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We've heard from so many of you who had to cancel their events in order to keep their communities safe because of the Coronavirus and our hearts go out to you! 

Addie Gundry of Easy Elegant Entertaining and Star from the Food Network Season 13 was in the same predicament when her baptism was cancelled. She had her unique baby girl baptism dresses for her daughter, a date set and her family ready to join, but life had other plans. Thankfully, Addie decided to get creative and held a baptism at her house while her family and friends joined via Zoom!

Addie says: "It was truly one of the most special memorable days of our life. Not traditional, but ended up being absolutely perfect and her Baby Beau & Belle lace baptism dress was the star of the show - and truly the reason I wanted to make it happen! I said, we need to get Claire in this beautiful baptism gown, it is too pretty not to be worn.”

baby baptism gown

(Addie's daughter Claire wearing the Poppy Christening Gown & Bonnet)


Planning for her Baby Girl's Virtual Baptism

Addie said: "In all honesty, the christening gown was just too beautiful and she had to wear it! I talked with our pastor at First Presbyterian church and in order to make it an official christening they had to have members of the session present and there were some things that would make the virtual baptism tricky. So I asked our dear family friend, Allen, who is a pastor, if he would be up for leading it. We called it a blessing and when we do return to church they can acknowledge that Claire was blessed at home and then we can do the more formal paperwork when we are in the sanctuary."

addie gundry baptism gown

(What does a mom wear to a baptism? Addie wore an elegant full length dress with floral pattern while her daughter wore the Poppy Christening Gown & Bonnet)

A Champagne Toast for Claire

"Everyone said a little prayer and wishes for Claire, we all had champagne and a toast throughout the blessing. It was not traditional, that is for sure, but it ended up being one of the most amazing days. Everyone was so thankful to be joined together on Zoom and Allen talked about the history of baptism and blessing and why we do it and it was wonderful."

 baby bonnet baptism

(A closeup of some of the Christening Accessories of our Poppy Collection, one of the many unique baby girl baptism dresses we design).

baby baptism gown

"I loved the Poppy Christening Gown. I have her little shoes sitting on our living room shelf, where she was blessed, and will forever remember the day."

Why You May Want to Hold a Baptism on Zoom During Coronavirus

"I think that for a lot of families wanting to do something before their babies get too old, which was part of what made me want to do this, a zoom blessing is so fun. Our pastor was on the zoom too and so it felt like our church was there and it was nice and although not "official" it was indeed special!"

baptism accessories

 (A few of the Baby Girl Christening Accessories we sell on our online boutique)

Baptism Dresses for Baby Girl Online

We hope this provides inspiration for those whose special events and baptisms have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus. With a little planning, the right positive attitude and the perfect baby girl dress, one can turn this occasion into a moment to be remembered and treasured as Addie did. We're ourselves inspired! 

Addie said: "One thing our pastor at first presbyterian told us was that Claire is already God's child. She was born God's child and he loves her. In the Presbyterian faith there is no rush to get baptized. So us doing the formal paperwork when we are all able to travel and be together again really has no sense of urgency, which is what made this zoom blessing feel like the perfect thing to do!"

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  • Gabriela

    🌸what a gorgeous and lovely idea!🌸 CONGRATS to everybody!🌸 and lot of love for your cute little daughter🌸💗🌸