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There is nothing cuter than your sweet little pumpkin in a baby boy wedding outfitDressing your baby boy in a handcrafted suit is the sweetest way to memorialize a special event so early in their life. Nothing says “classic” like a beautifully tailored suit. It’s important when choosing baby formal wear to keep a few things in mind: soft, versatile fabrics, a flexible fit, and impeccable quality for baby’s comfort

Baby suits are timeless, as proven by many decades of vintage photos, patterns and catalogue clippings. However, baby 3-piece suits are modern in that, previous to the early to mid-20th century, most small children were dressed in genderless dresses and frocks until they were at least past the toddler stage. Today, there is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to baby boy formal wear. With designs that are as adaptable for any season or special occasion, selecting a wedding outfit baby boy can be easy and ensure that your child is the best dressed no matter his age. 

twin baby boy suits

(Twin baby boys in matching Elijah Baby Boy Suits. Photo courtesy of @bompei_sapphire)

What do newborns wear to a wedding?

A baby suit is typically worn for formal events, although with some creativity and a few sweet accessories, you can adjust the ensemble to fit any occasion. Whether it be a wedding, baptism, Christmas photos, or even a first birthday party, a baby boy suit fits the bill. For many of your friends and family it may be the first time they meet your little one and with so many pictures throughout the day, your baby boy should be dressed to impress! And let’s not forget: you’ll want to make sure your baby boy is as comfortable as possible. With the following tips below - we'll make sure your little one is relaxed and stylish no matter the season. 

baby boy shorts suit How do you dress a baby boy for a wedding?

Getting an invitation to a wedding is an honor, but it can feel complicated when you realize you're bringing your children. You may be wondering what is a boy wedding guest outfit? We think the most appropriate option is a suit! While a grown-up’s suit may be stiff and perfectly ironed, our baby boy suits re made for comfort with soft, luxurious cotton while still looking traditional and elegant. 

Certain details, such as the sewn pleat down the leg or the white-trimmed lapels, are designed to match the silhouette of any well-tailored suit. Our baby boy suits for wedding come in a variety of colors. Best of all, baby boy dress clothes can be layered for any climate. 

For a fall or winter wedding, it is important to dress in warm layers. A 3-piece suit is perfect in this way, because you have the option to combine a soft onesie, full-length pants, knee-high socks, and a warm jacket with a cute cap to top it off. 

For a wedding in the warmer months, layering is just as important! For example, the little boys of the royal family at Pippa Middleton’s spring wedding were styled without a jacket, opting instead for a simple pant and a lightweight button-up top. If your baby is wearing a jacket over his onesie, the jacket can easily be removed outside and then put back on for the chilly, air-conditioned indoors. Additionally, we offer a short alternative to the full-length pant. This baby boy wedding outfit is not only adorable, it’s also breathable and cooling: perfect for a summer wedding.

Baby Wedding Checklist:

  • Socks: Our classic, knee-high socks are soft, stretchy, and easy to wash. They pair perfectly with the French terry cotton shorts in the warmer months, and are also a good option for extra warmth in the cold beneath full-length pants. 
  • newsboy cap
    Hats: Newsboy caps got their name from the boys in the early 20th century who sold newspapers on the street, and eventually boys of all classes began wearing them. Today, newsboy hats are absolutely timeless. Hand-crafted with cushioned quilted cotton and perfect for traditional, yet modern weddings.
  • Shoes: For babies who may not quite be old enough to wear our leather shoes, it is still important to protect their little feet. Our hand-sewn booties are made in linen, quilted cotton, and French terry cotton varieties to match your baby boy suit. The strap across the top is made of a soft elastic ribbon, which is sure to be gentle and secure enough to not slip off. 
  • Bib: Your baby will get hungry at the wedding just like everyone else! Bringing a bib to a wedding is important in catching any messiness, and we make bibs in the sweetest designs to match our baby boy wedding outfits. 
  • wooden teether
    Quiet Toys: Bringing along a toy is essential in helping to keep your baby engaged without causing any disruptions. We don’t want a crying baby during the wedding vows! With a toy such as the Teether Ring, any disruption can be easily avoided. Bringing a quiet and safe toy will be so helpful throughout the day. Plus, you could even match your baby’s toy to their special outfit! Our Silly Bunny Buddy comes in four versatile colors, and the Bibs Pacifiers have 33 beautiful shades to choose from. Be sure to bring other essentials such as quiet snacks, a bottle, or anything that may help to keep baby occupied and happy throughout this important event.
wedding baby suits

(Our Elijah Baby Boy Suit on the left and the Owen Sweater 3-Piece Suit on the right)

What should a little boy wear to a summer wedding?

Everybody loves a summer wedding, from the sweet smelling flowers to partying and dancing outside. There are many reasons to plan a wedding in the summer. For a parent, however, your baby’s clothes can make or break the day. Dressed too warmly, and he will no doubt be uncomfortable. Dressed too lightly, and you will either be trying to keep him warm in air-conditioned buildings or struggling to keep him protected from the sun. We have a few tips to keep baby perfectly cool and happy throughout the day.

