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Becoming a godparent is an exciting time. You’re proud of the people close to you whose baby is about to be welcomed into their faith. And, they asked you to play a major role—not just in the ceremony, but in the rest of your godchild’s life, too. Sounds like a lot, right? No need to get overwhelmed! In this blog, we talk through all things about being a godparent, including which godparent gifts will have a lasting impact on your godchild and their family.

What Is the Obligation of Godparents?

When you agree to be a godparent, you promise to play a major role in your godchild’s spiritual growth. You’re also making a financial commitment. Here’s what you’re signing up for as a godparent:

  • Supporting ways for your godchild to engage with their faith
  • Attending significant events, like your godchild’s baptism and high school graduation
  • Giving gifts at major milestones in your godchild’s life, like their christening and first communion

Accepting the role of godparent in someone’s life is a beautiful decision. While it does come with responsibilities, fulfilling them will be a rewarding experience for you and your godchild. Doing so will strengthen the bond between you, your godchild, and their family. This role will also encourage you to reflect on your own faith as you participate in your godchild’s spiritual journey.

What Is the Etiquette for Godparents?

It’s proper etiquette for godparents to play an active role in their godchild’s life. As a godparent, you can show up for your godchild by being a positive role model. This often means being a practicing member of your faith, treating others with respect, and going out of your way to spend time with your godchild and make them feel cared for.

If you don’t feel that you’re up to the responsibilities of being a godparent, it’s okay to decline the offer politely. It’s better to give the parents the opportunity to find someone who can fully commit than to jump in way over your head.

If you do accept the role, you’ll get out of it what you put in. The more time and effort you put into providing guidance, attending events, and picking out the perfect gifts, the more connected you’ll feel with your godchild.

What Do Godparents Pay for at a Baptism?

As a godparent, you’ll typically be expected to purchase a gift for the godchild for their baptism. These gifts can range from providing a unique christening outfit to prayer books and themed photo frames. Most often, this is all that godparents are expected to pay for at a baptism. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, godparents following the Orthodox Christianity tradition are expected to pay for the ceremony. This includes the fee charged by the church as well as the materials, such as the baptism outfit, towels, and oil.

Another exception that can apply to any tradition is that you can make a donation to the church where the baptism is held. These aren’t mandatory donations, but they will be appreciated by the hosting congregation!

Do Godparents Pay for the Baptism Party?

Godparents aren’t expected to pay for the baptism party. This responsibility tends to fall on the parents whose baby is getting baptized. By providing a reception, the parents have a way to show their appreciation for everyone that attended their baby’s special day. Some receptions take place at the church in the fellowship hall. Others are held at a restaurant or a family member’s home.

The reception is also a great opportunity for members of the baby’s support system to meet and celebrate together. As the godparent, you might have already met many of the other attendees. However, it’s also likely that you’ll meet plenty of new people, too!

What Is an Appropriate Baptism Gift?

Appropriate baptism gifts fall into four main categories:

  • Practical
  • Memorable
  • Symbolic
  • Spiritual

Let’s take a closer look at each type of gift.

Practical Baptism Gifts

These are gifts that your godchild will use, either with the help of their parents or when they get old enough to appreciate your gift fully.

Memorable Baptism Gifts

These are gifts that help to make and capture precious memories for years to come. Baptisms—like many special events—pass all too quickly. With all the work that goes into the event and the stress on the day of, the baptism itself can become a blur. Memorable gifts give people the opportunity to reflect on the event years after some of the finer details fade.

Symbolic Baptism Gifts

These are gifts that will help mark the significance of the occasion. Baptism is a special day full of customs and traditions that go back many centuries. Consider how your gift will fit in with the symbolic meaning of baptism.

Spiritual Baptism Gifts

These are gifts that will help your godchild connect with their faith. Since helping grow this connection is one of your primary responsibilities as a godparent, spiritual gifts are often an excellent choice.

Many gifts will fit in multiple categories. When choosing a gift, consider the values of your godchild’s family and the lasting impact your gift could have.

