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Harrison Romper

Includes: Romper

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Handmade in the USA

So sweet and classic! The Harrison romper is our customer favorite when looking for a classic coming home outfit that is comfortable and distinctive. The romper features ivory Venice lace and a blue cotton/linen edging that adds detail not usually found in baby boy clothes. It will surely set him apart for his special day! The textured white cotton is soft to keep him comfortable throughout the day. The hidden snaps at the legs and shell buttons at shoulders allow for ease getting him into his beautiful baby outfit. Made to fall about ankle length depending on his height. Darling baby attire for a wedding, baptism suit, or any special occasion. Don't forget to add his knit sweater, hat, and booties for a complete heirloom outfit he can pass down to his own little one someday!

  • 100% white textured cotton
  • Light blue linen trim
  • Ivory Venice lace
  • Shell buttons
  • Snaptape inseam
  • Mid-calf to ankle length

    Details & Care


    • All of our items are made with delicate raw silks, cottons, linens, and ribbons, which have not been chemically treated


    • We highly recommend dry-cleaning all of our items after wear to help keep the materials in their original shape, texture and color
    • We do not recommend using water to clean pieces made with silk, as it will affect the color and texture of the material, as well as cause the material to lose its natural sheen
    • If you choose to hand wash your cotton items, use a very mild detergent and rinse items well. Keep in mind that water, heat and detergents can affect the shape, texture and color of the items and materials. Hang garments to dry, but avoid direct sunlight as this can discolor the materials

    Heirlooms Made in the USA

    Our emphasis on finding the softest and highest quality materials for the little one wearing them, along with superior craftsmanship, creates outfits that are not only worn for one day - they are cherished and passed down for years to come.



    Made in the USA

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 203 reviews
    Niki Mouzakiti
    Stunning quality but questionable sizing chart

    Dear team,

    I am contacting you regarding my order number 30642. Everything arrived and it is absolutely stunning although I have a problem with the Harrison romper. My little boy is four months old, the baptism will be in July so I measured the size according to your sizing chart and got him the one for nine months old although he will only be seven months old by the time of the baptism. I already threw away the packaging because I was very pleased with everything I received, today i thought I try the romper on though just to be sure and it fits perfectly now so unfortunately I’m absolutely certain that by July it will be too small.
    I’m so worried now.
    Would you be able to assist me in this matter and have it replaced with the same romper but for 12 months old??

    I’m looking forward to your response
    Kind regards

    Dr. med. Niki Mouzakiti

    Hello Niki! Thank you for your review, we appreciate your feedback! When selecting the best size to order we do always recommend taking measurements and placing an order 3-4 weeks before your event as it can be hard to determine how a little one will grow in the next couple of months :) You are still more than welcome to exchange or return your items! If you would like to send your little guy's measurements and perhaps even a photo of him to our email: contact@babybeauandbell.com, we would be happy to help recommend a size that might fit for your event in July :) Thank you!

    Amanda Schatz

    Great products!

    Thank you so much for you review! We appreciate your kind words and hope your little guy had a wonderful time on his special day :)

    Courtney Devanny


    Thank you for your review! :) We are so happy to hear that you loved the Harrison romper! We would love to see photos of your little one in their outfit, if you don’t mind sharing with us <3

    Laurette Carnegie

    Harrison Romper

    Thanks for your review! We appreciate your feedback and hope your little one's special day is wonderful :)

    Melissa B.
    I love it!

    This romper with the matching sweater, hat, and booties is so adorable! I highly recommend it!

    Thank you so much for your review! :) Your kind words about Harrison romper means so much to us!