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Together with the parents, godparents will present the child at the baptism or christening ceremony, making a vow to help the parents to lead the child to a Christian way of life. Offering a gift is a great way to commemorate the event and shower your godchild with love.

The best part? You can choose. Yes! You can choose traditional godparent gifts or go all out with luxury godparent gifts and personalized godparent gifts.

The unspoken rules and traditions for godparents tend to be a little different from what applies to other guests at the baptism, extending even to matters of gifting. This is often because godparents are usually closer to the parents and, in their role, will remain a present feature in the child’s life, even beyond the baptism ceremony.

Do Godparents Give Gifts at Baptism?

It is in line with baptism etiquette for godparents to give a thoughtful gift to the newly baptized baby. Gifting is one way to reflect your love for the child. 

What Do Godparents Give as Gifts

What Do Godparents Give as Gifts?

Godparents will gravitate toward what is sentimental or what is useful for the baby when choosing what to give as gifts. Picture frames, baby jewelry, and keepsake books are wonderful sentimental gifts. On the other hand, personalized blankets and monetary gifts are good practical gifts for the newly baptized. 

You may also want to get a baptism outfit for the baby, not just something the baby will wear for one day, but what may even be passed down to generations. For your precious goddaughter, the Ella romper and Poppy dress bonnet are great choices. The Harrison christening suit is an excellent pick if you are looking for godparent gifts for a baby boy. There is a wide range of boutique baby accessories to choose from that would complete the look so your godchild looks fashionably stylish on their big day.

What Gifts Are Appropriate for a Christening?

Sentimental gifts are ideal and most appropriate for a christening. Personalized godparent gifts with engravings, inscriptions, or a personal message from the godparents are always an excellent choice. Engraved photo albums and picture frames, engraved baby utensils, a Bible, a cross, religious-themed artwork, a keepsake box with baby booties or jewelry, and a special personalized christening blanket with name and date are all appropriate choices. Engraving Bible verses and religious sayings onto these gift items would only be appropriate if the child’s family is indeed religious.

Monetary gifts are also highly appropriate godparent gifts. You can choose to get a card with a gift card. Godparents recognize that it’s never too early to start planning for the newly baptized child’s future. Presenting investment certificates and savings bonds in the child’s name is a thoughtful gift that says you are indeed already thinking about their future. Giving cash is also appropriate. As a godparent, any amount from $100 would be a great gift. 

Another great and more modern option is to put together a godparent gift box. You can mark the special occasion with a box full of meaningful books, music, and other knick knacks as well as a heartfelt message.

What Are Traditional Gifts for Godchildren?

Gifts of silver are the time-honored and most traditional godparent gifts. Since the Tudor times, gifts made of solid silver have been considered precious and of high monetary value. Silver heirlooms and display gifts are always a great idea. Silver bangles for baby girls, silver baby jewelry like our white luster pearl bracelet with a silver cross, or a money box are also popular luxury godparent gifts. Engraving the gifts with the baby’s name or an inspirational inscription adds a personal touch to these traditional gifts.

A personalized baby blanket for the child is also one of the more traditional baptism gifts from godparents. As with the silver keepsakes, this traditional gift can be modernized by adding a personalized detail such as the child’s initials or baptism date.

Financial gifts are also very traditional. Although both are acceptable, savings bonds are more traditional than cash gifts for a godparent looking to give money. Godparents push their generous limits in wanting the best for their godchildren.

Are You Supposed to Get the Godparents a Personalized Gift for the Baptism? What are Good Godmother and Godfather Gifts?

It is good etiquette for the parents of the baptized baby to present gifts to the godparents. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift or an elaborate one. This gift is a token of appreciation and a way to thank the godparents for accepting the honor and agreeing to the responsibility that comes with this critical role.

Something that commemorates the event would be the best gift for godparents. For example, a photo taken during the baptism in an engraved frame would be a sentimental gift that the godparents would love. other godparent-themed gifts would also be great picks as gifts for godparents.

Find Unique and Personalized Godparent Gifts

Baptism is an incredibly joyous and solemn time for a child and their family, including the godparents. No matter your budget, you want the gift you present to your godchild to be thoughtful. Browse through our Gifts from Godparents collection for that unique gift as you prepare to attend the baptism, and accept this momentous honor that extends beyond the ceremony.

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