Baby girl with her mother. She is wearing the Lola Christening Gown and Bonnet, a baptismal gown made with a cotton undergown in light ivory featuring an all-over lace overlay.
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Lola Christening Gown & Bonnet


A newborn baby is lying in an upscale wicker basket, wearing a Petite Fleur Bonnet outfit with a matching hat, gently moving its tiny hands.

Petite Fleur Bonnet


Petite Fleur Quilted Booties, arranged in a circle on a pale background, evoke an upscale boutique ambiance.

Petite Fleur Quilted Booties


A newborn baby with a pacifier, wearing a Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers, lies comfortably in a vintage-inspired wicker basket, holding a plush teddy bear.

Petite Fleur Wrap Top & Bloomers


Baby girl wearing the Lola Dress. Dress is made with cotton lining in light ivory featuring an all-over lace overlay.
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Lola Dress

From $175.00

Close-up of a baby's feet wearing Garter Stitch Socks with Bow, standing on a soft beige surface.

Garter Stitch Socks with Bow


Close-up of a person adjusting a pink ballet slipper on their foot, highlighting the detailed stitching and Openwork Fancy Tights against a pale background.

Openwork Fancy Tights


A close-up of a person's feet dressed in white, cotton Pattern Socks, resting comfortably on a cream-colored carpet. The socks feature a delicate, breathable mesh design along the ankles.

Pattern Socks


A close-up view of a baby sitting on a pink blanket, wearing white pleated pants with a black top decorated with white pompoms, and pink shoes with bow details made in Spain.

Ribbed Tights


Lucy Quilt Booties

Lucy Quilt Booties


Hailey romper on baby girl

Hailey Romper

From $98.00

Baby wearing the white Ribbed Knee Socks made from a cotton blend and featuring a ribbed pattern

Ribbed Knee Socks


Close-up of a woman wearing a vintage-style white lace-up shoe with floral fabric visible in the background, complemented by Ribbed Socks.

Ribbed Socks


A newborn baby in a Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet from Baby Beau & Belle lies on a fluffy white fur blanket, looking curiously with wide eyes.

Hannah Knot Gown & Bonnet