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How Do You Dress a Baby Boy?

Depending on the event you're attending, you will have many different options for formal baby boy clothing. A baby suit, romper or jacket are the best options for formal events. Keep in mind how you would typically dress for an event such as a wedding or baptism ceremony and try to keep your baby's clothing similar to yours. baby boy tuxedo suit - James

Our James 3-Piece Suit is a baby boy tuxedo suit.

For example, if you are attending an outdoor wedding perhaps go with a baby boy suit made in cotton. A Dress suit baby boy should include matching baby wingtip shoes or other formal shoes to perfect that classy look. To take the look up a notch, try a bowtie. Personally we think this is one of the cutest styles for a baby formal suit.  

baby boy bow-tie in blue
The Ezra Powder Blue dress suit for baby boy.


If the event is strictly black-tie there are a lot of baby boy 3-piece suit options for baby that are comfortable and look handsome.  If you aren't too familiar with how a boy should be dressed for formal events, try looking at our baby boy suit set collection or sites like Pinterest where there will be a million pictures and real-world examples of baby boy suits.

baby boy formal wear suit - miles

Our Miles 3-Piece baby boy suit is available in both a white and natural ivory tone both perfect for a formal event. 

How Long Will Newborn Clothing Fit on a Baby?

You may be able to have your little one fit into newborn clothing for 4-6 weeks if they are around 5 pounds. However, every baby is different and some babies might skip the newborn clothing size entirely if they are around the 10 pound range. It is a good idea to have a selection of baby boy formal wear in 0-3 months in the event that your baby doesn't fit into the smaller sizes as a newborn. As always, we recommend looking at a sizing chart and measuring your baby to make sure that garments fit exact. All babies measure at different sizes regardless of age so it can be difficult to judge clothing sizes purely by age. Measuring is always best! If you've questions about baby clothes sizing feel free to reach out to us via our chat box on the lower right hand corner of your screen.

What Should a Little Boy Wear to a Wedding?

Unless there is a dress code for the wedding it is unlikely that you will have to put your baby in a full-on tuxedo. Typically, a formal romper or a handsome baby boy suit set made of quilted cotton would be appropriate. Try and take the weather and setting for the wedding and reception into consideration when picking out your son's wedding outfit. If it is a warmer setting then perhaps a suit short set or a bubble romper. For colder weather layers is best, a matching jacket and hat will help to keep him warm and comfortable. Stick with something soft and cozy for a baby boy wedding outfit and choose a color that leans towards creams, pinks, soft pastels, dark navy's or grey's. It's an epic day filled with meeting new family, friends and photo opportunities. So it's important to keep baby's comfort in mind! Your baby will be thanking you for it! 

carson baby boy suit

The Asher Baby Boy Suit in blush is perfect for Weddings. The same suit can also be found in other shades such as grey, sea foam, and white. 

elliott baby boy suit

The Elliott baby boy suit in dark navy is a wonderful outfit for formal baby wear. Comes as a suit with pants as well as a shorts option.

What Do Babies Wear to Weddings?

Generally it is a good idea to dress your baby in formal wear for a baby boy wedding outfit. Unless the wedding is a strict black tie event you will most likely have a lot of freedom when it comes to what your baby will wear. Boys may wear a suit, or for a more casual look, you may want a shorts suit set or romper with a matching hat. If you know the couple or are going to be a part of the ceremony, inquire as to what the theme or aesthetic of the wedding will be to calm your nerves about picking the right outfit. If you wish to wear a dress or suit it is possible that one of the colors from our baby boy suit collection will compliment your outfit. It's good to keep in mind that you can always ask us or the boutique that you are purchasing from if they've a matching outfits in baby boy formal wear.

elijah newborn romper

Our Elijah Newborn Romper, styled in a plush quilted cotton.

What Size Should a Baby Coming Home Outfit Be?

Newborns fit into clothing that ranges from 0-3 months. There are several options for coming home outfits that offer a bit of wiggle room in the size department, such as knotted gowns or sleeping gowns. Having an outfit that fits several sizes will help to ensure that your baby boy will fit into his coming home outfit. If you don't want to go with a looser garment, then it would be a good decision to buy the same baby boy formal wear outfit in 0-3 months and 3-6 months in order to ensure a good fit. Of course you will probably have a decent idea of how big your newborn will be before they arrive, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

baby formal suit Elijah set 

The Elijah baby boy suit in quilted cotton. A popular baby suit set. Photo by Oksana Mink Photography.

Do We Make 9-12 Months Clothes?

We do in fact make baby boy formal wear in 9-12 months. Baby Beau & Belle makes baby boy formal wear in sizes ranging from 0-3 months to 2-3 years. Our baby boy formal wear comes in all sizes and we are available to help you find the perfect fit for your son. Our suit sets are handmade with the highest quality materials which will keep your baby boy comfortable throughout the day. We also offer international shipping so no matter whether you are searching for baby boy formal wear in Canada or elsewhere we will be able to help you find the perfect outfit! Typical international delivery times are 3-5 business days using Fed Ex International Priority Shipping. 

baby boy linen outfits

Our baby boy linen outfits are a perfect combination of everyday and formal. Can be dressed up or dressed down. Handsome!

Hopefully, you will be able to find the perfect outfit for your baby boy. Having the whole family dressed up in stylish formal wear for any nice occasion or ceremony signifies how precious a moment it truly is. The years go by fast so make every occasion worth it! Whether it’s a wedding, family celebration, religious ceremony, or baptism - dressing your little one in the cutest baby boy suit set will be a memory you and your family will cherish forever.

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