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Summer is one of our favorite times of year. Sunshine, time off from work, family barbecues, ice cream trucks, day trips to the lake or park—what’s not to love? If you have a baby on the way with a summer due date, congratulations! What a beautiful time of year to introduce a new member to the family.

We especially love summer newborn photoshoots. Imagine your new little bundle of joy, swaddled in a blanket, surrounded by the colorful blooms of summer. Or maybe a Sunday in the park theme, with your baby nestled in their pretty pram, snuggled up to their first baby blanket, and snoozing soundly under the shady trees of your favorite park! It’s impossible not to smile imagining such a precious scene. 

And what about a summer baby coming home outfit? The options are endless—and oh so cute! Whether you have your baby in a hospital, birthing center, or at home, that first outfit they wear is sure to win everyone’s heart. After persevering through pregnancy and labor, you’ll come out the other side with this tiny, precious gift. Why not choose a special outfit that’s fitting for such a celebration? 

At Baby Beau & Belle, we have all kinds of experience with our own summer babies, and we want to share our favorite tips and outfit ideas with you! Whether you’re looking for summer newborn clothes for a boy, girl, or something more gender neutral, we’ve got your back. Welcome to our guide for summer newborns!

boys coming home outfit

Our Aiden is a newborn coming home outfit for boy

What Should I Pack In My Baby’s Hospital Bag for Summer?

Thankfully, most hospitals will supply basic necessities for you and your little one’s stay at the hospital. Every hospital is different, so it’s always a great idea to call ahead to get a list of exactly what’s provided. Even so, our Baby Beau & Belle team has a few suggestions for some extra items in addition to your baby’s first outfit that will come in handy at the hospital and for the ride home. 

  • Baby Blankets - Hospital baby blankets aren’t always the softest, and chances are they’ll get dirty quickly (those first newborn poops are no joke!). It’s nice to have some backups of your own. As a bonus, the nurses can show you how to swaddle your baby using your own blankets, so you feel a little more prepared to do it on your own when you get home.
  • Slip-ons and Flip-Flops - The hospital will most likely give you anti-slip socks, but these are kind of useless for many reasons. One, bending over to put on socks after giving birth—so hard! Especially if you have a C-section. And during the hot summer months, socks are the last thing we want on our swollen feet. Bring a pair of slippers and flip-flops to make your postpartum life a little easier and not so sweaty.
  • Your Own Pillow - This one might seem a kind of silly, but trust us, it’s totally worth it. Of course hospitals provide you with plenty of pillows, but they aren’t the greatest. And they’re not your pillow. Those first few nights after giving birth are so uncomfortable, and having the small comfort of your pillow from home can help you get a little more of that much needed shut-eye.
  • A Lightweight Robe - The hospital will provide gowns for you to wear, but that’s usually it. And let’s be real—we don’t like having our booties hang out the back of a hospital gown for anyone to see. But also, wearing a whole outfit after giving birth—no thank you! A nice, cotton robe is the solution. It’s easy to slip on, breathable, and covers all the unmentionables.
  • A Newborn Coming Home Outfit - Have you been wondering, “What do newborns wear in the hospital?” Usually, hospitals issue standard hospital onesies during your stay so doctors and nurses can easily check on your newborn. If you’re excited to dress your little nugget in their first outfit, the perfect time to do so is when you leave the hospital. Sure, you could bring your baby home in just a onesie, but where’s the fun in that? This is your baby’s first trip into this great big world! And a stylish outfit will make all those coming home photos extra special.

What Should a Baby Wear Coming Home From the Hospital in the Summer?

The best outfit to bring your baby home in from the hospital in summer is one that is lightweight, breathable, and adorable! When you’re searching for newborn baby clothes for summer, look for clothing made from cotton, which is cooler and softer than most other fabrics. 

We love to use 100% Pima cotton in our Baby Beau & Belle designs because of these qualities. It gives our clothing the smoothest, most luxurious feel. And as a bonus, it’s also wrinkle-resistant and quite durable!

hannah newborn knot gown

Our Hannah Knot Gown—made from 100% Pima cotton—is a lovely option for a baby girl coming home outfit in the summer. Flowers feel so in the spirit of summer, don’t they? And don’t worry, that floral lace is made from premium ecru cotton, so it won’t irritate your cutie-pie’s delicate skin. This gown also comes in white if you’d like a newborn coming home outfit that’s more unisex

Gowns are also a smart choice for your newborn’s first outfit because they will fit almost any size of baby. Plus, they make diaper changes a breeze! The Liam Cotton Newborn Gown is another lovely option for the hot summer months. It has an ivory quilted cotton bodice with silk trim details in the most lovely shade of champagne—such a beautiful pop of color! 

liam newborn gown

And if you’re looking for a personalized newborn coming home outfit, you can get the matching Liam Quilted Blanket with your little buddy’s name embroidered in the corner. You’ll likely treasure your baby’s first blanket for a long time, so why not make it extra special?

