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Complete your sweet girl’s first day with an exquisitely-crafted romper, dress or gown.

A newborn baby in a Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet from Baby Beau & Belle lies on a fluffy white fur blanket, looking curiously with wide eyes.

Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet


A baby wearing a Hailey Romper, white headband, and white socks is sitting on a pink quilted blanket. The baby has light-colored hair and blue eyes and is looking slightly to the side with a calm expression. The background is a plain white surface.

Hailey Romper

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A newborn wearing the Evelyn Knot Gown and matching Ava Pima Knot Cap lies on a soft white background, looking upwards with a slight smile.

Evelyn Knot Gown

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Newborn girl wearing Ella layette
• bestseller •

Ella Layette


Baby girl sitting with her mother and wearing the Ivory Newborn Quinn Layette Gown and Ivory Quinn Quilted Cotton Bonnet.

Quinn Layette


Baby girl in pink cotton wrap top and quilt pants with bonnet and booties in basket

Quinn Wrap Top & Pants Set

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Baby Girl Coming Home Outfits

Newborn Coming Home Outfit for Fall

Newborn Coming Home Outfit for Fall

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Baby Girl Coming Home Outfits

Nothing beats the excitement of meeting your newborn baby girl! Counting her adorable tiny fingers and toes, holding her for the first time, and introducing her to adoring family members and friends! With so many wonderful firsts, wouldn’t it be great if her first outfit is as perfect as she is?

Getting a beautifully handmade, heirloom-quality baby coming home outfit to wrap her up in is the perfect way to celebrate baby’s first trip home! Baby Beau and Belle’s exquisitely designed pieces, handcrafted with the highest quality materials, are the perfect compliment to your new daughter’s oh-so-anticipated arrival.

What Outfit Should You Bring Your Newborn Home In?

There’s so much hustle and bustle as the new baby arrives, dressing them up to come home for the first time can be such a special moment of calm to share. It may be the first time you have the chance to really fawn over your baby. Getting the best newborn girl coming home outfit is one way to make the once in a lifetime trip back to your family home even more memorable.

baby coming home romper

@ohlafemmeblog's coming home photos with her daughter Vivienne in our Lola Lace Dress.

How to Dress a Newborn Baby Boy or Darling Girl

All of us have that perfect vision of life with the new baby. The amazing tiny new life that we can snuggle up with and take a hundred pictures of so we don’t forget a moment. You have been planning the perfect nursery, fawning over picking the right name, and getting the house spotless for their arrival. 

You may have their perfect closet already set up, with lots of great daily outfits perfect for them. But what about the really special occasions in the early days of your new bundle of joy’s life? What would you like the first outfit they will ever wear to be, or when they come home from the hospital, or have some of their first pictures taken, or meet their grandparents for the first time?

As you’re planning the perfect outfits for these special moments, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dress baby for comfort

 First and foremost, you want your new tiny wonder to be comfortable. The softest natural fibers that breathe and naturally keep them just the right temperature is a great place to start. Extra soft and roomy to accommodate the newborn’s umbilical cord is an added plus.

  • Dress baby for memories

For the really special occasions in your newborn’s life, you want to get them something really special to wear. Handcrafted, heirloom-quality pieces will really elevate a baby's first trip to a memory you can cherish.

  • Dress baby for pictures

With your new arrival, you are sure to be taking lots and lots of pictures to document these most important early days of life with your new baby. Having your little darling dressed in something picture perfect for her first photoshoot or her first whole family photo makes it even more fun!

Personalized Coming Home Outfit for a Girl

Want to up the specialness of the occasion for your own cutie-pie? Why not get her special blanket personalized with her name or monogram? We at Baby Beau and Belle offer the highest quality personalization options for beautiful and classic embroidery that you can wrap your bundle of joy in for years to come.

Many of our blankets are perfect for personalization, like this gorgeous Poppy Quilted Blanket. The elegant corner lace applique is the perfect backdrop for personalizing with a champagne-colored thread name or initial! This extra special touch makes this a perfect gift to give a new baby, and they can treasure their special blanket as heirloom, keeping it stored away to perhaps even show their own children some day!

coming home blanket

What Material Should Your Newborn Going Home Outfit for a Girl Be Made Of?

Baby’s skin is so delicate in the first weeks after they are born that we all want to wrap them in only the finest, most delicate fabrics to protect them. Natural fibers that are soft, breathable, and luxurious are a perfect solution for your perfect new arrival. Our baby clothes and accessories are made from only the finest cottons, linens, and silks. Let’s take a look at the special qualities each has and what makes each great for baby skin!

  • Cotton - This soft and absorbent plant fiber is a wonderful option for your little nugget! We use only the finest quality 100% cotton, to make sure it never irritates your little one’s sensitive newborn skin.
  • Linen - Linen has a long history of being used as a luxury fabric. In fact, more than 3,500 years ago the finest linen was referred to as ‘royal linen’ in ancient Egypt, and lengths of this precious fabric were especially prized by queens and pharaohs. Wrapping your wee one in the finest quality linen follows in this amazing ancient pattern, and you know the pieces will last since we still have examples from Queen Hatshepsut’s royal linen stores from 1473 BCE!
  • Silk - Perhaps the fiber most well known for its luxury, silk is wonderfully soft, as smooth as a cloud, hypoallergenic, and will prevent your precious pearl from getting too hot or too cold.  Added bonus, it's so smooth it will help keep their hair tangle-free and can absorb up to 30% of its weight by water and not feel wet. Most of our silks come from artisans in Italy, France, and Japan, all with great histories of their beautiful silk-making traditions.

What Should Baby Wear Home from the Hospital in Winter?

