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Is Having an Infant Flower Girl Right for You? (Updated for 2021)

The amount of time between when you purchase an infant wedding dress and the actual wedding can be daunting. Fittings and alterations are expected to be done for the bride and her bridal party, but when you have small children and infants as a part of the wedding, you have to take other factors into account. If a dress is purchased too early, then the baby is likely to be a different size by the time the wedding occurs, on the other hand, if it is purchased too late, then you run the risk of not being able to make alterations. When should you buy that infant flower girl dress? If you are buying from a brick and mortar store, it is best to purchase 8-10 weeks before the wedding. However, if you are wanting to purchase at an online boutique, the process can be shorter. 

Another option is to buy two infant wedding dresses of different sizes, the size the baby is currently, and a larger size. For example, if your infant flower girl is 10 months old, it would be a good idea to look for infant flower girl dresses in both 12 months and 10 months sizes, depending on how far off the wedding is. This way, you are more likely to be guaranteed a well-fitting dress. Of course this assumes that whoever is paying for the dress would be willing to purchase two dresses. But if you prepare enough in advance, you can avoid having to purchase the extra dress.

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(Pictured is our Victoria Silk Flower Girl dress, a popular option for an infant flower girl dress)


Where is the best place to buy infant flower girl dresses?

There are two categories to consider when buying an infant girl flower dress; online and in-person. There are pros and cons to both of these options, but it will ultimately come down to what is right for you. Buying in store tends to offer a sense of "security" due to the fact that you get to see the dress and know how it fits. You are likely to find a reasonably selection of infant flower girls dresses in 12 months sizes, however, you will have a much smaller selection of infant wedding dresses to choose from and it can take much longer to get alterations, especially if you are having a wedding during a popular season (such as early summer). Because of this you may choose to shop online, where of course you will find a larger selection of dresses and a quicker alteration time, but you do have to wait to see the dress on the baby until after it's been purchased. We try to make finding the perfect fit as easy as possible for our customers, and we are also able to take into account any possible change in sizes needed.

infant wedding dresses

(a girl in her infant wedding dress - the Grace Collection) 

What is the best style of flower girl dress for my wedding?

Finding the perfect wedding, bridesmaid's, and flower girl dresses can be very difficult since they play such an important role in a wedding. It is very common for the flower girls' dress to match the brides, or at least be inspired by it in some way. If the bride is wearing an ivory, bohemian dress with long-sleeves, it might be a good idea to find an ivory bohemian dress for the flower girl as well. Matching the overall theme of the bride's dress is always a safe bet. If you are hoping to get some long-term use out of the dress, it can also be normal for the flower girl to wear the same color as the bridesmaid's. It can also be a good idea to purchase an infant party dress for the reception and rehearsal dinner. These infant party dresses can also be white or ivory, or they could match the bridesmaid's colors as well. Some bridal shops also sell flower girl dresses that are meant to pair with specific wedding dresses.


Wedding Infant Flower Girl Dress

(photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty)

Another consideration will be the age of your flower girl. If she is teething then it would be a good idea to go for a more simple dress without a lot of embellishments such as beading or flowers. Trying to avoid these obstacles may be less difficult if you have an older infant flower girl. Infant flower girl dresses in 12 months can be more intricate and elaborate. You know your baby best, so choose the style and intricacy level that is best for your daughter.

As long as the dress fits well and matches the theme of the wedding, any dress will be perfect for your infant flower girl.

infant flower girl dresses

(Our popular Grace Christening Gown can be used as an flower girl dress for young girls and toddlers)

Who pays for the flower girl dress? Does the bride pay for the flower girl dress? 

Typically the bride or the bride's parents are expected to pay for the majority of the wedding costs, this would include the flower girl's dress and other expenses. Each wedding is different, and sometimes this cost can be shared amongst different individuals. However, it is best to have a conversation regarding the cost of the dress before you begin your search. If you are worried about costs, there are several less expensive options that are still unique. However, you may run the risk of not being able to have the vendor make alterations or accept returns. These drawbacks could end up in greater costs down the line. Of course that is not guaranteed to happen, but in most cases the couple doesn't like to leave things to chance when it comes to their wedding.

 baby girl wedding gown(The Baby Beau & Belle Poppy Gown used beautifully as a baby girl wedding gown.)

How much should an infant flower girl dress cost? 

Flower girl dresses have a large range on their price tags. Depending on the style, material, or designer, a flower girl dress can cost into the three-hundred dollar range. However, it is very easy to find stylish dresses at a fraction of this cost. Keep in mind that a cheaper dress, made out of lesser quality materials, may not be the best idea for an infant flower girl if she has sensitive skin. The younger your flower girl is (such as 3-6 months) the more relevant these kind of concerns for her skin may be. Cheaper dresses may also be more likely to last a shorter amount of time. This may not be a problem if you aren't anticipating a need for her to wear the dress after the ceremony. An infant wedding dress and its cost is going to change depending on the style of the wedding, the time frame in which you need to have the dress ready by, as well as the brand you choose to purchase from. It is best to budget around $150 as an average cost. The price for infant party dresses may be more or less expensive, but it would be good to start your budget at around $150.

The age of the flower girl also might have a slight impact on the price, it is easier to find reasonably priced infant flower girl dresses in 12 months sizes for older girls and toddlers. Whereas if she is going to be under 12 months, it is more likely that you will have to purchase from a specialty shop, such as Baby Beau & Belle or another similar boutique. Handmade items tend to run up a higher price, whereas mass produced items come with a lower price by sacrificing their quality.

Baby Girl Wedding Gown

(Our Poppy Gown can be used as an infant flower girl dress and easily matches many wedding dresses.)

Does the infant flower girl get ready with the bride? 

It is generally accepted that the flower girl will get ready with the rest of the bridal party, including the bride. Depending on the age of the flower girl, the bride may want to have her hair professionally styled. This extra cost is also expected to be paid for by the bride or her family. Wedding photos will also most likely be taken, and having everyone get ready at once makes it much easier to take these pictures.

Victoria Flower Girl Dress(the Victoria Infant Flower Girl Dress)

Something to keep in mind, is the possibility that your flower girl's hair, dress, makeup, or other accessories will get messed up or even possibly ruined during the ceremony. It is best to plan for the worst, especially since this tends to ensure the big day runs much more smoothly. It would be a good idea to have barrettes, hair ties, headbands, and a change of clothes just incase. It might be a good idea to just have a separate, more casual outfit or party dress for her to wear during the reception. Not only will this allow for her to relax and be in a more comfortable outfit for the rest of the party, but it could also tie in nicely with the bride's reception outfit.

Flower girls are proof that big things come in small packages. Baby Beau and Belle loves putting the spotlight on the littlest, most adorable role in your wedding party – the flower girl! Since this is one of the most beloved components of a wedding ceremony, we want to make sure her dress is worthy of her significant role. Overall, having an infant flower girl can make for a unique and adorable ceremony. Finding that perfect dress will help make the memories (and photos) be that much more special.


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