A baby dressed in an elegant mint green Theodore Shorts Suit, complete with a cap, sits inside a white wicker bassinet lined with soft blankets and green fabric. The baby has a curious expression and light eyes, with soft natural light illuminating the scene.
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Theodore Shorts Suit

From $159.00

Baby boy wearing the green Theodore 3-Piece Suit, including the jacket, pants, and onesie.
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Theodore 3-Piece Suit

From $169.00

A baby with light brown hair and blue eyes is wearing a light blue Theodore Newsboy Cap and a matching christening outfit made of French Terry Cotton. The baby is looking slightly to the side, with a neutral expression. The background includes a white woven chair, creating a soft, pastel ambiance.

Theodore Newsboy Cap


Flat lay photo showing the top detail of three pairs of Theodore Booties, including blue, green, and a white/tan color. The booties are made from a 100% French Terry Cotton with a Grosgrain Trim (with button detail) and soft elastic strap.

Theodore Booties


Theodore Bunny Buddy, a plush toy crafted from soft velour and featuring a green pacifier attached to its hand, rests on a white quilted blanket with green trim. The scene is set in a cozy and light-colored environment, perhaps in a crib or cradle—perfect as an ideal baby gift.

Theodore Bunny Buddy | Pacifier Holder


A baby wearing a green sweater is sitting in a wicker cradle. The focus is on the Theodore Personalized Blanket, crafted from 100% cotton, featuring a green striped trim draped over the side of the cradle. The baby's face is not visible.

Theodore Personalized Blanket

From $39.00

Flat lay photo of three pairs of Theodore Suede Shoes. Made from 100% suede with detailed edging. Available in colors blue, grey, and tan.

Theodore Suede Shoes


Baby boy wearing the Boys White Knee Socks made from cotton/nylon and spandex.

Boys White Knee Socks


A close-up of a baby dressed in the Theodore Bow Tie & Boutonniere, featuring a pastel green outfit with white striped trim. The ensemble is complete with a matching handmade bow tie and a small decorative boutonniere with locking pin pinned to the lapel. The background is softly blurred.

Theodore Bow Tie & Boutonniere



The vintage-inspired Theodore Baby Boy Suit is crafted with our premium French Terry, a soft material with a beautiful texture and our delightful pinstriped cotton. The lovely texture and feel of the material adds a unique take on our beloved baby boy 3-piece suit design. Perfect for warmer months and makes the perfect baby boy Easter outfit or baby boy wedding suit.