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When it comes to special occasion baby clothes, such as first birthday, weddings, christening, Christmas and Easter - vintage baby clothing is the best. Baby Beau and Belle handcrafts the most luxuriously soft and impeccably styled vintage baby clothes available online. Modern yet timeless! 

Picking vintage baby clothing is one of the highlights of being a new parent. Who doesn’t like seeing their cute little ones look their best? Sometimes, making clothing decisions can be challenging with the sheer amount of styles and stores out there. On the bright side, with all the fun fashions available for adults, there are even more inspiring and creative options when it comes to styling your baby.

vintage baby clothes for boy and girl

On the left: our Silas Vest Suit. On the right: the Thea Wrap Dress, a perfect first birthday dress for baby. 

Vintage baby clothes for girls never went out of style and indeed, many are considered timeless. A girls romper or layette gown are still the go-to options for bringing your baby home from the hospital. And it's not just girls, there are so many styles of cute vintage bay clothes for boys that'll last the test of time. A 3-piece baby boy suit or a baby boy romper are the perfect outfits to ensure your little man is as handsome as he is comfortable. Vintage-inspired baby clothes bring out the cuteness in your little sweetie, so don’t hesitate to dress'em up! Our collection of unique, high-quality formal baby clothes are the perfect addition to your next special event or photo shoot. 

What are Vintage Baby Outfits?

Vintage clothes for baby girls and boys are unique, handcrafted clothing items inspired by past fashions, designs and styles. They feature everlasting designs and luxurious materials, making them heirloom-quality pieces of clothing.

You won’t find traditionally inspired vintage baby clothes on store shelves like Target, Bloomingdales or Nordstrom, and this is what makes these outfits stand out from the crowd. When you choose handcrafted formal baby clothing, you can be sure that your little one will be the center of attention!


On the left: Our Miles Vest, part of our Miles Collection. On the right: the Lola Dress

History of Vintage Clothing

What we call vintage clothing now was, of course, the modern style of its time not too long ago. In the 19th century, fashion consisted mainly of ubiquitous dresses, undershirts, nightcaps, outerwear cloaks, socks, and other assorted layettes. What we call vintage clothing changes over time as styles evolve. Clothes purchased in the 1980s or 1990s would now be what we call vintage clothing.

Formal outfits for special events and gatherings such as first birthday photoshoots, baptism and weddings require more sophisticated looks that share a lot stylistically with what we would call vintage clothing or traditional baby clothes. 

vintage baby clothes - antique photos

What Did Babies Wear in the 1800s

In the 1800s, for example, baby girls and baby boys alike would wear flowing white dresses not only for fashion purposes but because they allowed them to move around and play freely, as well as for fuss-free potty training. Boys would only be introduced to wearing pants once they were five years old. 

In winter during the 1700s, petticoats (what we would call skirts today) were also widely used among toddlers, as this would provide additional warmth during the winter months. They were designed to do this without hampering their mobility in an era where most people would rely on nothing more than a fireplace for their household heating.

The Victorian era saw the fashion among toddlers shift towards dresses and skirts for little girls. These would grow increasingly longer as the children grew, and they would wear corsets once they reached a certain age. On the other hand, boys would be dressed in tunics with pleated skirts, frocks, blouses, knickerbockers, collared jackets, and so on. 

Traditional baby clothes have always been at the forefront of comfort, style, and luxury. We can bring back the aura of history and luxury these designs came with by investing in quality vintage baby clothing.  

baby girl lace dress - Lola

"Excellent quality and materials. I can't wait to see my babygirl wearing this beauty" - Maria B. on our Lola Lace Dress & Bonnet.

How You Can Tell Baby Clothes are Vintage

Whether they are made for girls or boys, vintage baby outfits are generally made of cotton, linen, or blends. You’ll also find some outfits made out of seersucker and rayon. Various embellishments and decorative designs can be incorporated into them, including embroidery, lace, pintucks, etc.

In order to ensure that these designs stand the test of time, special techniques are used as an extra precaution to ensure that any zippers, buttons, snaps, and seams are firmly in place. Vintage designs can be unique pieces, be they in basic print, muted tones, or classic patterns. For extra points, some will even entail embroidered monograms on the outfit’s hem, sleeve, or front. 

Theodore 3-piece suit

The Theodore, a traditional baby boy suit available in multiple colors. 

Why Do We Need Vintage Baby Clothes?

Vintage baby clothes are the best styles for special events such as coming home, Christmas photos, baptism and Easter. A newborn baby's life are filled with special moments for meeting family members, friends and taking photos. Formal baby clothes allow us to put our precious ones in classy, timeless, and breathtaking outfits that are as precious as the occasion. The care and attention to detail in creating such exquisite outfits make them heirlooms that one would pass down to future generations.

