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Baptism is an exciting event for all involved. A baby is being welcomed into their family's faith, and as their godparent, you have a special role to play. You’ve committed to helping guide your godchild’s spiritual journey, among other things. One of those extra parts of the role is giving godparent gifts. These godparent gifts are different than typical birthday and Christmas gifts. In this blog, we’ll go over traditional options as well as some showstoppers.

What Do Godparents Promise at Baptism?

At baptism, godparents promise to support and guide their godchild’s spiritual growth. If you’ve been asked to be a godparent, then you’ve already made this commitment ahead of time. However, the baptism is where you formally confirm your promise in front of your godchild and their parents in their place of worship. In the Catholic tradition, godparents make baptismal vows, which are to:

  • Renounce Satan, his works, and all his display
  • Affirm belief in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

These promises are not to be taken lightly, and they’re symbolic of your role as a godparent: to give guidance to your godchild as they navigate their way through a world that will challenge their character and their faith.

What Do Godparents Promise at Baptism

Is It Traditional To Bring a Gift to a Baptism?

Baptism gift etiquette can be a little confusing. Generally, if you’re attending a baptism, it’s customary to bring a gift whether you’re a godparent or not to mark the special occasion. If you are attending as a friend, family member, or congregation member without a specific role, then a card with cash or a check gift is appropriate. How much you give depends on how close you are to the family and on your own financial position. These gifts can help start a nest egg for the newly-baptized sweetums.

Godparents are typically expected to bring a more personalized gift to help mark the significance of the event. So what are some baptism gift ideas? We’ll cover that next!

What Are Godparents Supposed To Buy for Baptism?

Godparents are usually expected to bring baptism gifts that have religious significance. In addition to containing spiritual meaning, baptism gifts from godparents should have some of the following qualities:

  • Memorable: Consider how your godchild, their parents, and you will look back on the gift you gave and how it helps preserve this precious memory. Photo frames and baptism outfits are fantastic ideas for gifts that will warm your hearts as you go through memories for years to come.
  • Strengthens Your Relationship: The gift you give should bring you and your godchild closer together. Personalization goes a long way with this, especially if you can add your own words of encouragement! Handwritten notes in cards are a wonderful way to add this extra touch.
  • Growth-Oriented: Consider how your gift will inspire your godchild to engage with their faith as they go through different stages of life. Picture bibles can help your godchild explore bible stories from a young age. Prayer books offer ways for your godchild to connect with their faith frequently throughout their daily life.

Having a role in your godchild’s life is a beautiful thing. Spending time to pick out the perfect gift is an exciting way to reflect on what impact you want to have on their upbringing.

What Are Godparents Supposed To Buy for Baptism

What Should a Godparent Buy for a Baptism?

If you’re searching for a gift that commemorates your godchild’s baptism and will make for cherished memories, consider gifting a baptism outfit. Select a handsewn, timeless design to melt the hearts of your godchild’s parents and create a conversation piece for the future. Baptism outfits also fit in well with the ceremony because the light fabric colors symbolize the purity of your godchild being welcomed into their family’s faith.

Alongside luxurious baptism outfits, personalized blankets and christening jewelry also make for timeless gifts. Just look at these stunning examples:

  • Victoria Christening Blanket: Handcrafted from ivory cotton and silk, this blanket detailed with floral lace includes space for personalization that your godchild will be able to cherish years later.
  • White Luster Pearl Bracelet with Silver Cross: Pearls shine—just as your godchild will on their baptism day. This heirloom-quality necklace exudes both religious significance and sophistication. 

What Are Personalized Baptism Gifts for Girls?

When searching for gifts for the baptism girl, you can choose between gowns and rompers. Take a look at some of our baby girl favorites for dressing up your cutie pie:

  • Lola Christening Gown & Bonnet: What sets this ivory gown and bonnet set apart from the rest (aside from the high-quality and sumptuously soft linen material) is the detail. The lace bonnet and gown overlay are handcrafted to give an elegant and timeless look.
  • Eliza Blessing Gown & Bonnet: Soft and beautiful—just like your scrumptious godmunchkin—this gown and bonnet set will keep your godchild comfortable and scrumptious. With a light ivory color, 100% pima cotton lining, and a floral edge lace, this look will shine in photos from this unforgettable day.

What Are Personalized Baptism Gifts for Boys?

