The pictures you take of you, your family, and your baby are one of the most special things you'll take out of the holiday season. Typically everyone dresses up for these photos, and your baby should be no different. Here you'll find all the help you need to take great photos and select a boutique baby Christmas outfit for your holiday photos.

Babies tend to dislike discomfort and can be fussy when you keep interrupting their sleep, therefore it's important to choose an outfit that's both soft and comfortable. With the right outfit and a few tips, you'll have plenty of swoon-worthy pictures for your newborn's first Christmas.

Taking Christmas Photos with Newborn Baby

The following steps will guide you during a photo session at home or with a professional photographer.

  1. Keep your baby full. When babies are satisfied, they sleep easily. This way, taking the baby's photos is more effortless.
  2. Use props and background colors that communicate the Christmas mood.
  3. Rely on natural light or ensure your room is well-lit. Ample light adds life to your photos and magically captures your newborn's cutest moments.
  4. Try out new angles. Different angles give you various perspectives and capture the beauty of your baby's movement.

baby boy Christmas outfit photo

Backgrounds and Outfits

For a Christmas photo, use Christmas colors and decorations for the background. For instance, you can use white sheets, red drapes or holiday lights. Moreover, your Christmas tree, ornaments, and gift boxes will make an excellent background.

You can also slip your newborn into a Christmas stocking or place on a tiny chair and take a few shots. However, if you prefer to take a more simple route, you, a Christmas tree and your baby in their newborn Christmas outfit will do just fine. Keep the room temperature warm enough for the baby when taking these shots.

Personalized holiday blankets or a pair of Christmas booties also make fabulous accessories when used well. If you're still wondering what your baby should wear, head on to our Christmas Collection and choose from a range of dazzling baby boutique Christmas outfits.

baby Christmas romper gift set

Our Noelle Romper is a picture-perfect Christmas-themed onesie. Also available as gift set!
personalized holiday baby blanket

Our Nicholas Personalized Holiday Blankets can be embroidered with your baby's name. 

What Are the Essentials to Bring for Photo Day?

Before the actual day, visit or call your photographer and talk about your expectations. This way, you will know what to carry on photo day. However, there are essential items that you have to carry for the photo session.

  • Food: A photo session may last for 3 hours, so ensure the baby has enough food for the session.
  • Extra Diapers and Clothes: Also, carry any special creams and wipes for the baby.
  • Extra Pair of Hands: Have your spouse with you to help with the baby or the baby's siblings.
  • Sentimental Props: If you have items such as mittens knit by grandma or family heirlooms, carry them on photo day. These items will help customize your photos.
  • Favorite Toys: A pacifier, favorite blanket, or a toy pacifier holder like our silly bear can help the baby feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.


Pacifier Holder
 Our Silly Bear Pacifier Holder, a real hit with moms. 

Christmas plush toys

Our Cubby Bear on the left and our Wee Reindeer are super-soft classy plush toys that your child will love to cuddle. 

baby girl christmas dress

How to Match a Family Outfit for Photos? 

The first step when choosing a family outfit is choosing a color scheme. Many people choose between darker color or more whites and pastels. While making this choice, keep your shoot location in mind. A color palette that blends in with your location's colors will give you elegant Christmas photos. 

However, since your newborn is the main focus of the shoot, they should stand out. They should have a primary solid color, such as white, black, navy or an elegant sage like our Milo 3-Piece Suit. The rest of the family's outfits should compliment each other, including the baby's outfit.

sage Christmas baby boy suit

Our Milo Baby Boy Suit in Sage for Holiday Photos. 

Remember to pay attention to small details, including accessories and shoes. Although they seem insignificant, they can enhance or diminish your photos' quality.

10 Ideas for Baby Christmas Photo Outfits

There are lots of options for boutique baby Christmas outfits to dress your baby in for your holiday photos. You can dress them in a formal outfit, more casually, or even take a holiday pajamas photo if that's what you want. Most families choose to do holiday photos in nice dresses and formal suits though, so that's what we'll focus on here. Keep reading for 10 suggestions to help you find the perfect boutique baby Christmas outfit for your holiday photo.

