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Baptism is a sacred occasion marking the beginning of a child’s religious journey. To witness this beginning, and most importantly, show their commitment to guiding the child on this lifelong journey are the parents and the godparents.

On this wonderful occasion, a thoughtful gift is not only welcome but also customary. Gift exchange normally takes place after the baptism at the party or reception hosted by the child’s parents. 

What is appropriate godparent to godchild gifts? How about gifts for the godparents? Read on for more about godparent gift ideas.

Is It Customary to Buy Godparents Gifts?

It is indeed custom for the parents of the newly baptized baby to give gifts to the godparents. Anything, within reason, from simple and inexpensive to elaborate and expensive, should suffice as the best gifts for godparents, as long as they are thoughtful.

A godmother gift or a godfather gift serve as a token of appreciation for your child’s second parents. Whether you choose an elegant godmother bracelet, a personalized godmother mug, or a godfather t-shirt, a godparent gift is the perfect way to recognize the special bond between a godparent and godchild. Personalized gifts are a way to appreciate the godparents for agreeing to play a huge role in your child’s life.

Is It Customary to Buy Gifts for Godparents?

What Do You Get a Godparent As a Gift for Their Godchild?

A framed picture of their godchild is a simple gift they would certainly love. You can have the frame customized with the names of the godparents and their godchildren. You can also choose from a wide range of godparent-themed merchandise, including T-shirts and coffee mugs. 

Overseeing your child’s spiritual wellness over the years will be one of the major roles the godparents play. Why not help them prepare for that role with a personalized religious gift? A monogrammed Bible or guardian angel figurine or prayer gift would be a great choice.

If you are looking for luxury godparent gifts, customized jewelry, be it a bracelet or necklace, would be an awesome pick for the godmother. Similarly, a personalized watch or custom cuff links would be an elaborate gift that the godparent would appreciate.

Choosing your child’s godparents isn't a decision taken lightly. You are most likely close to and know your child’s godparents well. This close relationship should put you in a good place to know what they would like and enjoy best, even as you think of godparent gift etiquette. 

What Do You Get Your Godchild?

From the sentimental to the practical, godchild gifts for baptism can take on so many shapes and forms. It can also be traditional or more contemporary. With so many options to choose from, carefully consider what you want the gift to represent or say. 

Do you want something your godchild can cherish their whole life as they remember this special occasion? Or would you like a symbolic gift that relates to the faith you and the parents wish for your godparent to grow in? Perhaps you want something practical that your godchild’s parents will find useful in everyday life with the child.

Think about the message you’d like the gift to pass along, and you will certainly narrow down your choices when thinking about what to get your godchild.

What Are Traditional Gifts for Godchildren?

What Are Traditional Godparent Gifts For GodChildren?

Consider these main categories for traditional godparent gift ideas.

Silver Gifts

Silver gifts are undoubtedly the most traditional godparent gifts, and they have been for centuries. Think silver godmother bracelets, a silver gift box, a personalized frame, a pretty necklace, ornaments, picture frames, baptism plaques, and baby rattles.. A silver baby bangle with a trinket or jewelry box to keep it and other jewelry is a thoughtful combination.

Baby Jewelry

Jewelry is generally a traditional baptism gift. From a pearl bracelet with a silver cross to a 14k gold rose cross with chain and everything in between, push your generosity limits in getting your godchild jewelry gifts. Religious jewelry such as crosses, rosaries, and faith bracelets are also acceptable.

Baptism Gowns and Blankets

Christening gowns and blankets are also traditional gifts. Have these gifts embroidered with the child’s name and the baptism date, and they will have something memorable to keep forever. Choose a stylish and comfortable gown from the boys christening outfits collection if you are looking for godson gifts from godparents

Monetary Gifts

Monetary gifts in the form of cash or a check and requesting that the parents contribute it to your godchild’s account is quite traditional. A savings bond is another great option, as it will grow in value as your godchild grows.

What Do Godparents Give As Gifts?

In addition to the traditional godparent gifts, you can choose from a wide range of modern personalized options. 

Godparents can encourage a love of reading and books by gifting their godchild a single book or a book collection. Photo albums are great, and you can put in pictures from the baptism ceremony to get things started. Toys and toy sets, personalized with your godchild’s name and baptism date, will be something they will always fondly remember you for during playtime.

Practical gifts that are common godparent to godchild gifts include financial gifts or charitable donations. You can also get a keepsake box to help the baby’s parents to store items from the baptism or even handwritten notes you've written to mark the occasion. Perfect godparent gifts depend highly on the individual families, and the most meaningful gifts will be ones with personal meanings.

Get the Perfect Baptism Gift

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