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When expectant parents ask you to be the godparent of their new baby, you will feel a tremendous responsibility. This role is designed to ensure the child is raised in the religious faith of the parents. Christening gifts from godparents are a way to commemorate the relationship you will have with your godchild. These gifts are generally presented at the christening ceremony. Here is a guide to help you come up with a great godparent gift idea to help you find an appropriate baptism gift!

What Do Godparents Give for a Christening Gift?

Being asked to be a godparent is a real honor. You can commemorate this relationship with a carefully selected---and even personalized---gift. These gifts are typically given to the baby and parents at the child’s baptism ceremony.




Religious Jewelry or Books

Since a godparent is given the task of protecting a child’s religious upbringing, many godparent gifts are religious in nature. A personalized bracelet or necklace with a cross or other religious symbol is a great choice. Another great idea is a child-sized Bible or religious-themed baby book.

Christening Outfits

Sometimes, godparents will choose to give an outfit for the christening or baptism. These can be great Christian baptism gifts for godparents who may not be as religious as the child’s parents. For a baby girl, a beautiful white lace gown, like the Ella Romper Dress, makes a big impression, while a baby suit for a baby boy in white, like the Harrison Christening Suit, is a good option. These outfits become treasured keepsakes that will be passed on to siblings or the baby’s future children.

Other Baptism Gift Ideas

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea, a keepsake box can certainly fit the bill. You can fill the box with personalized gifts and knick-knacks such as a picture frame, a personalized ornament, a baby rosary, and more common gifts to make a truly unique box for the special occasion.

Is It Customary to Buy a Gift for a Christening?

Yes! If you receive an invitation to the christening, then bringing a gift is customary. If you’re the godparent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, that gift may be something tangible. If you are a friend or other loved one, you might choose to give money. Sometimes, family members will give financial assets that can grow with the child.

Is It Customary to Buy a Gift for a Christening

How Much Money Is Acceptable as a Christening Gift?

Godparents usually give between $100 and $150, while other relatives or friends customarily give around $50. The amount to give for a baptism or christening gift depends on the relationship of the gift giver.

What Is a Traditional Gift from a Godparent?

Outfits and jewelry are often traditional godparent gifts. However, if you’re looking for unique or modern Christening gifts, here are some ideas:

  • Silver – Whether you’re shopping for baptism gifts for girls or boys, choosing something silver is a traditional option. Silver picture frames, jewelry, rattles, commemorative signs, ornaments, and sippy cups are all treasured keepsakes.
  • Photo Album – A photo album with pictures from the child’s birth and room to add additional pictures is a great choice.
  • Shadow Box – A shadow box where the parents can place hospital bracelets,  jewelry, coming-home outfits, and other commemorative items is a touching gift.
  • Personalized Baby Blankets – Baby boy or baby girl personalized blankets in a gift box set can have their name or initials and the date of the christening or baptism embroidered on them.
  • Christening Gown or Baptism Outfit – A christening gown or a boy's suit can be a treasured keepsake, particularly if you’re looking for Christian baptism gifts.

Do Godparents Get the Baby Baptism Gifts?

Godparents typically give a new baby a baptism gift. This is not done at the hospital but at the child’s baptism or christening. Personalized baptism gifts often become treasures that the family keeps in the baby’s memory box or keeps to pass down to future grandchildren.

What Is an Appropriate Baptism Gift?

Christian baptism gifts often include a religious bent. Personalized Bibles and plaques with Bible verses are good ideas. Baptism gowns, like the Lola Christening Gown, are great choices for gifts for baptism for a girl. It’s also appropriate to give money as a baptism gift instead of a physical gift. Parents often save that money as part of their child's nest egg or college fund.

Find Personalized Baptism Gifts

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