The Best Baby Girl Christmas Outfits

Baby girl formal dresses are typically lacy, frothy creations that will make your baby girl look like a Christmas angel. Whether you are taking your holiday photos as a family, or just want pictures of your baby alone, a baby girl Christmas dress boutique is the perfect place to get the perfect dress. Here are seven sweet baby girl party dresses that will put the perfect finishing touches on your holiday photos.

Eliza dress

Baby Beau & Belle provides a collection of dresses delicately crafted for your baby's soft skin. For instance, the Ella Lace dress is an elegant addition to your newborn's Christmas dress collection. You can accessorize your newborn's dress with headbands or quilted booties.

June baby girl Christmas dress

The June Baby Girl Dress is a classic style a-line jumper dress, perfect for a Christmas photos! Made in our luxuriously soft black French terry cotton with a sweet contrasting white cotton dot lace trim. This outfit was designed with the vintage holiday spirit in mind!  

poppy lace dress

Poppy Lace Dress and Bonnet: This elegant creation has two layers, a layer of ivory silk with an intricate and delicate crocheted floral lace design over the top in a lighter ivory. The dress is shorter, more of a party length compared to the full length of the Penelope silk dress. A matching bonnet will frame her face adorably for the perfect holiday photo.  Your little princess will celebrate her first Christmas, and the perfect outfit will leave a long-lasting impression.
Penelope Silk Dress and Bloomers: While this beautiful ivory silk dress with bloomers is marketed as a christening dress, it's a perfect gown for a formal holiday photo shoot. Just a bit of embroidered netting lace on the bodice makes it simple and understated, yet so perfect for your little girl's very first Christmas dress. For infants the skirt is long, like a traditional christening dress, but for older ages the mid-calf or ankle length will allow for some movement. Matching silk bloomers allow for a variety of classic and adorable poses for your baby.
Gwen Romper Dress: The Gwen romper dress is a combination dress and romper, with a romper under-layer of super soft cotton for freedom of movement. The outfit may have been designed for your baby's comfort, but the long skirt of beautiful lace will offer a gorgeous classic look for all of your holiday photos. For coordinating accessories, you can also order a cap, fitted bonnet, headband, or booties to match the dress.
newborn Christmas romper
Sweetheart Newborn Romper: This classic newborn romper is just right for your baby's first Christmas. Made in a soft, ivory quilt of 100% cotton is perfect for your newborn baby. can be paired with matching headband, booties and blanket, or purchased in a gift set with a plush toy in a coordinating ribbon. You can also choose other rompers with other holiday themed prints.
Victoria Puff Sleeve Dress: This gorgeous, vintage-look lace dress features beautiful silk in either pink champagne or ivory. The ivory lace overlay features edge lace instead of a hem for an extra special touch. The dress can be purchased with a matching headband, bib, booties, or even a christening blanket, or order a full matching set of accessories.

    Our Top Baby Boy Christmas Outfits

    Baby boys may not wear dresses, but that doesn't mean they can't dress up! There are plenty of dapper outfits to choose from when picking out a baby boy Christmas outfit for your perfect holiday photos. 

    If you're dressing a newborn, the Christmas outfit contributes to the Christmas festivities at home and captures the season's mood. 

    For starters, a newborn Christmas onesie would be perfect for your newborn. We offer classic onesies with Christmas prints, such as snowmen and Christmas trees. At Baby Beau & Belle, you'll find stunning three-piece suits and holiday onesies that will leave your baby classically styled during this Christmas season.

