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From the stunning and vibrant foliage to cozy nights snuggled in with your little bundle of joy, having a fall baby comes with many unique blessings. When bringing your little autumn sweetie home, you of course will want to dress them to match the season. Every harvest-time darling should be warm, snuggled, and look as sweet as pumpkin pie. As the first set of clothes your precious child will ever wear, your baby coming home outfit should be nothing short of spectacular. But what do newborns wear in fall? And how do you know your coming home outfit is the one? Baby Beau & Belle can help you there. We’ve outlined all of the tips and tricks you need to dress your newborn for the autumn season.

What Should a Coming Home Outfit Be for a Baby Born During Fall?

The enduring beauty of the fall season is the perfect backdrop for celebrating your little darling’s first moments. But with those chilly fall days and nights, you’ll need more than a romper to ensure that your sweet one is snug as a bug in a rug. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect fall ensemble for your bouncing baby.

A Mini Guide to Choosing Fall Newborn Outfits

Comfort is key. A newborn’s silky soft skin is one of the most delicate things on Earth. Naturally, the clothes you choose should be gentle and high-quality. This means avoiding clothing that has been treated with harsh chemicals. Silks, linens, and cotton materials are all safe and natural options that are guaranteed to be gentle on your baby’s precious skin. At Baby Beau & Belle we primarily use 100% Pima cotton, making our clothes luxuriously soft and exceptionally durable. 

What size should babys going home outfit be? It's recommended to choose a going home outfit that is labeled as "Newborn" or "0-3 months" to accommodate the average size of a newborn baby. These sizes are designed to fit most infants comfortably. However, if your baby is smaller or larger than average, you may need to adjust accordingly.

Keep that little one as toasty as a marshmallow. When dressing your baby for the fall season, you’ll want them to be warm but not too warm. It’s important to avoid overdressing or underdressing your baby. Since this is the case, layers really are your best friend. This way you can easily remove an item of clothing as the temperature ebbs and flows, and when you travel from outdoor to indoor settings. The general rule of thumb for dressing your little darling in colder temperatures is to add one additional layer of clothing compared to what you’re wearing. To provide more insight into dressing your baby for all seasons, we found this helpful temperature guide for dressing babies.

Accessories are your allies. As we mentioned above, layers are the way to go when dressing your baby for autumn. This includes accessories! Booties, hats, headbands,  blankets, and soft stuffies to snuggle. Hats are especially important for keeping your little angel nice and toasty. Accessories are also a great way to add some additional flare and style. For example, if you’re interested in a more personalized newborn outfit, we offer custom embroidery on a selection of our hand-made boutique baby blankets. Aside from being absolutely adorable, these blankets can be a great gift idea for a new mom! 

You and your baby deserve the best. Quality is everything when it comes to your newborn’s clothing. Before deciding on your coming home outfit, or any item of baby clothing, don’t be afraid to take a deep dive into how that clothing was made. Choosing a reputable and established seller will ensure the quality of your baby’s coming home clothes reflects the special nature of the occasion. You want your baby’s coming home outfit to stand the test of time and preserve the memories of your baby’s first moments. The last thing you want is for a poorly-made frock to rip and ruin a picture perfect moment. At Baby Beau & Belle we take quality seriously. Our handmade and completely unique heirloom designs are tailor-made to last a lifetime. 

Choosing a Newborn Going Home Outfit for a Boy

With so many options to choose from, picking the perfect newborn coming home outfit for a boy  can be a bit overwhelming. And as a new mother, you’ve got enough on your hands. Rather than agonizing over which type of fabric is perfect for your little fella, we went ahead and curated a list of our top fall fashions perfect for any autumn prince. 

Our Newborn Fall Outfits for a Boy

Our Elijah Newborn 3-Piece Suit design is one of the cutest and classiest baby boy outfits you will ever see. Made with 100% white textured cotton, the sweet little jacket and pants are guaranteed to keep your baby stylish and snuggled. This handsome look features a fitted style pant with pockets, an elegant jacket with a fold over collar and shell button closures, and has grosgrain ribbon accented throughout each clothing item. But wait! You can’t forget the accessories! Our absolutely adorable Newsboy Baby Hat, Elijah Quilted Booties, and custom embroidered quilted blanket complete this dapper look. If you like this item but want a bit more flare, the champagne trim on our Liam Newborn 3-Piece Suit is bound to delight you and your precious baby boy! If you're looking for a newborn coming home outfit unisex then we recommend a knot gown like our Evan or Elijah Newborn Gown. 

Classic and timeless, our Mason is a regular crowd pleaser. Designed to be the perfect coming home outfit for your darling baby boy, this set comes with everything you need to keep your baby comfy as you both brave the crisp fall-time air. The bodice is made with a cushiony white quilted cotton, perfect for cozy snuggling sessions, while the traditional open skirt makes it easy for you to cover your baby’s toes. Our unique design elements include shell buttons and ivory cotton ribbon, creating a classic look that will outlast any fashion trends. This set also includes a sweet little knot cap and personalized blanket. This design is a wonderful option for when your little prince meets his grandparents for the first time, or when taking pictures to send to family and friends.

