces of christening ceremonies. The right outfit also brings together photos that will be treasured for years to come. Just imagine your sweet pea dressed in the Miles 3-Piece suit! Finally, babies are sweet—when they’re comfortable. Gifting sumptuously soft outfits will keep your godchild happy and comfortable during a special moment in their life. They might not remember how they felt, but their parents (and the rest of the church) will appreciate a calm, comfy baby!

Do Godparents Get the Baby a Gift?

Poppy Silly Lamb Buddy


Yes—godparents traditionally get a gift for their godchild on special events, even when they’re a baby! So, what kinds of events will you celebrate with your godchild while they’re still a giggling sugarplum? Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Baptism/Christening
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas and Other Major Holidays



Because your godchild is so young at this point, certain types of gifts will be more impactful than others. Often, gifts that have their future in mind are a good idea. These lasting gifts can be ones that help form timeless memories (like an elegant heirloom outfit) or ones that they’ll grow into (like picture bibles or financial gifts).  

Do Godparents Give Gifts at Baptism?

Yes, godparents typically give a baptism gift to their godchild. This event is when you commit to guiding your godchild’s spiritual journey and joining their support system. Bringing a gift emphasizes this connection, and the type of gift you choose can influence the impact of the event as your godchild grows up. 

For example, prayer books can provide an opportunity for your godchild and their parents to engage with their faith at the start of their day, at mealtimes, when starting school, when adopting a pet, and at so many other routine and significant events. What better way to start the day than with a well-balanced breakfast and a prayer?

Symbolic jewelry—like a gold cross necklace—can serve as a personal reminder of your godchild’s faith as they grow from a smiling bundle of sunshine into a young adult finding their footing in a challenging world.

Should Godparents Bring a Gift to Baptism, and What’s a Thoughtful Gift?

Godparents should give meaningful gifts for a baptism. What types of gifts are meaningful? That depends on your perspective, the perspective of your godchild’s family, and the values set forth by your faith. In many cases, a baptism outfit is the best gift that you can give to your teeny godchild (and their family). Why? Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Clothing characteristics can have religious significance. White is the symbolic color of purity during baptism. Choosing to give clothing that is white (or a light shade of another color) respects the traditions of the church while giving your godchild a unique style. Take the Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Gown & Bonnet, for example. This outfit is available in our Vintage Pink Champagne color, which lends elegance to your godchild’s precious day. The ivory color paired with a lace bonnet and ribbons has an heirloom quality that connects to the day’s themes of faith passed through the generations.
  • Commemorative outfits mark this once-in-a-lifetime event. Your godchild’s introduction to their family’s faith is a momentous occasion. Your godchild, their family, and you will look back at this event years later. Memories are special, and photos help preserve those memories. Gifting a baptism outfit adds both sophistication and cuteness to memories of the baptism. Take a look at the Harrison 3-Piece Suit. This dapper outfit dresses your handsome godchild in a classic 3-piece suit look. With premium French Terry material, you can ensure that your godchild is fashionable and comfortable. When you share these photos with loved ones, they’ll gush over the jacket with the fold-over collar, shell buttons, and newsboy cap that completes the look.
  • Your godchild should be comfortable on their special day. Babies are innocent, adorable miracles. They can also be fussy—especially during a significant change in their routine, like being the center of attention in a place outside their home. Consider the Ella Romper Dress. Light and soft cotton cradle your little loved one while keeping them comfortable. After all, a cozy baby is a happy baby!
To get more inspiration for the perfect baptism baby outfit, explore our collection

Do You Bring a Gift to a Catholic Baptism?

In Catholic traditions, it’s also customary to bring a gift for your godchild. Symbols play an important role in the Catholic faith, so gifts that have symbolic meaning are often a good idea. Religious jewelry or a personal bible are both great gifts that allow your godchild to grow with their faith. Find ways to tie your gifts into the significance of the day, as these gifts will have a more lasting impact! 

A baptism outfit can also fill a similar role. As your godchild grows older and reflects on the day of the baptism, they can look back on photos from the special day. When they see their younger self dressed in an outfit that shows respect for the ceremony, they’ll feel a deeper connection with their faith. 

What Do Godparents Buy for a Christening?

Christening and baptism are closely related, so the gifts for these occasions are often similar. In short, the key difference between a christening and a baptism is that christening is a part of the baptism ceremony for babies. The christening portion involves designating a Christian name for the participant. In many cases, the chosen Christian name is the same as the baby’s birth name, so christening acts as an affirmation of the baby’s birth name.

What Do Godparents Buy for a Christening

When celebrating a christening, you’ll also likely be celebrating a baptism. As a result, you’ll want to select a symbolic gift for your godchild that will have a lasting impact.

Is It Proper To Bring a Gift to a Christening?

It is proper to bring a gift to a christening. As a godparent, you should bring a gift that has meaning connected to the event. For example, you could give the following:

If you’re invited to a christening that you’re not participating in as the godparent, it is still customary to bring a gift. Typically, a card with a financial gift will do. The amount that you give depends on how close you are to the family and your current situation. 

What Are Traditional Gifts from Godparents at a Christening?

14k Gold Cylindrical Cross Charm With Chain

Examples of traditional gifts from godparents at a christening are:

These gift ideas will help create memories and experiences for years to come.


What Do Godparents Buy for First Communion?

For First Communion, godparents can give similar gifts as at baptisms and christenings, such as symbolic jewelry and interactive religious material. First Communion is a special time because your godchild will have a greater understanding of the commitment they are making to their faith. As their godparent, this is a wonderful opportunity to encourage your godchild to strengthen their bond with their beliefs.

Alongside gifts, take this opportunity to start conversations with your godchild about their growing faith. How do they like going to church? What’s their favorite story? Have they made many friends in Sunday School? 

Do You Give Gifts to Godparents?

If someone has made the commitment to be a trusted member of your buzzing baby bee’s support system, then giving a godparent gift can be a great way to show your appreciation. The best time to give a gift is after someone agrees to be a godparent in your family as a way to celebrate their decision. 

What Do You Get a Child's Godparents?

Gifts for a godparent should:

  • Celebrate their role
  • Be something the godparent would appreciate

When choosing a gift, consider whether the receiver prefers decorative mementos, practical items, or experiences. 

What Do You Get a Child's Godparents

What Are Traditional Godmother Gifts, and What Are Traditional Godfather Gifts?

Some of the best godmother gifts and traditional gift ideas for godmothers include:

  • Customized Christmas ornaments
  • Framed photos of your child with their godmother
  • Jewelry with religious significance
  • Customized mugs and glasses

Start with these ideas when searching for the best godfather gift:

  • Custom golfball set
  • Personalized mugs or bottle openers
  • Framed godchild handprint
  • Personalized fishing lures

There are many exciting ways to show appreciation for the godparents in your life. Take your time, explore your options, and consider their interests!

Do You Give Gifts to Godparents at Baptism?

Giving a gift to godparents at the baptism helps to show your gratitude for their role on the day of the event. Some gifts, like framed baptism pictures, won’t be available just yet. In these cases, you can still give a card with a teaser of what’s to come!

Find Timeless Gifts for Special Moments at Baby Beau & Belle 

Is there a better gift for a special moment than one that will exude elegance and cuteness at the same time? At Baby Beau & Belle, we don’t think so. That’s why we design celebratory clothing that will create timeless memories and hand sew those pieces right here in the US.

Explore our collection of gowns, suits, and rompers designed for the precious godchildren in your life. Your godchildren will thank you for the memories, and their parents will thank you for the high-quality, luxurious materials that are unique and made with the highest care and quality. Explore our touching gift collection to find what you need for any special occasion.