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Even though the weather is cold, baby can still look adorable coming home from the hospital! Baby coming home outfits can be cozy and warm and super cute. Baby Beau & Belle has the perfect outfits for bringing your newborn home from the hospital. Keep reading for expert guidance on dressing newborn baby in winter. You'll find the perfect baby boy coming home outfit or baby girl coming home outfit for your newborn baby's big day. The first trip home is a special day and deserves a special outfit:

Though the weather outside is frightful.
Your baby can still look delightful!
But since you've got someplace to go.
Make her glow, for her show, let it snow!

coming home outfit - tessa

(The Tessa Coming Home Romper in Quilted Cotton)

How Should I Dress My Newborn In Winter Coming Home From The Hospital?
The key to bringing newborn from the hospital is dressing your baby in layers. Start with a cozy first level of a newborn romper for your brand new baby boy or girl. A nice choice for your new girl in a cold climate is the Tessa Quilt Romper which will keep her looking elegant and feeling terrific. Another great option is the two-piece Pima cotton top and leggings, available for both girls and boys. 

 newborn pima top and leggings

(The Ava Newborn Pima Top & Leggings)

Add a matching cotton cap or bonnet to keep that little noggin warm. Don't forget a pair of socks and cute booties to keep those darling tiny toes warm too. Hats and booties do double duty on your newborn. They keep out the cold air while keeping your baby's body heat in. The final layer is a lovely blanket for added coziness. A blanket is important as it can be easily removed if the car gets hot. A blanket is much better than a coat that might overheat your wee one.

madeline quilted blanket for newborns

(The Madeline Quilted Blanket

Baby Beau & Belle has many wonderful options for this big day, please visit the baby boy coming home outfits or the baby girl coming home outfits to see all the beautiful choices. If you are looking for a great baby shower gift, a baby coming home outfit is a thoughtful gift for the new parents.  

Evan Newborn Knot Gown

(Evan Newborn Knot Gown)

hannah knot gown
(The Hannah Knot Gown a cozy option to come home in for winter.)

How Should I Dress My Newborn In The Winter?
Again, layers are very important to keeping your baby warm and comfy. Be careful not to overdress the baby and get him or her too warm. No bulky coats or snowsuits. Think about how you are dressed and use the same number of layers but substitute a blanket for your heavy coat. Baby Beau and Belle have lots of stylish options for dressing baby for winter. Warmth and comfort paired with elegance and style are important for your newborn. 

Concerned about your little one's tender skin? So are we. We have a baby's comfort in mind when we make all our baby coming home outfits and accessories. We use the softest cotton and other luxurious materials. We also make sure the outfits are easy to get on and off your newborn baby for less fussing. Wondering about sizing, our team is ready to help you pick out just the right option. We've been dressing little ones for over 30 years for those once in a lifetime moments so don't be afraid to reach out and ask us questions. One hint, try the snuggly knot gowns for boys and girls for a more flexible fit. It can be tied at the bottom to keep your baby nice and comfortable.

Your newborn baby's first trip home comes along only once in her lifetime so make it an extra amazing day with the sweetest girl baby coming home outfit. Celebrate and take lots of photos of your darling brand new petite treasure. 

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