Heirloom-quality vintage baby clothes can be paired or layered with various knits, neutrals, and soft materials.

What Can You do With Old Baby Clothes

Many people ask themselves what to do with vintage baby clothes once their toddlers outgrow them.

Some creative things to do with old clothes:

  • Frame your heirloom baby outfit in a glass case
  • Keep pieces of christening dress to be used for future wedding
  • Using fabric to make quilts and blankets
  • Handcraft Christmas stockings with fabric
  • Make elastic headbands
  • Put keepsake in box for future generations

You should always consider donating to friends, family or a charitable second hand store such as Goodwill rather than sending them off to the dumpsite to preserve the environment.

Picking out The Right Size Clothes for your Baby 

Baby clothes are typically measured in inches or centimeters, indicating width and height. In many cases, however, you will measure chest circumference and height measurement. It's always best to measure your baby to ensure a correct size as age is not always the best indicator and sizing can differ between brands.

  • Size 60 in baby clothes refers roughly to 60cm, a smaller size usually in US 3-6 / 6 months.  
  • Size 70 in baby clothes refers roughly to 70cm, a medium size, US 6-9 / 9 months. 
  • Size 80 in baby clothes is larger, referring to 80cm, US 9-12  / 12 months or even 18-24 months in baby heights of 89cm. 

Please see our sizing charts below for baby boy suits and baby girl dresses: baby boy dress suit sizingbaby girl dress sizing

What are the Best Places to Wear Vintage Baby Clothes?

Formal Vintage Baby Clothes will make a statement wherever you choose to have your baby wear them. Here are a few examples that call for classic styling.

  • Weddings
  • Newborn Photos
  • Coming home from hospital
  • Christenings
  • Easter
  • First birthday parties
  • Family photoshoots
  • Christmas Card photoshoots
  • Holiday gatherings, and everything in between...

family photos traditional inspired baby clothes

On the left: @lizeidelman pictured with her family on Easter. Her baby Indy styled in our traditional Grace Gown. On the right: @luxeventsco with her boy Romeo in the Owen linen romper for his first birthday party. Photo: @lizbeddall

How Can Vintage Baby Clothes be Styled?

Styling vintage clothing is easier than you think and more exciting than styling regular clothing. Vintage baby clothes for boys' outfits can be, for example, solid-toned rompers, full-length socks, saddle shoes, and short-sleeved collared tops, although you have plenty of options besides.

When looking for vintage baby clothes for girls, consider an outfit comprising a flutter-sleeve smock with lacy lining set off by dressy socks and a pair of Mary Janes slippers. Boy or girl, there are plenty of accessories to consider putting your little ones in, such as shawls, booties, caps, suspenders, bowties, and much more!

Which Vintage Brands are Worth Money?

There are plenty of places where you can shop vintage baby clothes. You might consider a high-end children's boutique if you're searching for vintage baby clothes near your house. Sought after Luxury brands like Burberry and Gucci or boutique companies such Baby Beau & Belle, Baby Bjorn or Christening Gowns will retain their value over time while mass produced products made overseas will not hold their value or retain the same sentimental value. 

Online marketplaces like eBay, second hand shops, craigslist or even Instagram are the way to go if you’re trying to find where to sell vintage baby clothes. If you're on the search for a bargain, platforms such as Etsy and thredUP offer good deals on new and second-hand vintage baby clothes. Still, it’s always best to shop at children's boutiques that are dedicated to baby clothes so that you're ensured with outstanding customer service, expertise and a gorgeous outfit.

When you buy from our online baby shop, we promise a luxury boutique experience from start to finish, including: high quality and attention to detail, kind and caring customer service, careful packaging and fast delivery.

Ella Romper Dress - Traditional Baby Dress

Our Ella Vintage Baby Girl Dress

    Baby Beau & Belle: Vintage Baby Clothing

    Baby Beau and Belle have been in the baby clothing business since 1989, so you can be sure you're in good hands. Our in-house creations embody luxury and taste and are made out of ultrasoft, quality materials. Our family-owned operation provides baby clothing suitable for any occasion, including weddings, baptisms, first birthdays, blessings, christenings, holidays, and everything in between. 

    These heirloom pieces will bring joy to you and your little ones for generations to come owing to their incredible craftsmanship and timeless design. With more than 30 years of experience styling babies in traditional vintage clothing, it's our honor to make your event that much more special with our modern yet timeless designs.


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