Flat lay photo of all three colors of the Silas Linen Booties, including the colors blue, tan, and red.

Silas Linen Booties


Cotton and ribbon detail booties variety

Milo Booties


The top detail of the Oliver Booties in ivory worn by a baby boy. The Oliver booties are made with a linen top, soft pima cotton bottom, and features a Venice lace and button detail (with elastic strap across the foot).

Oliver Booties


Baby boy wearing the White Ribbed Cotton Beanie made from 100% ribbed textured cotton.

White Ribbed Cotton Beanie


Baby wearing the white Ribbed Knee Socks made from a cotton blend and featuring a ribbed pattern

Ribbed Knee Socks


Ribbed Socks

Ribbed Socks


boys cross socks

Cross Socks


Baby boy wearing the Boys White Knee Socks made from cotton/nylon and spandex.

Boys White Knee Socks


Boys Simple Socks

Boys Simple Socks