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It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of taking a newborn home, especially trying to figure out what you need to actually leave the hospital. Summertime lends itself well to picnics and walks through the park, but what should your little ray of sunshine be wearing to stay comfortable and look even cuter? A baby coming home outfit is the perfect way to bring your little one back home in long-lasting comfort. 

At Baby Beau & Belle, we have the best heirloom-quality summer baby coming home outfits for your darling cupcake. But beyond looking adorable, there are several things you can do to get ready for the first trip to your home.

What Do You Need to Bring Your Baby Home From the Hospital?

Bringing a newborn home from the hospital can be scary! That’s okay! It’s kind of a big deal, especially for first time parents. However, you can prepare to bring your little one home by considering the 7 basic needs of a newborn baby before you’re heading to the hospital. Instead of stressing out about last minute baby items to buy after their birth, follow this checklist to make sure you’ve got the essentials.

  1. Clothing: Make sure your baby has clothes for all occasions like an adorable coming home outfit, daily onesies, and sleepers. Be prepared for some oopsies and pack some extra clothes! Since it’s summertime it’s also important to dress for the weather. Light, open clothing will keep your baby comfortable and cool in the hot summer months.
  2. Diapers: Babies potty frequently, so be ready for several changes! You’ll also need wet wipes, rash cream, and a diaper pail to keep your sweetpea happy and healthy.
  3. Bath items: Bathing babies requires safety and delicacy. There are many types of special tubs and supplies, like baby soap and washcloths, to help keep your sugar pie clean.
  4. Grooming and first aid items: Baby nails are sharp and it’s easy for them to hurt themselves, but it’s good to have all the supplies you need like nail clippers and bulb syringe to help if they accidentally get hurt or stopped up.
  5. Bedding: A safe place to sleep with comfortable bedding and safety in mind will ensure your precious newborn is cozy. Have a crib or bassinet with a mattress, mattress cover, and sheets. Resist the temptation to have your little one sleep in bed with you.
  6. Feeding supplies: Even if your baby isn’t breastfeeding, which requires things like a breast pump, you’ll need bottles, burp cloths, and other supplies to ensure they are eating well!
  7. Car seat: Get your ray of sunshine home safe and sound by keeping them secure in the car.

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What Should a Baby Wear Coming Home from the Hospital in the Summer?

Heading home from the hospital is a joyous occasion! Of course you want to show off your cute new muffin to your friends, family, and neighbors with a few pictures in between. Dressing your newborn for the trip home gives you the opportunity to keep your cutie comfortable in the summer heat while making the occasion special.

Aiden newborn knot capFirst and foremost, you’ll want to make sure the clothes fit your baby. Depending on their size, some clothes might be too large or too small. Typically you’ll know the size of your little one before they are born, so you can plan ahead with which clothes should fit them. You don’t want to get a special outfit that doesn’t fit correctly. Our coming home outfits are sized for newborns. They’re designed long and drapey as a gown, knot gown, or more loosely fitted, so any newborn can fit in comfortably. You might want a few options to choose from so they have the perfect Goldilocks fit.

You’ll also want to dress them for the weather. In the summer you wouldn’t wear a sweatshirt, so don’t dress your precious little one in heavy clothing. Think about light cotton pants or a blanket placed over their bare legs to protect them from the sun. While you can also dress your newborn in a simple onesie and keep them cool during the summer, you should also consider a Baby Beau & Belle coming home outfit designed specifically to keep your baby comfortable for a special occasion, like newborn photos and the trip from hospital to home, while having a special heirloom-quality garment with luxury, breathable cotton to save or pass down. 

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Dress Your Little One Baby Beau & Belle Style

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Baby Beau & Belle, we provide you with the best heirloom baby clothes to remember all of the special moments you have with your cutie pie. We have been creating designs for all special occasions for more than 30 years and you can trust you’ll receive the best quality, timeless product for your baby. Our luxurious, ultrasoft boutique baby clothes are both modern and vintage and your little one will look darling! Visit our online baby shop today to see clothing you will treasure for a lifetime.

As always, if you've any questions about our boutique baby clothes, sizing, or availability - please speak with us via the chat box on the lower right hand corner or contact us via our site. We're available 9AM-5PM Monday through Friday PST.

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