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Have you started looking for a baby coming home outfit? It’s easy to overlook clothing when you’re preparing for the arrival of your summer baby. After all, there’s just so much to do: decorating the nursery, picking their name, and preparing yourself emotionally for the joys and challenges of raising your sweet pea. Still, finding the perfect outfit for your newborn can help you celebrate the moment and add to the memories that will last a lifetime. To make it easy, we’ve put together this guide for choosing a summer baby coming home outfit.

Wondering “What should I dress my newborn in for coming home” or “where can I find the best newborn baby summer clothes?” This blog answers these questions and so much more!

What Should a Baby Wear Coming Home from the Hospital?

When coming home from the hospital, you should dress your little sunshine in a newborn going home outfit boy that is comfortable, protective, and fits the momentous occasion. So, should you slip your bouncing baby into their coming home outfit as soon as you can? We recommend saving it for the ride home. Typically, the hospital will provide everything you need during your stay, including diapers, baby wipes, and even a onesie, hat, and blankets to keep your newborn warm. The average time you’ll spend in the hospital after meeting your lovebug is 1-2 days, and that time can be messy! 

When dressing your baby, it’s important to be gentle—both in handling their body and displaying your emotions. Speak softly and take your time sliding them into their new outfit. Of course, the clothing you choose is also very important. Here’s what you should look for in the perfect coming home outfit:

  • Comfort: Cotton is considered to be one of the best fabrics for newborns. It is gentle on sensitive skin, and it is breathable, which is perfect for summertime arrivals! It’s also why we use high-quality cotton in our designs. Outfits that have a little bit of stretch to them add comfort, too. 
  • Safety: Protection from the sun is essential. According to the NHSOutfits that cover legs and arms help protect your little spud from harmful rays. Mittens can also be helpful to protect newborns from their own sharp nails.  
  • Celebration: Bringing home a newborn munchkin can be an exciting and stressful time. Make sure you remember to celebrate! Arriving home is a wonderful occasion where your little man gets to meet his family for the first time. Stories, laughter, and advice will be shared, and pictures will memorialize the event for years to come. While clothes and accessories might not be your main focus when you're rushing to the delivery room, you’ll surely appreciate it when you’re flipping through photos! 

The best coming home outfit will accomplish all of these.

Does a Baby Need a Going Home Outfit?

Coming home outfits keep your sweet angel safe and comfortable as you bring them home, but they also serve to mark the occasion. Your first days with your newborn are spent in the hospital and surrounded with the stress and chaos of that setting. This time is still magical, but it is quite different than your home will be—filled with loved ones and ready to welcome the newest member of the family. A coming home outfit offers a comforting transition for  home life and an exciting way to present your baby boy the way you want to.

What Does a Baby Born in Summer Wear?

Summer wear for precious newborns should be light and airy yet still shield their skin from the sun. It should also be timeless. With Baby Beau and Belle, you get the best of both worlds (especially with our Elijah Newborn Romper or Liam Cotton Newborn Gown! First, let’s take a look at why you need outfits designed specifically for summer arrivals.  

Temperature Guide for Dressing Babies

It’s no secret that newborns need to dress for the weather, too. But what exactly should they wear for different temperatures?

Hot Weather

Single layers are your best bet when dressing your precious newborn for temperatures of 75 degrees or hotter. When choosing an outfit, be on the lookout for lightweight cotton clothes. These materials are breathable, so they can help keep your little one beat the summer heat! 

It’s important to keep your baby’s angelic skin protected during months with intense sun. According to the FDA, babies younger than six months shouldn’t be wearing sunscreen. Instead, you can accessorize with a fashionable hat or bonnet! It’s also a good idea to keep them inside or in the shade when possible. 

Our Aiden Newborn Knot Cap is perfect for your baby coming home from hospital. Made from premium soft pima cotton, which keeps your lovely baby cool and protected from the sun’s rays. It also has the perfect stretch to fit any newborn’s head, and the soft teal coloring and adjustable knot make for the cutect accessory!

coming home outfit - Elijah

Our Elijah Quilted Romper for newborn baby boy

Crafted with comfortable, stylish plush white quilted cotton, the Harrison Newborn Romper is another one of our favorites for summertime baby boys. Venice lace details and sky blue linen trim ensure he’ll be the center of attention in the perfect outfit! 

Elijah newborn bonnet

Our Elijah Quilted Bonnet

Pair a heavenly romper with the Harrison Quilted Bonnet for extra protection from those scorching summer rays! You won’t just be keeping your newborn safe, you’ll also be completing the outfit with an accessory that matches the light blue trim of the Harrison Newborn Romper. Style and comfort work hand-in-hand with a blue linen tie under the chin that secures the bonnet.    

Cold Weather

Even though you had a summer baby, Mother Nature isn’t always predictable! Summer temperatures can dip below 70 degrees fairly frequently, especially if you’re bringing your bundle of joy home in the evening. 

If you are expecting colder-than-usual temperatures for your summer miracle, then you can prepare with extra layers! As a rule of thumb, dressing your baby in one extra layer more than you’re wearing will keep them snug as a hug.

One easy—and oh-so-cozy—way to add that extra layer is with a blanket.

Why not dress up your little bean? Along with a knot cap, booties, and layette gown, you also get a blanket, teether ring, and pacifier. Packaged neatly in a gift box, this set also makes the perfect gift for the expecting parents in your life.

Average Summer Temperatures

The average temperature in the continental US during June, July, and August was 74 degrees in 2021. However, the United States is quite large and temperatures can vary greatly from location, climate, and elevation. For example, the coastal areas of Maine and Washington are going to have more moderate average temperatures than Texas and Arizona, while outlier cities like San Francisco have uncharacteristically cool temperatures for their regions.

Now for the best part—dressing up your bouncing baby boy!

Where To Find the Best Newborn Outfit for a Boy? Baby Beau and Belle

Ready to dress your mini buddy in the most comfortable and stylish outfit? Look no further than our collection of baby boy coming home outfits. What makes our cloth a cut above the rest? We’re glad you asked. 

  • In-house heirloom quality designs
  • Ultrasoft materials
  • World-class customer service

When it comes to dressing little dudes for their debut, we’ve been at it for over 30 years! See the difference that the experience and love of a family owned business makes. Browse our boutique collection today!

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