A close-up portrait of a baby girl wearing an Emma Bonnet and a cream dress for her christening, looking towards the right with a thoughtful expression.

Emma Bonnet


Lucy Quilt Booties

Lucy Quilt Booties


Petite Fleur Quilted Booties, arranged in a circle on a pale background, evoke an upscale boutique ambiance.

Petite Fleur Quilted Booties


A newborn baby is lying in an upscale wicker basket, wearing a Petite Fleur Bonnet outfit with a matching hat, gently moving its tiny hands.

Petite Fleur Bonnet


A close-up view of a baby sitting on a pink blanket, wearing white pleated pants with a black top decorated with white pompoms, and pink shoes with bow details made in Spain.

Ribbed Tights


Close-up of a baby's feet wearing Garter Stitch Socks with Bow, standing on a soft beige surface.

Garter Stitch Socks with Bow


Baby wearing the white Ribbed Knee Socks made from a cotton blend and featuring a ribbed pattern

Ribbed Knee Socks


Close-up of a woman wearing a vintage-style white lace-up shoe with floral fabric visible in the background, complemented by Ribbed Socks.

Ribbed Socks


Close-up of a baby's feet wearing soft pink shoes and white Cotton Blend Lace Cross Socks. The background is a soft textured blanket.

Lace Cross Socks


A close-up of a baby’s feet wearing delicate, Crochet Socks in cream lace. The texture of the socks contrasts with the soft, plush surface beneath.

Crochet Socks


A close-up of a person's feet dressed in white, cotton Pattern Socks, resting comfortably on a cream-colored carpet. The socks feature a delicate, breathable mesh design along the ankles.

Pattern Socks


Two pairs of Girls Simple Socks for a christening, one vintage ribbed and one smooth, arranged on a textured beige fabric, depicting softness and warmth.

Girls Simple Socks