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Clearly, little baby bonnets rate high on the charming meter. Baby bonnets make your baby look delightful. But they are definitely more than just a way to create a cute photo. Though you will want your baby wearing one for winning pictures. Baby Beau & Belle will help you find the softest and most comfortable baby bonnet for your little one. And the most lovely bonnet too for your little boy or girl.

baby bonnets for girl

(The Victoria Lace Bonnet is one of our most popular baby bonnets.)

Why Do Babies Wear Bonnets?
Babies wear bonnets to protect their endearing little noggins. Whether it is hot or cold, babies need baby bonnets to safeguard their precious heads. While baby bonnets are practical, they can and should also be stylish and cozy. That is where we at Baby Beau & Belle shine. We have adorable baby bonnets that are soft and gentle on newborn skin and look terrific. If you are looking for a fabulous baby shower gift, you can't go wrong with a Baby Beau & Belle baby bonnet.

newborn bonnets

(The Evelyn Quilt Bonnet on the left. The Ava Pima Knot Cap on the right. Both are available in newborn sizes, perfect a coming home outfit)

Do Babies Need Bonnets?
Yes. A big clue is that the hospital sends your newborn treasure home with a bonnet, hat, or cap. While baby bonnets are a super cute fashion touch, they are so much more. They are an important part of helping your little one keep warm and cool too. Heat is lost from their enchanting wee heads in the winter. And baby bonnets help prevent chills in summer air conditioning. They also are such a delightful way to prevent sunburn on delicate little heads.   

eliza baby bonnet

(The Eliza Baby Bonnet is made of 100% white cotton lining and ivory floral lace)

How Should Baby Wear A Baby Bonnet?
Baby should have a bonnet that is the right size and also adjustable for easy fit and wear. A soft silk ribbon tie is a good option to secure the baby bonnet. Make sure it isn't too tight or loose so that baby will be very comfortable. A knit Pima cotton knit especially quilted is great for wintertime. Like the softest t-shirt, so cozy. A woven cotton bonnet is perfect for summertime. Baby Beau has an amazing variety of baby bonnets from simple classic looks to fancy and elegant lace bonnets. A baby bonnet for every occasion.

An adorable baby bonnet is the crowning touch to any baby outfit. The perfect way to keep baby safe, comfy, and looking great. Don't forget to add a baby bonnet when you are shopping for your darling new baby. Let us help you find the perfect bonnet for everyday wear and your little one's big events. 

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