Oliver Booties

Includes: Booties

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Handmade in the USA

The Oliver Booties are made with the same linen as the Oliver bubble romper. The bottoms are made with a soft pima cotton, adding to the comfort of the design. The booties easily stay on his feet with elastic strap across the foot and embellished with Venice lace and buttons. Absolutely divine!

  • Linen/cotton blend
  • Venice lace
  • Button detail
  • Elastic strap

Details & Care


  • All of our items are made with delicate silks, cottons, linens, and ribbons, which have not been chemically treated


  • We highly recommend dry-cleaning all of our items because this is the best way to keep the materials in their original condition
  • Water, heat, and detergents can all affect the shape and color of materials, silk and dyed ribbons can especially change texture and color when washed with water
  • Once clean, we suggest storing the items with stuffed with acid-free tissue paper placed in a non-airtight cardboard box lined with acid-free paper, or hang them in a 100% Muslin Cotton Garment Bag

Customer Reviews

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Oliver Booties

Not sized right

My won is 9 months old but is a big boy, and just recently started wearing 18 month clothing. I bought my son size 18-24 booties, romper, and newsboy cap. His romper was sized perfectly (though a button did pop after 5 minutes of him wearing his romper) but booties are on the smaller size, and just barely fit him. The cap would have needed a miracle to have stayed on his head and it looked small on him anyway, so we didn't put that on him either.
Although all of it wasn't ideal, he still looked very handsome.

Elizabeth Johnston
So Disappointed:(

I took my son’s romper out the morning of his baptism. We dressed him at the church and one of the buttons came off. We didn’t have a sewing kit so had to use a silver pin to close it. How embarrassing this was for us. Beyond disappointed in the quality of the romper. Now this will forever be a part of his baptism story.

Louise Coyle



Too small

Heirlooms Made in the USA

Our emphasis on finding the softest and highest quality materials for the little one wearing them, along with superior craftsmanship, creates outfits that are not only worn for one day - they are cherished and passed down for years to come.

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Made in the USA