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Knotted gowns are a good choice for coming home outfits since they offer a bit of wiggle room in the size department. One of the biggest problems when choosing a coming home outfit is not knowing what size your baby will be. Usually people end up bringing a few different options in different sizes, however with a knotted gown you may only need to buy one size.

There are lots of different styles of knotted gowns so you are likely to find the right pattern or color for your baby boy coming home outfit. If you are wanting a pretty in pink baby girl coming home outfit with lace detailing and delicate patterns then you are likely to find that, but for the parent's who prefer a more neutral look there will be more options for you. Neutral tones are very popular at the moment and therefore the knotted gowns which have also risen in popularity in recent years are mostly following this trend.

Having a "one-size-fits-all" type of garment as your baby boy coming home outfit will result in you not having to worry as much about clothing options. Alleviating some of this stress can help the process of bringing your new addition home be a little easier.

Are knotted baby gowns safe?

As long as the gown is tight fitting and doesn't have any irritating materials or chemicals then it should be perfectly safe for your baby. Make sure to check the item details so you know what the gown is made out of before purchasing. Here at Baby Beau & Belle, we only use the softest and most luxurious cottons so you can be assured that your tiny sweetie will be safe and comfortable. 

Knotted gowns are great for newborns since they will feel comfortable in the sleeping bag like nature of the garment. This is why many parent’s choose knotted baby gowns as their baby boy or baby girl coming home outfit since they know that they will be safe and secure. For all articles of clothing it is important to check to see if there are any loose buttons or scratchy tags that need to be removed/fixed before putting it on your baby.

Are knotted gowns practical?

The practicality for knotted gowns really depends on what you are intending on using them for. If you want to take adorable pictures, use them as a newborn friendly outfit or a nap-time pj set, then it is widely agreed upon that a knotted gown is super useful. However, some parent's don't like the idea of having to undo a knot in the middle of the night in order to do diaper changes, on the flip-side, many parents would argue that it's much easier then having to undo a bunch of buttons in the middle of the night. If you are on the fence about whether or not you want to try knotted baby gowns instead of the typical buttons, zippers, or snaps then consider buying just one gown and seeing if it works well for you and your baby.

There might be a slight learning curve when it comes to learning how to tie a knotted gown, but try and make it past that first hurdle. It will come down to your personal preference and what is easiest for you to handle.

How to tie a knotted gown

Step 1: Locate the Knot

Next, locate the knot or tie on the gown. It can be positioned at the front or back, depending on the design. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the knot and understand how it is structured.

Step 2: Cross and Loop

Now, it's time to tie the knot! Cross one end of the gown over the other, creating an X shape. Then, take the end that is underneath and loop it through the opening created by the X shape. Pull both ends gently to tighten the knot.

Step 3: Adjust and Secure

After tying the knot, take a moment to adjust it and make sure it is centered and symmetrical. You can also tighten or loosen the knot according to your preference. Once you are satisfied with the position and tightness, secure the knot by double knotting it. 

What is the purpose of a knotted baby gown?

They provide the same amount of comfort that a onesie or long sleeping gown would provide. It just offers a different type of option if you would rather untie and retie a knot as opposed too dealing with buttons or a zipper. Many people love them for photo opportunities, as well as practical day use so it just depends on your personal preference.

Can babies sleep in knotted gowns?

Yes, babies can sleep in some knotted gowns that are meant for sleeping. It's best to check with each manufacturer to ensure that their knotted gown are safe for sleeping. 

Our knotted gown coming home outfits are best for photos and special occasions such as taking baby home from hospital. The previous paragraphs cover the aforementioned benefits of having a sleep-approved knotted gown instead of a onesie for your baby to sleep in. Some babies who don't like to be swaddled or who prefer to have their arms free might enjoy a baby knotted gown instead. There are different materials and textiles that offer varying degrees of warmth and comfort so make sure to choose a knotted gown that your baby will feel most comfy in. Pima cotton is a good choice for newborns since it won't irritate their skin and has a very soft feel.

Knotted baby gowns are perfect for 0 – 3 months where the baby will be able to sleep comfortably. The sack style of a knotted gown keeps your newborn warm without being too restricted. After nine months of being snug and warm in a tightly enclosed womb, your baby will feel right at home in a sleeping bag style of gown. The knotted gown imitates the womb, not only will this help them sleep better but it will make the transition into the real world a little easier for your new addition.

Do Babies Like Knotted Gowns?

What is the difference between baby knotted gowns and swaddle?

Many parents want to understand the difference between these two clothing options for their baby, the knotted gown vs. swaddle. The most obvious difference is that a swaddle is a blanket meant to entirely wrap the baby and restrict the movement of the arms and legs, while a sleep sack goes beyond a simple blanket. Swaddles are intended for newborns and infants to use, but they should not be used after a baby can roll over on their own due to safety reasons.

If you are interested in trying out a baby knotted gown, then now would be a great time to consider it. They are very trendy which means you'll get lots of cute picture opportunities and additionally, if you end up liking how easy they are to use, you get a great new sleepwear outfit for your newborn. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust to a slight learning curve as you try and navigate the best and quickest ways to tie the knot but having a newborn means your life is going to be full of new experiences and learning opportunities. 

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