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When you are looking for baby boy dress clothes, it is interesting to know a bit of the story behind them. Historically, babies and young children were treated as miniature adults and that included their clothing. That is why you often see children in very formal adult-styled clothes in old paintings and books. Clothing and fashions have changed greatly over the centuries and the stories behind them make for an interesting history lesson. The team at Baby Beau and Belle will help you take the best of traditional baby boy clothing and move into the future with the most amazing, timeless designs. We handcraft baby boy dress suits in the USA with top quality and luxury (and comfort) in mind. Our baby boutique offers the best baby tuxedo 12-18 months, and baby boy formal wear 9-12 months clothing.

baby boy tuxedo suit

The James baby boy suit is our take on the classic tuxedo. 

For many centuries all babies wore long gowns or dresses. These kept babies warm and cozy. Try the Elijah Newborn Gown or the Twin Knot Gown set for a similar garment for your newborn baby boy. When baby boys got a bit bigger they would wear dresses, Baby Beau offers the Grayson Linen Bubble Romper for a very similar vintage look but with the ease and comfort of a romper. The tailored and collared linen bubble romper creates a wonderfully retro alternative to regular baby boy clothing. 

When baby boys got a bit older they would eventually graduate from dresses to pants or breeches. It was a big occasion when little boys got to wear pants and their first suits. Try the amazingly elegant James 3-Piece Suit to give your baby boy a great baby boy suit set 12 months for his next special occasion. This tailored and yet super comfy black and white or white and black 3-piece suit is available in a large number of sizes (6 sizes) from 0-3 to 2T-3T. It is perfect for holiday photos, baptisms, or any big event and works well for baby boy dress clothes for 12 months.

baby boy bubble rompers

Our Grayson, a baby boy romper outfit

Baby Boy Designer Clothes

Baby boy dress clothes for 12 months are a great choice for your special event and a baby boy suit set 12 months like the fabulous Theodore 3-Piece suit will have everyone oohing and aahing over your baby boy. Important occasions and your special son deserve quality clothing. Baby boy dress clothes for 18 months with designer fashion materials and custom details make your young boy shine for any special event. The James 3-Piece Suit is a great pick for a baby tuxedo 12-18 months. The stylish suit will have him looking like James, James Bond that is. 

Our James Baby Boy Suit, a modern take on the classic Tuxedo.  

Baby Boy

Baby boy formal wear 0-3 months can be hard to find in local stores but not at Baby Beau & Belle. One adorable and fashionable option is the Miles 3-Piece suit which comes in the cutest little baby boy formal wear 0-3 months size. The Miles suit comes in many sizes and will fit your needs for baby boy formal wear 9-12 months and baby boy formal wear 12-18 months and 18-24 months or 2T. The suit is elegant with a tailored jacket and pleated pants or shorts and even a dapper vest option. Add the Miles Newsboy Cap for the literally crowning glory! Warning - cuteness overload ahead. Everyone in your family will be melting from cuteness!

miles baby boy suit

Our Miles Baby Boy suit in French Terry. 

Baby clothes checklist 0-3 months:

  • shirts
  • pants
  • sleepers, gowns
  • socks
  • hat or cap
  • a suit for a special occasion such as wedding, baptism, or holidays. 

Baby Boy Wedding Suits

Will 0-3 months fit a newborn?

As a general rule, yes, size 0-3 will fit a newborn baby and is a great size to add to your baby clothes checklist 0-3 months. This size should work for him for about 3 months. If your baby boy is small, clothing in 0-3 will fit him a little longer and if your little boy is a bit bigger, he should still be able to wear this size for at least a month or two comfortably. 

Newborn to 3 months Sizing Measurements

Newborn Up To 17in (43cm) Up To 21in (53cm)
0-3 / 3 Months Up To 18in (46cm)

Up To 23in (58cm)

baby boy wedding suit

Baby Boy Wedding Suits are some of the most charming outfits you will ever see your little boy wear. Whether you want one with short pants for a spring wedding or long pants for a winter wedding, you will find everything for infant dress clothes boy needs. A baby boy suit set 12 months size is an ideal gift item for your new grandson so he will be camera ready for his next big occasion. For his first birthday, a perfect gift would be the Harrison Sweater Baby Boy Suit. With the exquisite lace details on the super soft blue sweater and pleated pants or shorts, your little one will be ready for his close-up in any season. It is a great option for baby boy wedding suits 12-18 months. 

