Photo of a baby hand touching a Harrison Personalized Blanket made with a plush quilted white cotton and trimmed with light blue linen. The accent corner features ivory Venice lace. On the corner of the blanket is the name "Harrison" embroidered in light blue thread
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Harrison Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

Two white, embroidered  baby blankets with decorative lace edges and textured details, elegantly displayed on a neutral beige surface, featuring letter embroidery personalization.

Initial Blanket


Two white personalized cross blankets embroidered with the name "Evangeline Rose" and a cross design, featuring intricate scalloped edges and an upscale heirloom quality.

Personalized Cross Blanket


Flat lay photo of the four available colors of the Asher Personalized Blanket, including grey, pink, powder blue, and soft teal. The blanket is made out of a 100% Quilted Cotton and features an embroidered name on the corner of the blanket.

Asher Personalized Blanket

From $45.00

Detail of the corner of three Theodore Personalized Blankets in colors blue, green, and tan/white. Made from 100% textured cotton and featuring a ribbon corner and optional name embroidery.

Theodore Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

Flat lay comparison photo of the Oliver Personalized Blanket colors, including white and ivory. The Oliver blanket is made from soft textured pima cotton and features a Venice lace detail on the corner and is embroidered with the name "Oliver".

Oliver Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

Photo of all three colors of the Silas Personalized Blanket in a woven basket. The three colors include clay, indigo, and sand

Silas Personalized Blanket

From $45.00

Baby Boys Blankets

Wrap him up, lay him down, rock him gently and most importantly keep him warm. Baby Blankets are known to be a child's best companion for the first few years of his life because of all the comfort they provide. Our heirloom Blankets are so special; made with the softest cottons so they are soft to the touch and thoughtful detailing at one corner that flows around the edge of the Blanket. It's no wonder why babies hold on to something so dear! A wonderful heirloom baby gift for the newest member of your family that they will cherish for years.