How to dress baby in 70 degree weather? 

  • Shorts are perfect for summer weather. Changing full-length pants out for a cute pair of cuffed shorts is perhaps the most obvious switch for the summer season. Falling just about the knee, our classic shorts design is the perfect addition to any summer outfit. Many styles like our 
  • A cute cap is great for sun protection. A cap can function as either a little extra warmth or a welcome shade from the sweltering sun. The difference lies in the material used.  In warm weather, a cap made of linen is perfect for shielding heat. With a lightweight quality and a cooling effect, a linen cap is just as adorable as the quilted cotton in the same design.  In colder seasons, on the other hand, our bonnets made of layered, quilted cotton are ideal. A beanie-style hat is also a great option, the cozy design is great for the cold weather. While still being quite breathable, it is most effective in insulating any heat around your little one’s head.
  • Layering will keep your baby comfortable between AC indoors and the hot outdoors. Dressing your baby in a soft onesie beneath pants or shorts, and then placing an easily removable jacket over that along with accessories such as socks, shoes or booties, and a cap will make for easy transitions between chilly air-conditioned indoors and the hot outdoor environments. 

      How do baby clothes sizes work?

      As easy as it seems it should be, the complicated world of baby clothes sizes continues to confuse new parents (and maybe some grandparents too!). Part of the problem is that each brand of baby clothes has a slightly different sizing system from the next, despite all using fairly standard labeling. At Baby Beau and Belle, our baby boy suit sizing runs as follows:

      baby boy suit sizing
      • For your baby’s height, measure from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, much in the same way you would measure yourself. 
      • For the chest, use a soft, flexible measuring tape (or string if soft measuring tape is not available) to measure underneath his arms at the fullest part of his chest. 
      • To make sure your baby boy dress clothes last as long as possible, it is generally safer to go size up rather than down. For example, if your baby is 6 months old and growing at a healthy pace, it would be smart to purchase a suit in the 6-9 month size rather than the 3-6 month size. At the end of the day, however, accuracy should always be sourced from your personal measurements rather than the age of your baby
      • If you are a soon-to-be-parent choosing unique baby boy clothes for newborn or buying a gift for a friend’s baby shower, it’s impossible to know the size of your baby. If you are unsure, ordering an outfit for 0-3 months may be the safer option for a newborn. That way, if it doesn’t fit right away, he will grow into his baby boy suit within a short amount of time. 
      • Because our suits are made of the highest quality, it’s important that proper care be taken. Our suits should be taken to a dry-cleaner. If machine-washed, it could shrink before your baby has the chance to wear his adorable 3-piece suit.
      baby boy suit - harrison

       (Our Harrison Baby Boy Suit is a classic example of a modern yet elegant baby boy wedding outfit.)

      When to move up a size in baby clothes

      Sadly, your little one won’t fit his clothes forever. Babies seem to grow faster than seems possible, and it’s important that you are aware of the correct sizing of their clothes. There are a few simple ways to tell if your baby boy dress clothes are becoming a little too tight for comfort.

      • Your baby’s jacket sleeve and pant leg should fall at their ankle and wrist, and should not rise significantly when they move around. 
      • The fabric under their arms should be comfortably flexible, without any bunching or tightness. 
      • For a baby 3-piece suit with a jacket, be sure that the buttons are easily fastened without being restrictive.
      • Baby shoes, both leather and fabric, must fit comfortably. If the shoe is difficult to put on or leaves marks once you’ve taken them off, then it’s time to move up a size or two.
      • In the same way, baby caps should be snug enough to stay on and also sized so that it is absolutely comfortable for your baby.

      If you have ordered clothes that don’t seem to be the correct size, our return policy is flexible and accommodating. If you have any questions as to sizing or returns, feel free to personally chat with an expert via the chat box below or by sending us a message.

      eva longoria baby boy suit
      (Eva Longoria’s son in our leather baby boy shoes)
      baby boy wedding outfit - miles
      (Our Miles 3-Piece Suit is surely to be a hit for a wedding or any other special occasion that calls for a baby boy suit. Photo courtesy of @felamarie)

      Where can I buy cute boy clothes? 

      At Baby Beau and Belle, our baby boy formal wear is handcrafted to create the sweetest memories. As an online baby clothes boutique, our team is ready to assist you in answering any questions you may have. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping families choose the most perfect baby boy suits for any special occasion. Whether you are looking for unique baby boy clothes for newborn, baby boy suits in 18-24 months, or even a cute accessory to top off your outfit, finding the perfect outfit has never been so simple.

      Baby Boy 3-Piece Suits have been in style for decades, and we have a feeling this classic style isn’t going anywhere. At Baby Beau and Belle, our baby formal wear is made for luxury and comfort. Better yet, they can be worn throughout every season. With just a few adjustments and a couple accessories, you can transform our boutique baby clothes to suit any season and any special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, family celebration, religious ceremony, or baptism - dressing your little one in the cutest baby boy suit will be a memory you cherish forever.

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