Peach Flower Headband

Includes: 1 Flower Headband

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Handmade in the USA

Hand-crafted in our office, these gorgeous flower headbands are available in 3 different styles, perfect to find the best fit to suit your little one! The super soft hand-stretched nylon band will gently stretch to easily fit any head! Gorgeous peach and cream toned flowers and greenery give the look of the real thing, but they will last well past her special day, for a special keepsake!

  • Hand-stretched nylon
  • Peach and cream flowers and leaves

Details & Care


  • All of our items are made with delicate raw silks, cottons, linens, and ribbons, which have not been chemically treated


  • We highly recommend dry-cleaning all of our items after wear to help keep the materials in their original shape, texture and color
  • We do not recommend using water to clean pieces made with silk, as it will affect the color and texture of the material, as well as cause the material to lose its natural sheen
  • If you choose to hand wash your cotton items, use a very mild detergent and rinse items well. Keep in mind that water, heat and detergents can affect the shape, texture and color of the items and materials. Hang garments to dry, but avoid direct sunlight as this can discolor the materials

Heirlooms Made in the USA

Our emphasis on finding the softest and highest quality materials for the little one wearing them, along with superior craftsmanship, creates outfits that are not only worn for one day - they are cherished and passed down for years to come.



Made in the USA

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