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Once your bundle of joy has arrived, many new parents wonder what the best clothing options are for their darling sweetheart. You’ll want your beautiful baby coming home outfit to be as precious as your newborn daughter, so let’s explore what things to consider and your best options are for a newborn take home outfit for a girl.

How Many Layers Should a Newborn Wear?

From her tiny toes to the tip of her nose, you want your newborn to stay warm and comfortable now that she’s out in the world. It can seem overwhelming to decide exactly how to dress a freshly born snuggle-bug, but there is one simple rule you can follow no matter the weather. 

It’s the one-more-layer rule! Just think about how many layers you are wearing to be comfortable in a space, then add one more for your precious daughter  to be the perfect temperature anywhere! So if you are comfortable in long pants and a long sleeve shirt, dress your newborn in a long sleeve romper and a sweater like our Tessa Quilt Romper and the Tessa Quilt blanket or one of our baby girl knit sweaters. Gwen Quilted Cotton Sweater.

newborn girl lace romper

What to Dress a Newborn in at Night?

Maybe you feel like you have a handle on what to dress your precious pumpkin in during the day, but are struggling to figure out what she should wear to sleep at night (if she’s sleeping, that is!). Getting your newborn to sleep and making sure they are safe is often at the top of every new parent's list, and there are a few special things to remember about newborn clothes for sleeping.

When you’re dressing your pint-sized princess for bed, you want to avoid any loose covers or blankets for safety. So you’ll want to make sure to dress them in something warm enough to keep them cozy.

Temperature Guide for Dressing Babies

Now that we’ve got the basics down for how to keep your newest family member comfortable and protected, let’s explore some specific outfit ideas depending on the time of year.

What Should Baby Wear Home from the Hospital in Winter?

In the coldest months of the year, covering up every part of your little lovely will be important. So make sure to have something for each wee body part, from her tiny toes to her fuzzy newborn head! Extra breathable layers will make sure she stays perfectly warm without overheating. Newborns love natural fibers like quilted cottons, thicker silks, and butter soft wools fit the bill. Our ultra soft pima top and leggings is the perfect choice to keep their tootsies warm so they can snuggle in style.

Our Ava Top and Pants will keep your winter baby toasty, and the ultrasoft cotton Ivory Pima Knot Cap is sure to keep her little ears warm.

What Should Baby Wear Home from the Hospital in Spring?

If your newest tiny human is expected as the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to think short sleeves and lace to keep them cool as a cucumber. Breathable natural fibers like lightweight cottons and linens will make sure your sweetie doesn’t work up a sweat being so adorable. 

Our classic Natalie Layette & Headband is the perfect option for your Spring or Summer sweetie. Its lightweight cotton fabric and elegant embroidery simply buzzes with spring vibes! 

newborn layette and headband

How to Dress a Newborn with an Umbilical Cord Nubbin?

One last thing to keep in mind when you’re choosing the most precious newborn hospital outfit for a girl is the umbilical cord attachment. The spot where the umbilical cord was cut will be sensitive and the first week or two with your brand new darling you’ll need to be extra careful to put them in clothes that don’t irritate their soon-to-be belly button. 

The best recommendations are loose fitting clothes that won’t press against this sensitive spot or catch on it as you change their clothes. You may also find that diapers and pants need to be folded over so they don’t rub while this umbilical cord is healing.  Our Hannah Knot Gown is the perfect pick for these early days! The knotted bottom is sure to keep your adorable daughter’s tootsies toasty, while the side opening wrap style means it won’t irritate her healing belly button or be hard to get her dressed and undressed.

hannah knot gown

Dress Your Beautiful Baby in Only the Best: Baby Beau and Belle!

Once your newborn baby girl has arrived, you want to enjoy every moment with them. With special occasion outfits from Baby Beau and Belle, you’ll know you have the best clothes for the occasion so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the moment! You’ll wow your friends and family with the care you put into making this a special moment, with a beautiful outfit for your beautiful new addition!   Shop our selection of vintage quality, handmade clothes, manufactured in the USA with the finest materials today.

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