Two twin baby girls dressed in the Thea Wrap Dresses, one in blue and the other in pink, and matching Thea Lace Headbands, sitting on a white couch with pillows, looking curiously towards the camera.

Thea Wrap Dress

From $95.00

A baby wearing the blue Thea Suede Tie Mary Janes with ribbon ties and ruffled Pattern Socks, sitting on a beige textured surface.

Thea Suede Tie Mary Janes


A baby with bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks smiles at the camera, wearing the pink Thea Bow Headband.

Thea Bow Headband


Three Thea Bunny Buddy toys, each wearing a miniature version of the Thea Bow Headband in blue, pink, green and holding a matching pacifier, lying on a white background.

Thea Bunny Buddy | Pacifier Holder