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So, you’re expecting a bouncing baby boy this fall? Ah, how splendid! And what an absolute thrill! 

There’s so much to love about autumn babies—not the least of which is the adorable fashion that comes with the season. And fall is, arguably, the best season from a comfort perspective, with layers of soft, snuggly material to add (or shed) as needed. 

What’s the best baby coming home outfit for your handsome little fella? It depends! In this blog, though, we’re going to offer some quick pointers for assembling an epic newborn coming home outfit for fall!

What Should Baby Wear Coming Home from the Hospital?

When you leave the hospital with your new bundle of joy, you face an awesome responsibility: introducing your miracle to the world (and vice versa). This shouldn’t be intimidating; rather, it’s an opportunity to have a little fun and bond with your special guy. Putting together the right coming-home outfit is part of the celebration!


That being said, babies are finicky! This means you’ll want to think about layers that can be added or removed as needed. No matter the weather, babies get too hot and too cold. It happens! At Baby Beau and Belle, our baby boy coming home outfits include rompers, onesies, wraps, and gowns—as well as accessories like quilted blankets, caps, and booties to round out any dapper ensemble.

Use the following guide to ensure your little mister’s wardrobe choices will be not only elegant, but versatile too.

Bringing Your Newborn Home from the Hospital

When you initially leave the hospital, your new little treasure in arm, the first concerns for most parents are comfort and practicality. We’ve already mentioned the importance of having items available for layering; it’s also worth thinking through what will be easy to clean (because, face it, even the sweetest little angel can get messy). 

None of that means you have to settle for some kind of drab, uninspired newborn coming home outfit. You’re coming home from the hospital with a new family member, not a trunkload of groceries! Your little guy’s got a whole family to meet—and they’ll be dying to lay their eyes on him. Make those moments shine!

“Do I Really Need a Going Home Outfit for My Baby?”

OK, if you’re going to be a stickler, technically you don’t need a going home outfit. It’s not a matter of need, though—it’s a matter of love, of pride, of celebration. This happens exactly once! We believe it’s absolutely, 100% worth it when you consider the momentousness of the occasion. Later down the road, you’ll love having those pictures and memories.

That same outfit can be enjoyed once you’re home, too. As you introduce the new family member to the home digs, you can take more pictures and videos. If you’ve got the energy to socialize, you can invite loved ones over to bask in the light of new life. (Maybe they’ll even watch him for a little bit while you take a much-deserved nap!)

Let’s Talk Fashion!

 Leaving the hospital and getting home are just the beginning of the fun. If you’re wondering, “How should I dress my newborn in the fall?, and can only picture a baby blue onesie, here are a few points of inspiration:


  • You can never go wrong with the sophisticated look of off-whites. We’re particularly fond of ivory and sand as base colors, with added accents of bolder colors like champagne or shades of blue. These are the types of elegant tones that we love using in our coming home outfits.


  • Fabric choices matter. Our designs use materials like 100% pima cotton, known for its exceptionally soft texture and breathability.

boys quilted bonnet


  • What makes for a great design? We believe these clothes—especially those for special occasions—should both look good and feel good. With our timeless designs, you get the best of both worlds! For example, our handmade-in-the-USA Newborn Layette collection is both stunning and functional. We believe the details matter, and our tailored designs make dressing and changing your little prince a breeze.


  • Cute accessories round out any look. Our same high standards for design and craftsmanship go into our full line of accessories, so you can dress your pint-sized gentleman from head to toe in style. Maybe some quilted booties or a knot cap? Or, perhaps a quilted blanket to complement the outfit and provide an extra option for layering?

For a breathtaking look, consider our Aiden Newborn Gift Set. It’s got it all, the Aiden Layette Gown with matching knot cap, booties, blanket, teether ring, bunny, and pacifier—all in a sophisticated gift box!

newborn layette gift set

Bring Him Home…in Style!

Browse Baby Beau and Belle’s full line of baby boy coming home outfits to find the perfectly soft, sophisticated, and stylish ensemble for your charming little guy. We make our boutique baby clothes with the softest, most luxurious materials, with designs that seamlessly blend modern and vintage elements together for a resplendent, memorable look.  

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