All this talk about fabric types brings up obvious questions about what fiber works best at different times of the year. A great thing about most natural fibers is that they are great for temperature regulation, so they keep your little snuggle-bean warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But some are naturally better suited for the coldest months of winter. 

Heavy quilted cotton garments trap extra warm air in their layers to keep baby extra toasty warm, and our Tessa Quilt Romper complete with beautifully soft lace and silk ribbon is a perfect choice for bringing home your winter baby! Why not pair it with the matching quilted booties and bonnet to make sure she stays snug as a bug in a rug?

tessa quilt newborn romper

Add a slightly heavier quilted blanket to complete the warmest of outfits and make sure your little one stays nice and cozy in the winter season. Our Poppy Quilted blanket with vintage lace and delicate embroidery is perfect for snuggling in style!

baby girl quilted coming home blanket

What Should Baby Wear Home from the Hospital in Spring?

As the days start to get warmer, bringing your cutie-pie home from the hospital calls for a different kind of outfit than in the dead of winter. Lightweight cottons and linens will keep your sweetheart cool as a cucumber as the days get warmer. Our Lola Lace Bubble Romper pairs a lightweight cotton lining for perfect softness to keep your baby cool, while the all-over lace is the perfect amount of special for the importance of the first trip home!

lol lace bubble romper

For a more casually elegant spring coming home outfit, our Adeline Newborn Lace Dress is a swoon-worthy lightweight option perfect for any springtime flower child! Lined with soft rayon, our Adeline dress features beautiful floral lace panels and comes with a  100% silk ribbon sash to create a perfect tailored fit.

adeline newborn lace dress

What Outfit Do You Take a Newborn Home in to Start a Tradition?

Here at Baby Beau and Belle, we love to talk about the heirloom quality of our pieces, since we are proud to be a part of family traditions across generations and know that our pieces will stand the test of time. There is a long tradition of special clothing and accessories for baby’s first outfits in many families. Some of the most talked-about babies of the last few years have been born in the British royal family, who have their own 70-year tradition of being first presented in a wool blanket knit by a British maker. 

The first babe to be swaddled in this amazing heirloom was the baby Prince Charles in 1948. All of Queen Elizabeth’s children came home from the hospital in a handmade blanket from the same company. Prince Charles carried on the tradition, bringing his sons home in their own special blanket, too. The newest generation has kept the tradition alive, and all of the children of Prince William and Harry have their own special blankets. 

Duke & Duchess of York and Princess Elizabeth
Duke and Duchess of York with Queen Elizabeth in her heirloom gown. 

The fact that the royals have chosen a family-owned company that manufactures heirloom-quality, handmade pieces from their own country is a great addition to this tradition. With Baby Beau and Belle, you too can support a boutique business and local artisanry with your own special family tradition with something worthy of the moment and occasion! 

What Should a Baby Wear Coming Home from the Hospital Historically?

As you think about landmark events in your baby’s life and how you want to dress them so you can look back fondly, it can be interesting to think about how babies were dressed a long time ago. Since the most precious clothes for your baby often become family heirlooms, it’s natural to wonder what these would have looked like in previous generations. 

According to an article published in Fashion History, until about the 1920’s, all newborns would have worn long dresses (also called ‘long clothes’) with layers of undershirts, caps, socks and napkins (cloth diapers) underneath. These would have been made by family members or seamstresses until the late 1800’s, when ready-made layettes started to become available. These would have mostly been white cotton because of its ease in washing and bleaching.

Many of these ‘long clothes’ would have been ornately decorated with lace and embroidery, which make them easy to mistake for special occasion outfits by modern eyes. But these were the style for everyday wear for babies at that time. Our Eliza Blessing Gown and Bonnet set is a gorgeous modern take on the kind of classic elegance parents were going for with these long clothes in the past. 

eliza blessing gown and bonnet

From the 1920’s to the 1950’s, newborns started wearing white cotton short dresses as their day-to-day clothing, saving long dressing for special events like christening gowns. This was a common newborn coming home outfit for unisex babies from birth to around six months old in the 1920s and 1930s. By the 1940’s and 1950’s these white short dresses were still worn by newborn baby boys, but only for their first month or so. After the 1950’s, romper styles became more of the norm for newborns in their day-to-day wear. 

The historic pictures below give you a good idea of what these precious babies in the past might have worn, from the long clothes pre-1920, to the short clothes common until the 1950’s, to the romper styles preferred afterwards.

vintage newborn coming home photos

When we start thinking about a newborn hospital outfit for a girl specifically, we’re going to have to start around 1900, since more than half of babies were not born in hospitals before that in the United States. By the 1930’s that had changed dramatically with more than 85% of babies in the US were born in hospitals. Once this shift happened, making special plans for what to pack in the hospital bag and how to dress your precious little one to come home entered the scene.

These special first outfits from the past quickly became keepsakes and started being commemorated in family photographs to celebrate a new baby's arrival. At Baby Beau and Belle, we are inspired by the handcrafting, natural fibers, and care that went into these special baby clothes of the past. We design our own, thoroughly modern yet timeless clothes for your smallest new family member that are worthy of the importance of the memories! What a great way to connect to a long tradition and treat your newborn like the one and only beautiful baby they are! 

Baby Beau and Belle: Exquisite Outfits for Baby’s First Moments

Our family-owned business knows just how important those first moments are with a brand new baby. We’ve made heirloom-quality garments for generations of families, all designed in-house with ultrasoft, luxury materials and made in the USA.

Whatever special occasion is coming up to celebrate, let us help you swaddle your newest family member in the perfect outfit to make memories! Shop our boutique to find handmade, designer baby formal wear collections now.