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Welcoming an adorable little one into this world is one of the greatest joys a family can experience. Every aspect of this journey should be memorable, which is why a baby coming home outfit needs to be a staple for any family looking to welcome their tiny love ball into the world. Baby Beau & Belle has worked to ensure that anyone can have a summer baby coming home outfit that is both beautiful and functional in the higher temperatures.

The first year of your little one's life is both a hectic and precious time for all those involved. Finding the perfect newborn baby boy clothes to adorn them in should not be an added area of stress, but a lovely time shopping for the most adorable and perfect item. Our family at Baby Beau & Belle understands this, which is why we wanted to put together this guide on what summer newborns should wear to ensure they are both comfortable and stylish all summer long. As our little ones grow up so fast, it is important to orchestrate photo shoots in order to remember them at this age forever. Having an outfit that proudly displays the beauty they possess cannot be understated. 

baby boy romper in quilted cotton

Our Harrison Boys Romper handcrafted in premium quilted cotton. 


Do Newborns Need Clothes in Summer?

Yes! We have to keep our cutie pies protected. Whether your bundle of joy is born during the hottest dry spell your town has ever experienced or just a warm summer day, dressing your baby appropriately is of the utmost importance. It can be easy to dress your baby during the day as you expect the warmer temperatures during the summer, but it is still common for newborns to be placed in too much clothing. To ensure that there is no problem, it is a good idea to put them in more breathable items. During the day, we would recommend something like our light linen shirts, a lightweight dress, or baby girl rompers. Other wonderful summer options include our petite fleur wrap top with bloomers, and the lola romper to keep your little angel comfortable and protected.

 petite fleur wrap top and bloomers Eloise summer dress

On the left our petite Fleur wrap top and pants, on the right our Eloise Summer Dress

newborn boy linen shirt

Our Newborn Linen Shirt is light and airy 

All of these pieces are a perfect layer for any occasion and any season, especially in the heat! The soft linen/cotton blends help keep the baby comfortable and looking their best. These can easily be layered over a onesie or worn on their own as well.

What Should My Baby Be Wearing in Bed?

While summer nights can remain relatively warm, the nights can actually get quite chilly depending on where you live. Newborns will cry throughout the night for a variety of reasons, so let's not let improper clothing be another reason! Newborn baby clothes for sleepy time can vary, but in general, it is a good rule of thumb to dress your baby similarly to what you, as an adult, would be comfortable wearing at the same temperature. It is all about breathability and making sure they are not constricted on those warm nights. If your baby is in a room without air conditioning, then on a warm night, all they may need is a safe lightweight swaddle to keep warm. To learn more about sleeping safety and what babies should be wearing to bed, check out this article by

How to Dress a Newborn in Summer?

We believe that the best outfit is one that matches the occasion. There are a plethora of activities you can engage in with your new member of the family, and having a unique outfit for your sunshine to wear can be the icing on the cake. 

boys newborn gown

Dressing your little ball of love in baby boy summer clothes can be tricky, which is why this topic can often raise more questions such as "how many layers should a newborn wear?" Once temperatures rise to the point where you as an adult are uncomfortable, it is already too much for a newborn. It is advised that your newborn wear a single layer of loose clothing to prevent overheating. Clothing made from cotton is also a fabulous choice as it is a very breathable material. To ensure that they are always safe outside you should be keeping them out of the sun, in the shade, and moving indoors whenever necessary. 

To help with your decisions, here are a few easy and breezy options for different summer occasions that we have available. 

  • Coming Home Outfits: Take home your love nugget in an outfit that is just as precious as they are! All of our coming home outfits, like our Newborn Layette and Knot Cap and the Tessa Quilt Romper, are made from 100% cotton to ensure your tiny blossom is comfortable and stylish in all weather conditions. 
  • Wedding Season: Summer weddings are a beautiful time for families to come together and celebrate a momentous event. Your pride and joy should sport something just as lovely as the event itself. Look no further than our Asher 3-Piece Suit and Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Dress. Both are made from the finest materials right here in the USA. The stunning dress features ivory embroidered lace with cording, ivory silk ribbons, and silk-covered buttons. While the 3-piece suit features a white cotton & rayon blend shirt, shell buttons, and intricate Pocket Details.

baby boy wedding suit

baby girl lace dress

Baby Beau & Belle: Outfits to Stand the Test of Time

For 30 years, Baby Beau & Belle has been creating heirloom-quality designs to dress little ones on their most special days. Whether it be for their journey home, baptism, birthday, or another celebration, we have made it our responsibility to make items that stand out and can be passed down. We want our clothing items to stay with families for years and share those special moments. Shop our online baby boutique or if you have any questions, contact us to start making those fashionable memories today!



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