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Children's Face Masks

We were overwhelmed with the requests from people asking to buy toddler face masks from us when we began sewing and donating face masks to our local health care community. In light of that, we’ve designed a few high-quality washable cotton children's face masks with the gorgeous lace from our baby girl dresses and the premium fabrics we use in our garments.  

What Are the Measurements of a Face Mask?

The child face mask measures at 8 inches across and about 4.5 inches at the widest point. The adult face mask measures about 9.5 inches across and about 6 inches at the widest point. You can also note that the ear loops can be knotted to adjust the fit if needed.

Importance of Toddler Face Masks

We've sewn these face masks in two sizes: child and (adult) woman and are available in multiple colors and patterns including an elegant design using lace from one of our heirloom gowns. Moms that have ordered so far say they love going out in their face masks matching with their children. We think that's pretty cute ourselves!