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Deciding on what to give for a baptism gift can be daunting, whether you are a family friend, grandparent or a godparent. But finding unique and meaningful baptism gifts may not be as hard on you or your wallet as you may think. There are many different ways to give, and it is growing increasingly easier to find well-crafted traditional baptism gifts that will last a lifetime.

Who should give a gift? How much do you give for a Christening in 2023?

If you have been invited to attend a baptism, then it is generally accepted that you will bring a gift. It is also very common to give cash or a check as well. However, the amount you are expected to spend is dependent on your relationship with the baby and their family.

What is a good gift from godparents

Being asked to be a godparent is a big deal! Therefore it's important to find meaningful baptism gifts fitting for the occasion. How much should one spend? For example, the godparents are expected to spend between $100-150 on their godchild, whereas family and close friends are assumed to stay around the $50 range. There are occasional outliers, but this is a general rule that most attendees will be expected to follow. While cash is a nice gift, in addition, it's courteous to arrive with a proper gift in hand. 

Here are a few ideas:

1. Personalized Baby Blanket with Name or Initials:

2. Baby Jewelry: Gold Cross

3. A Newborn Gift Set 

4. A Classic Silver Rattle

However, if there is an issue with affording an appropriate gift, don't worry, there are other appropriate traditional baptism gifts listed later in this article.

Unique baptism gifts for girls:

What is an appropriate gift for a baptism? Typically baptism jewelry, clothing accessories, and personalized newborn blankets and heirloom clothing can be very sweet gifts for baby girls.

Jewelry is a simple and beautiful gift that can be meant for her to wear as an infant. Or, it can be purchased and placed in a keepsake box for her to enjoy when she is older. Necklaces and bracelets that have religious insignia can be especially representative of the ceremony.

Accessories are always appreciated. Perhaps a flower crown headband, new pair of booties, or even a personalized bib would be the perfect addition to her wardrobe.

A more unique type of baptism gift can be shared between a daughter and her parents. There are several stylish options for matching onesie and shirt sets. If the family enjoys getting pictures taken, or already enjoys trying to match their outfits to each other, this is a perfect choice. Practical and more subtle matching outfits can also be found.

Ultimately, finding the perfectly unique baptism gift for a baby girl on her special day is going to be something she and her parents will be able to cherish as a keepsake and bring joy in the present.

Cool baptism gifts for boys:

Accessories and designer heirloom clothing can also be appreciated as unique gifts for baby boys. Perhaps a classic and traditional outfit to add to his wardrobe, or an adorable vintage-inspired  pageboy hat.

For more meaningful baptism gifts, consider a personalized pocket watch, compass or jewelry.

What is a good baptism gift from grandparents?

If your family is more religious, then perhaps engrave a beloved bible verse or saying onto these items. Baby jewelry like a 14k gold heart cross is something that a child can keep and cherish for one's lifetime. 

Bibs and newborn boy blankets can also be meaningful. These can also have religious mementos, initials, dates or names embroidered onto them. Another cool baptism gift for boy is a cross necklace or silver rattle that can be put into a custom-made keepsake box for him to cherish when he is older.

Traditional gifts for baby boys don't have to be overly masculine in any sense. They should instead fall into one of two categories, either providing a practical use for the future, such as a bible or piece of jewelry. Or it can be a more presently useful item, such as a formal outfit, bib or blanket that the parents will also greatly appreciate. Any of these items have the possibility to become sentimental items that carry loving memories with them.  

Gender neutral and personalized baptism gifts: What is a good baptism gift for girl or boy?

Traditionally, unique baptism gifts fall into a more gender-neutral category. This can also sometimes be the most difficult category to shop for. However, it can also provide the opportunity to find cool baptism gifts for boys and unique baptism gifts for girls to enjoy. Personalized baptism gifts can include anything from simple jewelry, baptism blankets, photo albums to custom children's books to a Noah’s ark mobile. These types of personalized gifts can be perfect as a gift for a baby. If you are looking for a gift that no one else will be likely to bring, consider a star map of the baby’s birthday, or a personalized ornament. Any gift that involves some form of customization, which can be found on sites like Etsy, is likely to be very unique. If you are looking to provide a more traditional or religiously significant gift, then consider a bible with the child’s name engraved into it, a vintage silver rattle, a personalized baby blanket or even a baby rosary. Personalized baptism gifts are likely to be treasured by the family and offer an easy way to give a unique gift. For instance, our Shaggy Hoppy Bunny is an affordable baptism gift

Gender Neutral Baptism Gifts

What if I can’t afford any of the previously mentioned gifts?

Baptism gifts can be very expensive, especially if you want to go the more traditional gift-giving route. Try looking at less traditional or personalized baptism gifts, it may be easier finding a gift within your price range. If that doesn’t work, then there are several gifts that can be made for cheap that will still mean a lot to the family. Consider filling a jar up with handwritten sentimental notes and well-wishes. Write out letters for the child to receive as they grow up, with little bits of advice and wisdom included within. However, this type of gift should only be given provided that you are close to the family. Adding a $15-20 gift card to these types of gifts should be more than sufficient. Offering to bring food to the reception or helping to set up and clean up would also be a good way to give.

A history of baptism gifts:

Silver is often considered a traditional gift to give at baptism, it is meant to represent a wish for prosperity. This is why silver jewelry and rattles are commonly found as suggestions for unique baptism gifts.

While it is not a requirement to bring a gift, it is generally considered rude to not provide either a gift or cash, the amount of which varies depending on your relationship to the child, as mentioned previously. Gifts are meant to signify the importance of this day and serve as a memento for the years to come.

Historically, the new addition of a baby has always been a very precious moment. Before the 20th century, infant mortality rates were rather high and as a result, it was very important to the family that the newborn was baptized as soon as possible. At this time, there was a greater weight to the significance of baptism and what it meant for a person of faith.

Either before or during these ceremonies, the godparents of the child would offer a small gift, typically a brooch, baby bracelet, some sort of gold or silver medal, or a silver rattle. 

How Baptism gifts have changed throughout time:

The common gifts such as a brooch, bracelet, or silver rattle that were popular during this time can still be found being given at modern baptisms, however, there are many past gifts that may seem a bit strange to the 21st-century gift giver.

Cups were a popular choice given at this time, they were always made of silver due to the fact that this material is very light and was not likely to rust over time. Many of these cups can be found in your local antique store with little dents all over them, from no doubt being dropped repeatedly on the floor by the newborn.

Baby rattles and wooden teether's are still common gifts today. In the early 19th century it was common for these teether's and rattles to have little bells, mother-of-pearl handles and were covered in delicate floral designs. It was also very common for these to have whistles placed at either the top of the rattle or carved into the handle.

The most alien-sounding gift to the modern baptism attendee may perhaps be the popular, “baby tooth” jewelry. This type of jewelry has been around since as early as 6700 BCE, a prehistoric age. However, it became a common baptism gift practice in the 18th and 19th centuries for baby teeth to be added to rings, pendants, and brooches.  

These were often worn by the mother as a precious memento. It was also common for the mother to give or lend out her baby tooth jewelry to a sister or friend who was having trouble conceiving the belief that wearing this item would aid in conception. Today it is much more accepted to keep baby teeth in a keepsake box rather than wear it as an accessory.

Fortunately, we live in a time in which it is far easier to acquire well-made traditional baptism gifts. Whether you're looking for a cool, vintage baptism gift for a baby boy or a unique present for a baby girl, you're likely to be able to find the perfect gift for this special occasion. 

There are so many beautiful and classic options for both girls and boys, that any baby and their family will undoubtedly treasure as an heirloom for years to come. 

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