Ready for some exciting baptism gift ideas!? So are we! Personalized blanketsbooties, and christening jewelry all make for a refined gift. Take a look at these luxurious options for yourself:

  • Natalie Blanket: This gift is already unique due to its vintage natural cotton lace, embroidered pink rosettes, and olive green leaf, but you add an extra special touch by personalizing it.
  • Eliza Booties: Complete any baptism outfit with the perfect booties! Footwear should be elegant, too, and the Eliza Booties add that extra touch of sophistication with lovely floral lace.
  • 14k Gold Dove Heart with Chain: Some the best baptism gifts are ones that become even more special as your godchild grows older. That’s exactly what christening jewlery does. Your godchild will always cherish this gift, and they’ll think fondly of their baptism and its significance in their life. 

What Do Godparents Gift at Baptism?

As a godparent, you should gift something meaningful at baptisms. But what exactly are gifts that help celebrate a baptism? Luckily, you’ve got options. We’ve got you covered with these godparent gift ideas:

  • Baptism Outfit: Baptism outfits check so many boxes when searching for the perfect baptism gift. These outfits are:
    • Practical. Made with sumptuously soft materials, baptism outfits keep your little daring comfortable during the ceremony.
    • Memorable. Elegantly crafted baptism outfits make for cherished photos that you can look back at for years to come.
    • Symbolic. Baptism outfits come in light, joyous colors that fit the day’s themes of innocence and purity.
    • Spiritual. Your godchild will likely be too young to remember their baptism. When they look at photos from the day, their baptism outfit will spark a conversation that leads into their faith and the importance of baptism.

Excited to see how heavenly your snookums could look for their baptism? Check out our collection of christening and baptism outfits. Still, trying to figure out where to start? See how soft and elegant the Ella Romper Dress and Harrison 3-Piece Suit is.   

  • Photo Frames or Album: These gifts provide safe places to keep memories and display them for future reflection. Bonus points if you find frames or albums that are inscribed with bible verses!
  • Picture Bible: Gifting a bible provides your godchild with a way to engage with their faith in their own time. As they grow to recognize pictures and learn to read, they can explore bible stories.
  • Religious Jewelry: As your godchild grows up, they may cherish a constant reminder that their faith is on their side as they tackle the world’s many challenges. Jewelry is an exciting, portable, and stylish way to provide this reminder.
  • Prayer Books: These gifts offer inspiration for your godchild to pray during different events, big or small. They can grow their faith through prayers at breakfast, before bed, and when adopting a pet, just to name a few.

What Are Traditional Catholic Baptism Gifts?

Catholic ceremonies tend to be very symbolic, so traditional baptism gifts from godparents should also contain deep meaning. For example, a personalized Rosary could be appropriate.

Even though symbols are important, you can still go with an abstract representation. Baptism outfits fit in symbolically with the ceremony because they present your bouncing baby godchild in the colors of innocence and purity.

What Are Traditional Catholic Baptism Gifts

What Do You Get Your Godchild If They’re a Girl? What About If They’re a Boy?

Whether you’re shopping to celebrate the baptism of a boy or a girl, a charming outfit is the perfect baptism gift from a godmother or godfather. Take a peek-a-boo at these gift ideas for the baptism boy or girl to see why.

Baptism Gift for Godson Ideas

These baptism outfits are cuddly and stunning, and will have attendees gushing over the little bubba:

Baptism Gift for Goddaughter Ideas

These gowns and rompers are elegant, cozy, and perfect for christenings and baptisms:

What Do You Get a Godparent as a Gift from Their Godchild?

Exciting ideas for a godparent gift for their baptism role include personalized items, such as:

  • Mugs
  • Photo Frames
  • Tumblers
  • Christmas Ornaments

Being a godparent is a great source of pride for many people. Personalized gifts are a way to celebrate their commitment when they use everyday items!

How Do You Thank Godparents?

Presenting a gift for godparents at the baptism is one way to show your appreciation. Another great way is to help them stay involved in your child’s life! Continue to invite them to important events as well as casual get-togethers. Godparents care about how their godchild is doing, so quality time is often greatly appreciated.

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