Boy baptism gifts from godparents can dress up your handsome little guy in a classic 3-piece suit look or an idyllic romper. Start your baby boy baptism outfit search with these dashing options:

  • Asher 3-Piece Suit: This stylish 3-piece suit and newsboy hat will have your little buddy dressed handsomely. Shell buttons and booties complete the look, while a blanket and French terry cotton materials wrap your bundle of joy in heavenly comfort.
  • Harrison Romper: Sweet and classic, this romper will cuddle your godchild in a cloud of textured white cotton. The light blue cotton trim adds a splash of exciting color while staying within the expected colors of the ceremony.

What Are Traditional Catholic Baptism Gifts?

Traditional baptism gifts from godparents are:

  • Religious Jewelry
  • Bibles and prayer books
  • Baptism outfits
  • Photo frames or albums

Catholicism tends to incorporate lots of symbolism in worship services, so keep this in mind when picking out the perfect baptism gift. For example, dressing your itsy-bitsy godchild in the Poppy Christening Gown & Bonnet can make them the picture of innocence. The subdued ivory silk, lace bonnet, and pearl bonnets radiate purity and elegance, which makes this outfit a perfect inclusion for baptism ceremonies.

What Should a Godparent Buy as a Christening Gift?

Godparents should consider both their godchild and their godchild’s parents when deciding on an appropriate gift to purchase for the christening. Think about what your godchild’s parents hope to experience during and after the baptism (after all, your godchild is still a baby). Also, think about what your godchild will appreciate as they get older and look back at their baptism.

Baptism outfits make for excellent gifts for several reasons:

  • They elevate the event. How you dress matters. That’s why you’ll likely be wearing formal clothes to the baptism. Gifting an elegant baptism outfit dresses your godchild for the importance and symbolism of this event.
  • They help keep your godchild calm. Baptism outfits are designed with comfort in mind in addition to style. An uncomfortable baby is a fussy baby, and a tantrum can derail a ceremony. Gift your godchild—and their parents—comfort and peace of mind.
  • They make for precious memories. When your godchild and their parents look back at the day of the baptism, they’ll gush at how sweet they looked in their celebratory outfit. You’ll also be able to go through photos of you and your godchild with pride.

Explore our collection of baptism and christening outfits to find the perfect gift for your huggy-buggy’s special day. 

How Much Should I Spend on a Baptism Gift?

There is no definitive amount that you should or shouldn’t spend on a baptism gift. How much you spend depends on both the type of gift you buy and what your current financial situation is. 

What Is an Appropriate Baptism Gift Idea?

Appropriate baptism gifts mark the occasion by referencing the spiritual significance of the event. Unique baptism gifts—like handsewn christening outfits—carry the memories and feelings of the day forward to when your godchild is old enough to reflect on them.

What Is an Appropriate Baptism Gift Idea

What Do Catholic Godparents Pay For?

Catholic godparents pay for the gift that they bring to the baptism. Because Catholic churches typically don’t charge for baptism ceremonies, godparents aren’t responsible for other expenses.

What Do Godparents Pay for at the Baptism?

In many traditions, the godparents are only responsible for paying for the gift they bring for their godchild. However, in some faiths like Orthodox Christianity, the godparents usually pay for the baptism ceremony, their godchild’s white outfit, the white towels, the oil, the witness pins, and the cross used in the ceremony. 

Do Godparents Pay for the Baptism Party?

The godparents typically do not pay for the baptism party. The parents of the baby getting baptized usually pay for the reception as a way to thank guests for participating in the ceremony.

What Are Traditional Gifts for Godchildren?

Traditionally, gifts for godchildren are spiritually themed. Here are some events that you may give your godchild gifts during, plus some ideas!

  • Baptism: A baptism outfit creates timeless memories for your godchild and their family.
  • First Communion: A children’s bible allows your godchild to explore bible stories at their own pace, so they can start leading their own spiritual journey.
  • Confirmation: Symbolic jewelry allows your godchild to carry a physical reminder of their faith with them.
  • Graduations: Life gets challenging here for your godchild. Reminders of their faith, like prayer books geared towards adults, can help. Financial gifts will also be appreciated!

What Is a Traditional Gift from a Godparent?

Traditional gifts from godparents typically include silver jewelry or photo frames. Looking for something that will have practical use while leaving a more lasting impact? Check out these stunning options:

Find Stunning Gifts for Your Little One at Baby Beau and Belle

Baptisms are special for your godchild (when they look back at the event) and their family (on the day and in the future). Baptism outfits are special gifts that your godchild’s parents might not make the investment in themselves. That’s part of what makes them such a great gift. In addition, there’s unmatched quality, unique style, and snuggling comfort. Browse our collection for the perfect fit for your godchild. Whether you're looking for baby jewelry or the perfect boutique clothing, our assortment of gifts is sure to please. 

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