Choosing a Fall Newborn Going Home Outfit for a Girl

Your baby girl is filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice, so her clothes should be no different. When welcoming your little princess into this world, you want her to be dressed in only the best. Perfect for taking your darling on their very first autumn outing, our collection of boutique newborn outfits for a girl is sure to delight any expecting mother. Here are just a few samples of what Baby Beau & Belle has to offer.

Our Newborn Fall Outfits for a Girl

As one of our newest  baby girl fall outfit sets, the Hannah Knot Gown and Bonnet Set combines functionality with a unique style. This ultra-soft, heirloom quality outfit is perfect for snuggling with your sweetie by a warm fire on a chilly autumn day. The Hannah gown is detailed with a beautiful one-of-a-kind floral pattern on the front bodice and cuffs and is trimmed with a premium ecru cotton, offering maximum comfort and designer style. The kimono-style front allows you to easily dress and change your newborn while the bottom of the layette ties into a knot to adjust to your baby’s size and keep her itty-bitty toes warm. Similar to the little boy sets, our Hannah set includes a super-soft customizable blanket and an adorable snuggly bunny for your little one to love on for years to come.

Our newborn gift sets comes with everything you need and more. These designs are truly the epitome of comfort and coziness. It’s the baby clothing equivalent to wrapping yourself in an ultra-soft luxurious blanket on a foggy autumn morning. Many of our baby gift sets include an outfit, booties, bib, headband, bunny buddy with Bibs pacifier, and blanket with optional name embroidery. If a  wide bow headband or bonnetisn’t enough to keep your little baby's head warm, you could always throw in one of our blankets  for even more coziness!

Still haven’t found the perfect outfit? Not to worry, these are just a few of our totally unique and absolutely adorable designs. Our wide variety of boutique clothes for baby boys and girls is bound to offer something that suits your taste. Additionally, we’ve created a handy guide to choosing the perfect heirloom outfit for your newborn. 

But what’s next after you’ve chosen your perfect fall coming home outfit? We have one word for you: photoshoot. We’ll get into the details of curating the perfect fall baby photoshoot below.

Creating a Picture Perfect Outfit for a Fall Baby Photoshoot 

Once you’ve found your flawless fall baby outfits for pictures, it’s time to schedule a photoshoot and capture those magical first moments at home with your little one. At Baby Beau & Belle, we’re in the business of making memories. With this in mind, we came up with a few tips and tricks to styling your baby for flawless pictures! 

Keep things cozy. To emulate that comforting fall-time vibe, you should choose cozy warm lighting and props for your photos. This includes blankets, the sweetest stuffed toys, and (of course) the snuggliest coming home outfit. 

Combine neutral clothes with vibrant backgrounds. We all love the vibrant colors associated with autumn, but dressing your baby in bright colors to match the season could actually cause them to blend into the background of a photo. Instead, we suggest keeping your baby’s clothes bright but neutral. This way your baby stands out in the photo while the colorful autumn ambiance serves as a beautiful background. 

Take a trip outside. Fall is the season where nature’s beauty really shines. Why not take advantage of this and snap some photos outside? Before heading to your outdoorsy photoshoot, make sure your baby is dressed warmly. This means accessorizing with booties, hats, mittens, and even a little blanket. All of these accessories will make the photos even more adorable. As for your outdoor location, try and find a place that embodies fall. This could be a pumpkin patch, state park, or even your backyard. 

Consider hiring a professional photographer. When it comes to photographing your baby for the very first time, cellphone cameras can’t do the moment justice. Using a professional photographer to capture and preserve the image of your newborn baby gives you photos you’ll want to keep for life and share with all of your family and friends. If hiring a professional isn’t in your budget, you could always enlist the help of a friend who has a nice camera. When thinking about these photos, it’s so important to dress your baby in timeless designs that are worthy of this once in a lifetime occasion. 

No matter how you decide to take your pictures, our newborn outfits are sure to highlight your baby’s sweetness and create images you’ll continue to revisit as the years go by. 

Do You Need a Going Home Outfit for Your Baby?

Handmade and timeless, that’s Baby Beau & Belle. As one of the only online boutiques for formal, heirloom baby clothes, we have made it our mission to provide the most beautiful garments to commemorate all of the firsts in your little one’s life. For over 30 years, we have perfected the craft of designing heirloom-quality garments for all special occasions in a baby’s life. You and your baby deserve the world, which is why we take the time to create not only the best baby clothing, but the best experience for you. Here is what you can expect from your Baby Beau & Belle experience:

Perfectly Made: Our timeless outfits are designed and handcrafted in the USA, making them completely unique and of the highest quality. 

Expertly Handled: Our customer service process is catered to meet your every need. We’re always available to answer any questions you might have. We also offer a transparent return and exchange policy because you deserve perfect style and fit. Lastly, we guarantee that your items will be shipped from our facility within 1-2 business days. 

Everlasting: Our timeless garments are made to last a lifetime. When you buy from Baby Beau & Belle, you’re investing in clothing that can be passed down from generation to generation. 

With Baby Beau & Belle by your side, each precious moment is even more magical.  Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

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