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Having a baby girl is always a treasure. From nights of cuddling to putting her in pretty dresses with matching bows to make her look like the princess she is, being a parent to a little girl is a dream come true. Of course, you will want to take care of her and spoil her a little bit in the process! Finding the perfect baby coming home outfit can do just that. With the excitement that bubbles up within you when you have a new baby, you will definitely want to show her off to friends and family and capture photos to save those memories. 

According to the World Health Organization, a newborn is a child under 28 days of age—they grow up way too fast! That means that when you think about buying clothes, you have to pick out more than a newborn take home outfit for a girl. This blog will explore what all to think about when searching for the best clothes for a newborn girl.

What Clothes Do You Put on a Newborn Baby Girl?

Verywell Family suggests that you get several onesies, a few baby sleepers or sleep sacks, several pairs of socks, and a couple hats for your newborn baby. Baby Beau and Belle offers similar items for your tiny sweet one! Below are some of these baby girl must haves that will keep your sweetie cozy and cute at the same time.


Take onesies to a whole new level with our fashionable Emma bubble romper. Decorated with Venice lace and a light pink ribbon, this outfit is sure to make your cutie pie look even sweeter. To complete the look, add on our Emma linen bow headband.

girls newborn romper

If your baby is born in cooler months, you may prefer to dress your baby in a gown instead. We have an adorable long-sleeve Evelyn knot gown that you can tie up to fit your newborn girl’s chubby little legs. Made of 100% pima cotton, this gown is sure to be gentle on your little one’s soft skin while also keeping her warm. Add on the Evelyn quilt bonnet or the Ava pima knot cap for extra warmth.

newborn knot gown


Putting socks on your cute cupcake will keep Jack Frost from nipping at her toes! Our scallop edge crochet socks come in five different colors and will match any outfit you get for her. The fancy scalloped edges add a touch of extra sweetness to the entire ensemble.

newborn crochet socks

If you want something a bit more simple for your sweet girl to wear, we offer simple socks as well. These socks are made of comfy cotton and are sure to keep your baby warm and cozy.

newborn simple socks


Bonnets are good for protecting your little buttercup’s head from the sun in the summer and from the cold in the winter. In addition to the bonnets we previously mentioned, we have several other adorable ones for you to choose from. Our Natalie bonnet is super soft and embroidered with rosettes and olive green leaves. A silk ribbon will keep it secure on your precious angel’s head. Our Petite-Fleur Bonnet comes in a fitted style to frame your baby’s cherub-like face.

baby bonnets

How Many Layers Should a Newborn Wear? 

There is no set temperature guide for dressing babies, but generally in the cooler months you should put the same number of layers you have on onto your precious bean and then add an extra layer. At Baby Beau and Belle, we offer sweaters and matching caps that go with any outfit, including christening gowns, to add an extra layer of warmth on the chilliest of days. Our Penelope knit bonnet and sweater is adored by many families, as it is one of our bestselling items! Made of Venice lace and ivory silk, this set will warm your cuddle bunny and warm your heart for special occasions such as christenings or baptisms. 

penelope knit sweater

If you are looking for layers for everyday use, we also offer several blankets from you to choose from. One of our bestselling items is our Poppy quilted blanket made with ivory quilted cotton and lace applique that matches your baby girl’s baptism gown should you choose to purchase one. You can even get your precious one’s name embroidered into the corner of this blanket to make it even more special.

baby girl quilted blanket

Buy High-Quality Clothing from Baby Beau and Belle

Your newborn girl’s clothes should be comfortable and nice enough to make memories in. Baby Beau and Belle provides you with high-quality baby clothes to meet both of those needs. In fact, our clothing is so well-made and the materials we use are so high-quality that you could even make them an heirloom for when your children have their own babies. What is more precious than seeing your sweet flower wearing a beautiful gown made of lace or pima cotton? Seeing your granddaughter wear the one her mother wore! 

Because we are a family-owned business,we know how important it is to be able to trust a business and participate in timeless traditions and special events. We design clothes that will help you make memories while also keeping your baby comfy. Ready to explore more of what we have to offer? Visit our online boutique and find something that will last for generations!


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