Another summer gown look for your tiny chickadee is the Evan Knot Gown. The lovely shade of teal will go perfectly with those clear blue summer skies. And of course, it’s as soft as a fluffy cloud—comfort comes first! Don’t forget the matching bonnet or knot cap for a perfect mini #OOTD.  

aiden boys newborn gown

Our Evan is a perfect knot gown, that's snuggly for a home outfit baby boy 

While you’re browsing for that perfect look, there are a few more things to keep in mind, especially for summer babies. Since your new snuggle bug can’t tell you when they’re hot or cold, it’s up to you to keep your baby comfy. 

Summer Temperature Guide for Dressing Babies Outside and Inside

We know your mind will be whirling with things to remember once your baby enters this world. Not to mention, the pregnancy brain battle is real! So, when it comes to dressing your baby for the weather, the number one thing to remember is this—if you’re hot, your baby is probably hot. If you’re cold, same for your baby. 

Want a few more tips on dressing your baby for the hotter weather? 

  1. If it’s over 75 degrees F, how many layers should a newborn wear? Usually one layer will be enough for your little one.
  2. Shade is your friend. The FDA doesn’t recommend sunscreen application on babies younger than six months, so keep your sweet angel safely in the shade away from harsh sun rays.
  3. Protect their little heads with a hat or bonnet. Besides, is there anything cuter than a baby in a bonnet? That is, if you can get your baby to keep it on…like we said, shade is your friend!
  4. Bring a blanket for air conditioned buildings. That blast of AC when you come out of the heat might feel nice at first, but we all know how chilly it can get after a while. 

As you can see, accessories are quite useful when the sun is shining and temperatures are high. Many of our Baby Beau & Belle outfits come with matching accessories, so you can have a complete look. Here are some of our favorites from our boutique collection. 

The Perfect Accessories for ​​Summer Newborn Outfits

We know it’s hard to keep accessories on your wiggly newborn, but the protection they provide makes it worth the effort. Also, accessories are just so charming, and they really make your photos pop! 

 baby girl bonnet - petite fleur

Our Petite Fleur Bonnet gives all kinds of summery vibes! And you can choose from a variety of color options like lavender, blue, marigold, and rose. You can pair this bonnet with the matching Petite Fleur Wrap Top and Bloomers or the Petite Fleur Knot Gown

And what about those little toesies? A pair of booties is just the thing! We think the Grayson Trim Booties are especially handsome. These all-grey quilted cotton baby booties feature white grosgrain ribbon trim with a tiny shell button detail. A soft elastic strap across the top ensures a secure and comfortable fit. We do everything we can to keep our booties on your baby! But if one gets lost, don’t worry about it—our own closets at home have quite a few single booties that hope to someday be reunited with their partners. 

Also, it’s always a great idea to double check the sizing chart to ensure a perfect fit. We include all the sizing information you’ll need for each of our products (linked next to the size selections) for a streamlined shopping experience! 

baby boy booties

For our final, favorite accessory—a soft, plush stuffed animal! We find bunnies to be especially cute, so we’ve designed a few bunny pals to keep your baby company. Grey Nibble Bunny is made with buttery soft velour and fur with the sweetest, hand-embroidered face. And a few of our bunny buddies also work as a pacifier holder! White Silly Bunny Buddy velcros right onto your baby’s stroller or car seat and keeps their paci safe. These furry friends are so practical—and they bring about the most delightful giggles! 

baby pacifier holder plush accessories

Feel like you got some good inspiration for your summer baby’s coming home outfit? We hope so. If you need some more ideas, our entire boutique collection is full of possibilities!

Baby Beau & Belle: The Go-To Boutique for Baby Coming Home Outfits

Bringing your baby home will be one of the most special and exciting days of your life. These treasured moments deserve a little something extra! This is what inspires our Baby Beau & Belle team to create luxurious and heirloom-quality garments. When you buy from us, you’ll get:

And above all, know you’re buying from a family-owned business that is passionate about making baby clothes. In fact, we’ve been making baby clothes for over 30 years! If you’re ready to find the perfect summer baby coming home outfit, start browsing our boutique collection today!

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