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Do you know what outfit your little baby boy should wear to his baptism or christening? Wondering if there is a special dress or particular color your little sweetie should wear for his wonderful event? The team at Baby Beau & Belle will help answer any questions you have about christening clothing. We'd love to help you make your little girl look gorgeous in her girls christening gown and your little boy feel amazing in his boys christening outfit.

baptism gown

(a baptism dress on the left and the Ingrid white cotton christening gown on the right with cream accents)

Do Babies Have To Wear White For Christening?
The color white is a token or symbol of the purity and the innocence of a newborn baby.  Pure white also represents the cleansing and sacred purpose of christening and baptism. As a symbol of purity, white has been the standard color for baby christening and baptism clothing for centuries to honor the Holy Spirit and God. If the christening is being held at a traditional church then white is highly recommended. An alternative is a very light color like off-white or a satin of baby blue for a boy or a pink accent or cream for a girls christening gown or dress.

boys christening (an example of a traditional boys christening on the left and a modern boys christening outfit on the right)

The time tested and long-established boys christening outfit is a long gown made of white fabric. An adorable long white christening gown will make your little guy look precious. This heirloom look is a timeless choice and will definitely please your family and friends. Another alternative is a white romper/gown set with a detachable skirt. It will read like the traditional white gown for the christening and pictures. You can remove the skirt and keep it clean while he plays after. A more modern boys christening outfit is a teeny modern boys christening suit. He'll look as cute as a button.

 boys christening booties

What Do You Wear To A Baptism?
For a simply elegant look, you can't go wrong by wearing a traditional and lovely white outfit too. This is a classic choice mirroring your baby's boys christening outfit but white is not necessary for moms. Conservative or semi-dressy is the preferred clothing for most churches. Try soft shades or small florals rather than dark outfits or bold prints. A light-colored or little print knee-length dress is a cute and flattering choice for you.  Your baby doesn't have to be the only star of the show. You can all look wonderfully divine on your big day. 

baptism gown baby

Christening Experts
The crew here at Baby Beau & Belle have been helping moms get babies ready for christenings and other big events for years. We are happy to help with sizing, fabric, color, and any other questions. 

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