Harrison sweater suit

Baby Boy Clothes

Whether you are looking for a dashing suit for a family photo shoot or a delightful coming home outfit, Baby Beau has baby boy dress clothes near California and baby boy dress clothes near Texas. We're proud to offer fast shipping from our elegant online infant dress clothes boy boutique. We offer free Fed Ex 2 day shipping on orders over $175. Finding baby boy dress clothes near you is just a click away.  

Newborn Clothes

When do babies wear 36 months clothes?

Babies wear 36 months clothes generally when they are 3 years old and not yet 4 years old. Some bigger babies will start wearing 36 months clothes at age 2 (24 months) or 2 and a half (30 months). Sizing will also depend on the cut of the baby boy dress clothes. A larger baby can wear a loose-fitting bubble romper or gown for longer than a more fitted suit. Note that well-made baby boy dress clothes like those at Baby Beau are true to size. If you've any questions about sizing, we're here to answer all your sizing questions!  So feel free to ask by emailing us or using the chat option on the bottom right hand of your screen!

Boys 18 months - 3T Sizing Measurements

18-24 Months Up To 22in (56cm) Up To 35in (89cm)
2-3T Up To 23in (58cm) Up To 38in (96cm)

What age do babies wear 12 months clothes?

Babies generally wear 12 months clothes at age 9 months to 1 year or 12 months old.

6 months to 12 months Sizing Measurements

6-9 / 9 Months Up To 20in (51cm) Up To 28in (71cm)
9-12 / 12 Months Up To 21in (53cm) Up To 32in (81cm)

How long do babies wear newborn clothes? 

Of course, the answer always depends on the individual baby. Some tiny ones may be able to wear newborn clothes for many months. But as a general rule newborn sizing is for newborn to 2 months old or approximately from 0-6 weeks old. Please feel free to ask the knowledgeable staff at Baby Beau for help with sizing questions, they want to help you get the right size for your little one.

Babies Onesies

What are newborn clothes called?

There are many different names for newborn clothes and it can be confusing to new parents. Some of the most common as gowns and rompers.  There are regular gowns, knot gowns, and layettes (another name for a gown). There are also bodysuits, diaper suits, onesies, sleepers, baby sleeping bags, and many more. When stocking up for newborns, be sure to read product descriptions and look at pictures to get the right item for your newborn.

baby newborn gown

When it comes to newborn clothes, the elegant Harrison Newborn Gown is a popular choice.

What are baby onesies called? 

They are called onesies, baby bodysuits, sleep t-shirts, baby sleepers, one pieces, snap suits, or sometimes boy rompers. They are basically t-shirt tops with leg holes that cover the baby from his shoulders to the top of his legs and cover the diaper.

baby boy rompers

Our classic vintage-inspired baby boy rompers.

What are different types of baby dress?

As noted above there are a lot of different types of baby dress clothes. Rompers, gowns, suits, etc. and everything thing from simply elegant layette gowns to formal three piece suits. There are one piece body suits like onesies and rompers with short pants, lor ong pants. And even convertible romper gowns like the Oliver gown romper which is a classic choice for baptism or christening gown and a comfy romper too. 

baby boy suit

The Elliott, a modern yet timeless baby boy dress suit. 

What kind of clothing is best for infants?

The best kind of clothing for infants is well designed, soft, comfortable and with top quality, luxury materials. Baby Beau & Belle offers the best infant clothing made in the USA. We have everything you need to dress your little boy for special occasions like weddings, family photos, baptisms, and holiday events.

Baby Clothes

When to move up a size in baby clothes?

You always want your baby boy to be comfortable so you should order the next size up before his clothing gets too tight or his pants or sleeves are too short. Clothing sizes and ages are only general guidelines and your baby boy’s comfort and actual size are the key to a happy baby.

What's the difference between 18 months and 24 months?

18-24 months Sizing Measurements

18-24 Months Up To 22in (56cm) Up To 35in (89cm)


The difference between 18 months and 24 months clothing is not as large as you might think as many clothing comes in a size that covers 18 months to 24 months. The chest size of your boy would be up to 22 inches and height up to 35 inches. The staff at Baby Beau will be happy to help you with any sizing questions. Additionally, you will see sizing charts on all the clothing options with measuring guidance.

Dressing up your little boy in a little 3-Piece suit will make him look super dashing and ultra adorable. The well-designed and constructed suits available at Baby Beau & Belle are ideal for making your baby boy look and feel wonderful. Have fun dressing up your little baby boy!

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