A toddler with bright blue eyes and a cheerful expression sits in a high chair, wearing the delightful First Birthday Crown. She dons a lacy white outfit and an embroidered baby headband. Pink and white balloons in the background enhance the festive atmosphere.

First Birthday Crown


Girls First Birthday Dresses

Complete your sweet girl’s birthday with one of our exquisitely-crafted dresses.

Two twin baby girls dressed in the Thea Wrap Dresses, one in blue and the other in pink, and matching Thea Lace Headbands, sitting on a white couch with pillows, looking curiously towards the camera.

Thea Wrap Dress

From $95.00

A toddler with curly hair wearing the Ella Romper Dress and a headband sits on an elegant chair, looking slightly to the side with a curious expression.
• bestseller •

Ella Romper Dress

From $175.00

Two twin baby girls wearing the Eloise Romper Dress. One in Powder Blue and the other in Blush.

Eloise Romper Dress

From $95.00

Baby girl wearing the Lola Dress. Dress is made with cotton lining in light ivory featuring an all-over lace overlay.
• bestseller •

Lola Dress

From $175.00

A cheerful newborn in an Emma Bubble Romper smiles while sitting on a beige vintage-inspired sofa, wearing a cute white headband.

Emma Bubble Romper

From $120.00 Sold Out

A woman in a light pink dress is holding a baby dressed in a Poppy Dress & Bonnet. They are sitting on a white chair next to a bright window. The baby, wearing white shoes with bows, looks directly at the camera while the woman gazes down affectionately.
• bestseller •

Poppy Dress & Bonnet

From $245.00

A baby girl in a white Grace Dress and headband lies in a cozy basket, looking up with a soft smile, surrounded by a knitted pink blanket.
• bestseller •

Grace Dress

From $175.00

A toddler stands next to a beige, upholstered chair. She is wearing the Juliette Romper Dress, a delicate white lace dress with a floral pattern and a matching lace bonnet. She looks slightly to the side, holding the chair with one hand while her other hand rests by her side.
• bestseller •

Juliette Romper Dress


A toddler in an Olivia Dress is held by her mother while sitting in an antique chair, both facing away from the camera in a softly lit boutique room.

Olivia Dress


A toddler in a Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Dress and headband stands by a chair, holding an adult's hand, in a light, elegant room.
• bestseller •

Victoria Puff Sleeve Christening Dress

From $235.00

Smiling baby girl in silk and lace baptism dress, lace headband and suede shoes. Sitting on mom's lap.
• bestseller •

Penelope Lace Christening Dress

From $275.00

A baby wearing a delicate handmade white lace Melissa Romper Dress and matching bonnet sits on a pink quilted blanket with pillows in the background. The baby gazes upwards with a curious expression.

Melissa Romper Dress

From $175.00

A mother, with dark hair tied back, smiles gently at her baby daughter sitting on her lap. The baby, wearing an Aria Bubble Romper with matching headband, looks towards the camera.

Aria Bubble Romper

$149.00 Sold Out

Girls First Birthday Outfits

When it's your little girls first birthday you need a dress that’s as special as the occasion. Crafted with the highest-quality materials and exquisite finishes, you’ll find the perfect outfit to ensure your tiny sweetie is gorgeous and comfortable in all those pix you’ll be snapping!