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(Updated for 2023!) Are baby bonnets the perfect addition to your baby’s closet? Are they protective and practical? When is the perfect time to dress your little one in a baby bonnet? These are just a few of the questions we’re happy to answer. Whether layered and warm, crafted out of lace, or made of light silk, baby bonnets have been loved by both babies and parents for centuries. There are few baby clothing pieces as stylish and classic as this. Though undeniably precious, you may find yourself wondering: “Is a bonnet for my baby really necessary?”

Why do babies wear bonnets?

In coming home from the hospital for the very first time, a nurse will likely wrap your baby’s head in a soft, knit cap. This is a standard practice for newborns, as it helps your baby to regulate body temperature until they are more self-sufficient, and also protects them against any minor head bump or scrape. Bonnets have the same purpose, except that there is perhaps more flexibility in terms of fabric choice, design, and color.

vintage baby bonnet

 Pictured: The Baby Beau & Belle Victoria Lace Bonnet. Available in newborn to 12 month size, perfect for pictures, christenings, baptism, blessings and special occasions.

One of the most common purposes of a modern baby bonnet is to provide warmth and cushioning. In the cold winter months, wrapping your baby’s head in soft, warm material is vital to her comfort and safety. Even in warm seasons, you will likely find yourself in an air-conditioned building that may be almost as chilly as a winter day. In either case, a warm bonnet is the perfect solution. 

quilted cotton baby bonnet

In the warmer months, you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy the sunshine with lots of time outdoors. For a baby with delicate skin, it is so important that their head is adequately shielded from the sun. A bonnet of lightweight linen or cotton material is breathable and cooling, while also providing the sweetest frame of your baby’s face. 

Because baby bonnets are so timeless and classic, they can also be a crowning touch to any outfit. In fact, they’ve been adorning little ones’ throughout history.

Pictured: The Evelyn Quilt Bonnet. Available in newborn size and the perfect accessory for a coming home outfit.

renee painting and queen elizabeth in baby bonnets

Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Claude and Renee (1903) showcases a traditional baby bonnet of the early twentieth century. Queen Elizabeth II in 1928 wearing a baby bonnet.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries, bonnets were popular for women, children, and babies. Although they differed in style depending on the era and country, bonnets all served a similar purpose in keeping one warm, shaded, or stylishly fashioned as seen in Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s 1903 painting, Claude and Renee.
Queen Elizabeth II of England, who is pictured above with her nanny on an outing in 1928, is wrapped in a warm bonnet that ties at the chin. In what was surely a bitterly cold day in England, her nanny is dressed in wool and furs while Queen Elizabeth, who was then Princess Elizabeth at age two, is kept warm with a bonnet that nearly wraps her entire head.
Stormi wearing Baby Bonnet
Pictured: Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi wearing the Baby Beau & Belle Lola Lace Baby Bonnet in the March 2020 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

In the 1980s, baby bonnets experienced a resurgence in popularity. With flared brims and all-over lacy embellishments, this new “Infant Chic” became trendy. Today, vintage fashions are always in style. Dressing your baby in classic, timeless styles is a way to celebrate a momentous event in ones family.

Whether it be for a birthday, a wedding, a blessing or any other formal event, delicate lace designs are sure to impress. At Baby Beau and Belle, we’ve created modern baby bonnets with a vintage charm. Hand-crafted in lace, silk, pure linen and quilted cotton, each design is absolutely irresistible.

baby in christening gown and bonnet

When would my baby wear a bonnet? 

Traditionally, lace-styled bonnets have been worn at christenings, first birthdays, baptisms, blessings, weddings, or other formal events.

Because of their incredible versatility, bonnets can be worn on truly any day of the year, whether it’s a first birthday, a family outing, or your place of worship. Taking pictures of your baby in a precious bonnet is a sweet way to capture memories that will be cherished for years to come. 

Pictured on the left: @kerricolfer and her baby girl wearing the Penelope Christening Gown and BonnetDressing your baby in a bonnet can be a sweet way to honor tradition. 

Are bonnets safe for babies? Are bonnets safe for newborns? 

Bonnets are safe for babies, and even safer if you are aware of a few important things:
  • It is important that you do not leave a bonnet on your baby at night, as babies, and especially newborns, are not yet able to regulate their own body temperature. Leaving your baby in any kind of head covering throughout the night can expose her to risk of overheating. 
  • Pay attention to your baby’s fussiness! If you are out and about and notice that she is uncomfortable, it may be because she is either too warm or too cold. If she appears flushed and her skin feels warmer than normal, taking her bonnet off will instantly help her cool down. On the other hand, if her cheeks or hands feel cold to the touch, having a bonnet of quilted or other cozy material on hand will immediately help her feel warmer.
linen baby bonnet

How should baby wear a baby bonnet?

  • It is very important that your baby’s bonnet isn’t too tight or loose, in order that they have enough space to move comfortably. If you purchase a baby bonnet that is the wrong size, return it as soon as possible and exchange it for one that is better fitting. 
  • All well-made bonnets should be adjustable, with the ribbon at the chin allowing for easy changes. The perfect fit should be both snug and just loose enough, so as not to restrict her movements. 
    • The ribbon at the chin should be soft, in a material such as silk or soft cotton. When dressing your baby in his outfit, be sure to tie the ribbon gently and loose enough that it can be easily removed at any time. 
    • Be sure to take into account the season! While the temperature may feel tolerable to an adult or even a child, babies are far more susceptible to the changing climates. If your event is going to be cold, be sure your bonnet is made of quilted cotton or another warm material. If it is during the warmer months, light cotton, linen or lace is your best choice. As always we’re happy to help with sizing or choosing the correct material for your special occasion. Just reach out via our chat box below!

    Can you put a baby boy in a bonnet?

    Of course! Our linen bonnets are the perfect bonnet for baby boy. They're great for warm weather as they're lightweight  and ideal for preventing excess heat.

    What size is bonnet for newborn?

    A size of "newborn" or "0-3" would be the perfect bonnet size for newborn. 

    Which is better, a silk or satin bonnet? 

    tessa silk bonnet

    Silk is a fiber most commonly made by the bombyx mori silkworm. When woven, it produces a glossy and luxurious material that is smooth to the touch. Although satin is usually a cheaper option, silk is undoubtedly of higher quality. The most significant difference between silk and satin is that silk is the natural fiber itself, while satin is a weave that combines different materials such as nylon, polyester, and sometimes even silk into one fabric. The result is that satin has one shiny side and one dull side. 
    On the other hand, the texture of silk is consistently soft. Real silk has natural temperature-regulating properties, so it is comfortable for any season and any environment. Because of this, silk is an increasingly popular option for everything from bed sheets to clothing designed for cold-weather sports. When made into a baby bonnet, both the outside and the fabric touching your baby’s head is gentle. Pictured: The Tessa Pink Silk Bonnet. Whether the whole bonnet is made of silk or just the ribbon at the chin, either provides an element of soft luxury.

    lace baby bonnet

     Pictured: Our hand-sewn Lola Lace Bonnet

      An adorable baby bonnet is the crowning touch to any baby outfit.

      Baby bonnets are much more than an accessory to your baby’s outfit; they connect us to a tradition practiced through history. At Baby Beau and Belle, each of our bonnets are made as unique and timeless heirlooms. Handcrafted in beautiful detail and sewn using luxurious fabrics, your baby will be dressed to perfection. Even better, they will be comfortable for any  season. Whether it’s a lovely spring day, a holiday gathering, or the day you bring home baby for the first time, baby bonnets are practical, timeless, and without a doubt, the perfect accessory for any event that calls for beautiful baby clothes.  



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