    Additionally, don't forget to  accessorize your outfit with pacifier holders, Wingtip shoes, caps and super-soft beanies. One of our newest additions is the plush wee reindeers, a perfect addition for your holiday photos. 

    baby boy Christmas suits

    The James 3-Piece Suit: This perfectly chic baby boy suit is our take on the tuxedo-suit. Classically trimmed and styled for your little man's holiday photos. Available in either black or white, this baby boy suit is classy in all the right ways. 

    baby boy suit

    Elliot 3-Piece Suit: Nothing is cuter than a baby boy in a 3-piece suit! This navy jacket is trimmed in white for a classic look. A white cotton onesie and white terry pants complete the look. For a truly dapper look, don't forget the separate matching newsboy cap! This look is perfect to go with one of the girls' dresses above for matching Christmas outfits for boy and girl.
    grayson 3-piece suit
    Grayson 3-Piece Suit: For a slightly lighter look than the Elliot, check out the Grayson 3-piece suit for baby boys. The quilted jacket comes in a soft gray (available in shades of sea foram and coral as well) with white trim on the collars and pockets. White pants and a white onesie come with the suit, and you can complete the look with booties and a newsboy hat that matches the jacket.
    baby boy suit
    Elijah 3-Piece Suit: This white 3-piece baby boy suit presents an breezy vintage look similar to the look of men's white linen suits in decades past. The jacket and pants are a matching soft quilted cotton with a soft white onesie underneath. A matching newsboy cap is available for this baby boy's suit as well.
    sweater baby boy suit
    Harrison Sweater 3-Piece Suit: For a more casual look that's still classic and adorable, check out our 3-piece suit with a sweater jacket. The light blue sweater has vintage details and the white pants are textured. The outfit is finished with a soft white onesie. The matching newsboy cap can be purchased separately, and is the same color and knit as the sweater. Pair this with the Penelope or Gwen for a perfect pair of newborn Christmas outfits for boy and girl.
    baby pima top and leggings
    Navy Ribbed Cotton Top and Leggings: This baby boy Christmas outfit is another casual look that's perfect for a nice holiday photo. Choose between three colors, navy, white, and ivory. Multiple colors can be purchased for mixing and matching. Pair with a more casual girl's dress for perfect matching sibling outfits.
    newborn boy Christmas onesie
    Nicholas Newborn Boy Christmas Onesie:  This keepsake baby Holiday outfit, made in a soft, ivory quilt of 100% cotton is perfect for your newborn baby's holiday photos. We're in love with the delicate woven Snowman trim!

      How Should I Dress My Newborn in the Winter?

      Your newborn cannot control their body temperature like an adult. Dressing your baby in layers during winter is easier as you can take them off when temperatures change. A rule of thumb is to have the baby in the same layers as you, plus one. Your baby should stay warm and not overheat, which could lead to further discomfort. 

      Dress your baby in a cotton onesie for the first layer. Cotton allows moisture to escape and keeps the baby warm and dry. Ensure your newborn has mittens, a beanie, and socks to warm their hands, head, and toes.To keep Baby warm when traveling to and from parties and photo shoots, check out our assortment of coordinating blankets, especially for our baby Christmas outfits in 0-3 months.

      When going outside, wrap your baby in a blanket and constantly check their temperature. Check your baby's tummy or back to determine their body temperature. 

      Professional holiday photos are the perfect way to celebrate your family during the holiday season, but it's important to dress your baby in an appropriate outfit to mark the occasion. A fancy baby Christmas outfit should be dressy enough to go with siblings and parents who will be in the photo with her, and should coordinate with the planned background of the photo. If you don't know what the background will be like, you can never go wrong with neutral holiday colors such as white, ivory, and gold for girls, and white, gray, blue, and navy for boys. 

      Where Can I Buy Fancy Baby Outfits?

      Finding the perfect baby Christmas outfit is easier than you think. Simply check out our wide selection of everything from baby boy Christmas rompers and 3-piece suits for the boys, and baby girl formal dresses for the girls. We also sell our boutique baby Christmas outfits in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find matching Christmas outfits for boy and girl. For more holiday photo ideas, browse our online boutique of baby Christmas outfits.


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