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Nothing is more special than bringing home a little bundle of joy from the hospital, especially if you are a first-time parent. Celebrate the momentous occasion with a baby coming home outfit! Sure, the hospital may provide you with a onesie, but if you want to show off your baby, you probably want something much nicer. After all, you might have a celebration or photoshoot to introduce your tiny gift to the world.

Taking this into account, you might wonder, What should baby wear coming home from the hospital? In this guide, we provide you with some ideas of what to consider when you choose a coming home outfit for your little one, particularly when it comes to dressing them for different seasons.

What Should a Baby Wear Home from the Hospital in the Summer?

Your sunshine’s skin is sensitive, so it’s important to cover it up in the summer. This may seem counterintuitive since the heat can make your precious fussy, but it actually protects them from the sun. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends not putting sunscreen on your little tyke until they are at least six months old because baby skin is much more prone to the side effects of sunscreen than adult skin is. Instead, you should keep your baby in the shade and cover them with a thin layer of clothes. Make sure that you don’t put too many layers on them as it could lead to overheating. When possible, avoid situations where you will have to take your baby in the sun.

Cotton is a breathable fabric that will keep your newborn cool while protecting them from harmful rays. At Baby Beau and Belle, we offer several coming home outfits made of pima cotton, a high-end type of cotton that makes extra soft clothes for your cutie’s extra soft skin. 

For baby girls, we offer a Hannah knot gown and bonnet. The gown covers your tiny angel’s legs and arms, and the bonnet protects her head from the sun. With the floral design on both, your gem is bound to look as beautiful as the flowers that the spring rains grew.

hannah baby girl knot gown

We offer an Aiden newborn layette and knot cap as a coming home outfit for a boy. Like the Hannah knot gown and bonnet, your chubby champ will be safe from the sun. And with the opening at the bottom, his legs will get the airflow to keep him cool. This is also a great baby coming home outfit gender neutral option if you're looking baby first outfit to be unisex. 

To complete the look, we also offer Aiden quilted booties and a personalizable Aiden quilted blanket, all in a terrific teal color.

What Should a Baby Wear Home from the Hospital in the Winter?

In the winter, it’s important to keep your mini marshmallow bundled up to keep out the cold, so make sure to use long sleeves and layers when bringing them home from the hospital. Babies can lose heat up to four times faster than an adult can, so dressing them in cozy clothes is key!

A snuggly idea for a baby girl coming home outfit for winter is our Lucy wrap top and pants. This quilted outfit comes in a sweet shade of blush or teal (you have the choice) and is trimmed with a yellow, pink, and green floral pattern to bring a color pop to those dark winter days. 

For extra warmth, consider getting your little ladybug a pair of Lucy quilt booties and a personalizable Lucy blanket. When picking one of these items, you have the choice of blush or teal to match the rest of the outfit.

If you are searching for a baby boy coming home outfit for winter or a newborn coming home outfit unisex we recommend Baby Beau and Belle’s Harrison newborn romper. Your petite little pumpkin will look so sweet in this quilted cotton outfit with sky blue trim. 

baby boy newborn romper

For extra warmth, you can also buy the matching Harrison booties as well as the Harrison knit hat and sweater set. We also offer a Harrison blanket perfect for wrapping up your little one when leaving the hospital or riding in the car.

Make Precious Memories With Baby Beau and Belle

We at Baby Beau and Belle know that the first day you bring the light of your life home is a momentous occasion. After all, we are a family-owned business who knows the importance of making memories with your family. Make your cuddlebug’s homecoming day even more special with clothes that mark the occasion! 

Our hand-crafted clothes have the detail and the durability to become heirlooms. What preserves memories more than sharing an heirloom with your children? After all, memories are the glue that keeps a family together! If you are interested in looking at other take me home outfits or outfits for other special occasions, visit our online boutique.

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