A newborn baby with a pacifier, wearing a Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers, lies comfortably in a vintage-inspired wicker basket, holding a plush teddy bear.

Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers


A baby wearing a light, vintage-inspired dress and a blue Petite Fleur Headband, holding a tan pacifier, lies against a white background, framed by an heirloom blue and white braided rope.

Petite Fleur Headband

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Petite Fleur Quilted Booties, arranged in a circle on a pale background, evoke an upscale boutique ambiance.

Petite Fleur Quilted Booties


A baby with a Petite Fleur Bib reaches out to touch white flowers, showing curiosity and focus, in a brightly lit room.

Petite Fleur Bib


A baby wearing a Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Pants sleeps peacefully in an upscale white crib with soft, padded sides.

Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Pants


A newborn baby is lying in an upscale wicker basket, wearing a Petite Fleur Bonnet outfit with a matching hat, gently moving its tiny hands.

Petite Fleur Bonnet


An elegant upscale Petite Fleur Personalized Blanket with a floral fabric ribbon, placed next to a pink flower on a soft beige background.

Petite Fleur Personalized Blanket

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A Petite Fleur Wooden Teether Ring with fabric bunny ears next to a sprig of yellow flowers against a white background.

Petite Fleur Wooden Teether Ring


A Petite Fleur Gift Set - Save 10% for a baby, featuring a white outfit with floral trim from Petite Fleur clothing, a matching floral bow hair clip, a personalized baby blanket with similar floral detail, and a white stuffed bunny with floral ears. All items are neatly arranged on a quilted surface.

Petite Fleur Gift Set - Save 10%

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