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The Sacrament of Baptism is a joyous and profound celebration in the Catholic church and Christian faith, and not only for the newly baptized child but also for their entire family, including parents and godparents, as well as the entire parish community. 

Godparents play the critical role of vowing to support the baptized child’s spiritual journey of faith, from Baptism day onward. Non-religious responsibilities for godparents include giving gifts on important dates, and what more important date to start with than the baptism? What do catholic godparents buy? Read on for in-depth baptism gifts from godparents etiquette and a rundown of godparent gift ideas.

What Do Catholic Godparents Pay for at a Child's Baptism?

There are no fees or charges involved, as the Catholic Church doesn't charge for any sacramental celebrations. Godparents and anyone else can make a donation to the parish. This donation will help cover any incidental costs that go into preparing and celebrating the baptism and support the parish in other ways. 

What Are Godparents Supposed to Buy?

It is customary for the child to receive baptism gifts from godparents. While some godparents go for handmade gifts, most will buy these gifts. The godparents may also buy ceremonial items used for the baptism, namely the christening gown and blanket. 

What Are Godparents Supposed to Buy?

What Are Godparents Supposed to Buy for the Christening?

In choosing what to give for a baptism gift, have the option of going with traditional or non-traditional choices.

1. Traditional Baptism Gifts

Some excellent traditional baptism gifts for a child baptized into the Catholic church include the following.

  • A rosary: The rosary will be a powerful tool that the child will use as they grow during prayer and meditation. A chewy rosary can also be great for teething.
  • Age-appropriate children’s Bible or storybook: A Bible or book with engaging illustrations will help catch the child’s attention and make them want to learn more about the faith.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry with religious imagery or a religious inscription will be a long-lasting and cherished symbol of their faith.
  • Religious artwork: The artwork can be a meaningful and beautiful addition to the child’s room.

In addition to these religious gifts, godparents can choose non-religious traditional baptism gifts such as:

  • Silver gifts: Traditional silver gifts include picture frames, silver baby rattles, ornaments, and baptism plaques.
  • Christening gowns (a.k.a. Baptism dress) and blanket: After using them for the ceremony, the child can keep the christening gown and blanket forever.
  • Godparent gift box: A keepsake box to store the cherished mementos of the ceremony.
silver baby rattle

2. Non-Traditional Baptism Gifts

There is a wide range of thoughtful non-traditional gifts godparents can present their godchildren after baptism.

  • Photo frame
  • Photo album
  • Room decorations
  • Outfits and blankets
  • Age-appropriate eating utensils

Traditional or non-traditional, personalized godparent gifts certainly have that extra wow factor to them. Add your godchild’s name or initials and the date of their baptism to that christening gown or photo album, and they will have a special gift that is truly theirs to cherish for a lifetime. 

Do Godparents Buy the Christening Outfit for the Baptism Ceremony?

The christening outfit should be comfortable yet stylish, ensuring the child looks and feels great on their big day. Some families opt for heirloom outfits passed down through the generations, in which case, no one then buys the christening gown. 


On the other hand, the godparents, especially in the Roman Catholic tradition, will typically buy the christening gown if going for a new outfit. A christening gown is, indeed, one of the traditional baptism gifts from godparents. The color white represents the child’s purity and innocence, which is why babies wear white for baptism. 

Do Godparents Buy the Christening Outfit for the Baptism Ceremony?

Do Godparents Pay for the Baptism Party?

Generally, the parents pay for the party after the baptism, usually a reception at their home. However, the godparents can always offer to plan, pay for, and even host the party. Paying for the party can be a gift for both the child and parents and is acceptable godparent gift etiquette. 


The parents may not have the time and resources to plan a party. Similarly, while the newly baptized child may not realize what is going on around them, they will certainly come to appreciate the gesture of having a party to celebrate their baptism.

What Do Godparents Do in a Baptism Party?



The baptism party provides a less formal platform for godparents to reiterate their commitment to be their godchild’s second parents. There may be a dedicated time for speeches, and the godparents can grab the opportunity to thank the parents for the honor and voice their being up to the role.


Godparents present their gifts to the newly baptized child at the party. The parents may also have a gift for godparents at baptism, which they may present to the godparents at the party.

What Do Godparents Do in a Baptism Party?

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