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Are you looking for an amazing baby blessing outfit for your little one's upcoming LDS blessing ceremony? Whether you need a beautiful outfit for your new baby or want a gift to pass down to your grandchild, Baby Beau & Belle has just what you'll need to make this special occasion a lasting memory.

baby blessing outfits for boy and girl

(left is the Elijah baby boy suit and on the right, the Eliza Blessing Gown)

LDS or Mormon Blessing Ceremony

The Mormon baby blessing is a simple and sacred celebration. It is an important day for your baby and your family and the right outfit will make it perfect. Perhaps you will want your baby in a traditional white, ivory, or pastel LDS baptism outfit like a christening gown or suit. A beautiful dress or dashing suit paired with a darling bonnet and booties will make for a memorable special day. We use only the highest quality materials which will ensure that your baby will be super comfy in any one of our soft outfits.

There are many different styles to choose from when you are trying to find the perfect baby blessing outfit. Traditional baby blessing clothing will differ from a more modern style, and it will also depend on whether you are looking for an elaborate or simple look. Narrowing down the aesthetic you want for your baby's blessing outfit will be a key factor in finding the perfect look.

baby blessing ceremony

photos from @ashleymachele 's baby blessing ceremony. Baby Nellie is wearing the Ingrid Blessing Gown

Do babies have to wear white for LDS blessing?

  • It is traditional for babies to wear white but it is not a requirement. Typically a white baby dress or suit will be used for the ceremony. But this stems more from tradition rather than a set requirement for a blessing. It is likely that you will find the majority of baby blessing clothing in either white or ivory, as this is the most common choice. However, it can be possible to find pastel or pastel accented baby boy blessing suits and rompers. If you wish to stick with the traditional white or ivory colors, then it is always fun to add colorful accessories, such as bracelets, headbands, or socks, that provide another element. If you are planning on taking pictures it can be a good idea to have the family dress in colors that either compliment or contrast with the baby's blessing clothes.

How old are babies when they are blessed for LDS?

  • The decision of when to bless a baby is ultimately up to the parents. It should be done before the child turns 8 years old. A blessing it typically done before the baby turns 2, but this is a decision that the parents and members of the church make. Since most children are blessed by the church before the age of 2, most blessing clothing and accessories are made for babies around this same age. If you are trying to find blessing clothing for an older child, it might be best to look for more generalized terms such as flower girl dresses or formal wear.
baby blessing gown

How to prepare for your LDS Blessing?

There are a few things that you will want to make sure are taken care of before having your baby's blessing ceremony:

Schedule a Date.

  • It is common that a fast Sunday will be the date that your baby's blessing will occur. You will want to make sure that you schedule this out well in advance so that family and friends are given enough notice to come as well as provide the proper amount of time to get any other necessary arrangements in order.

Extend blessing circle invitations.

  • Make sure that you reach out to those who you want to assist in the blessing. These close family members and friends help to make this event more special by being a part of it. Knowing that they will be able to take part helps to alleviate some of the last-minute stress.

Pick out your baby’s blessing clothing.

  • Having the perfect outfit picked out for your baby's blessing can be stressful, but it is also a fun addition to this special ceremony. Whether you want to go with a traditional baby blessing dress or a more modern baby blessing romper, Baby Beau & Belle will be available to help you find the perfect outfit. 

baby blessing dresses

(the Penelope silk dress on the left and the Poppy baby girl lace dress on the right, both popular options for LDS Blessing Dresses)

Baby Blessing Dresses

For your baby girl's blessing there will be many different styles of LDS baptism dresses to choose from. These LDS baptism dresses can be elaborate or minimal depending on your preference. At Baby Beau & Belle we use high quality lace and materials that create a delicate look that is timeless. You may wish to consider the time or year and setting that you will be having the blessing. For example if you plan to have an outdoor party during the warmer months, it would be best to find a shorter dress and a bonnet or hat to cover her head. Accessories are a fun way to add color and a unique personalization to your baby's outfit. Lace bonnets and headbands can have small pops of color and unique detailing that makes her LDS baptism dress more unique.

1. Poppy Lace Baby Dress

white baby blessing dress - poppy

(Our Poppy Baby Dress, a perfect white baby dress)

2. Lola Christening Gown

lola christening gown

(Our Lola Lace Christening Gown, a customer favorite) 

 3. Joli Blessing Gown 

Joli White Blessing Gown

(Our Joli Baby Girl Gown, perfect for LDS blessing, christening or baptism.)

4. Eliza Blessing Dress

Our baby girl Eliza LDS Blessing Dress

Our Eliza Lace Blessing Dress, a popular option for baby blessings

Baby Boy Blessing Outfits

For a baby boy blessing outfit, you can't go wrong with an adorable little white suit for your handsome young man. Depending on the season, you can choose long pants or a short suit for your dashing guy. Pair his LDS baptism jumpsuit with a sophisticated cap and matching pair of booties to complete his outfit. For a more traditional ceremony look, you can choose a gown that converts to a baby boy blessing romper. Great for the ceremony and will keep him comfortable for visiting with family and friends afterwards. With classic touches and extremely comfortable fabrics, he will look precious in his LDS baptism jumpsuit.

1. Braden Baby Boy Suit

baby boy suit for blessing

(Our Braden Baby Boy Suit, a perfect option for blessing. Photographed by Oksana Mink Photography)

2. Liam 3-Piece Baby Boy Suit

Liam Baby Boy Suit

(Our Liam Baby Boy Suit)

3. Harrison 3-Piece Suit

harrison baby boy suit and booties

(Harrison Baby Boy Suit and Booties)

4. Miles White Baby Boy Suit

boys blessing suit white

(Our Miles Terry in White is available as a suit with pants or as a shorts set for warmer months.)

Suits are a popular choice for a baby boy blessing outfit. If you are wanting a more modern look, try choosing a suit short set or perhaps a baby boy blessing romper. We offer several options of both traditional and modern styles for baby boy blessing rompers and blessing suits.

baby blessing event

Whatever style or type of baby blessing dress or LDS baptism jumpsuit you end up choosing for your baby’s special day, it will be a loving and memorable ceremony to think back on for years to come. Your baby will wow your family and friends in the cutest outfit and be so happy and comfy too. If you have any questions about sizing or our collections, please let us know by contacting us or using our chat box in the lower right hand corner. And if you'd like to read more about blessing dresses you can read our article: Baby Blessing LDS Outfits. It brings us joy to help you dress your baby for any special occasion! We can't wait to see the photos!

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